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On September 30, 2006, there were an estimated 510,000 children in foster care. (Child Welfare Information Gateway 2009)

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Wisconsin CPS News Archive

Wisconsin News Coverage

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee couple is still waiting for answers after their baby boy died in foster care last week -- two days after being removed with three other children from their home.

"A week before he was taken from the home we had taken him to the doctor and he was as healthy as can be," the boy's father, Robert Whitman, said Tuesday night. The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office reported Oct. 2 that 2-month-old Robert R. Whitman was found dead earlier that day in the crib where he was sleeping at a foster home.

KARE 11 News

October 8, 2008

by Andy Hall

Key Republican and Democratic leaders launched competing efforts on Thursday to rewrite Wisconsin 's laws for online schools, just weeks before families begin filling out applications to transfer from their traditional home school districts.

Rep. Brett Davis, R-Oregon, chairman of the Assembly Education Committee, proposed that online schools, also known as virtual schools, be allowed to continue operating with few restrictions. About 3,000 Wisconsin students attend online schools.

Wisconsin State Journal

January 10, 2008

by Matt Johnson

A rural Viroqua woman, Saunnia A. Huggins, 48, pleaded no contest to one count of physical abuse of a child and three counts of battery in February.

Huggins sentence was handled under a diversion agreement and on three counts of battery she was sentenced to two years of probation.

Vernon Broadcaster (WI)

December 28, 2007

by Melanie Ave

It was supposed to be a new era. Florida began handing over its child welfare duties to private agencies a decade ago, vowing children would be safer.

Courtney is safe now. But what about the 585 other children missing from Florida's foster care system, and the 47, 000 under the state's supervision? Probing questions are being raised anew about the state's ability to protect its most vulnerable charges.

St. Petersburg Times (FL)

June 24, 2007

Wisconsin Children in Out-Of-Home Care Reports (From 1999-2005)

The report is the number of children, by county, in out-of-home care on December 31st of the calendar year.

March 20, 2007

Wisconsin child welfare program reports and publications include statistics and program outcomes

Annual report on child abuse and neglect with information on reports of abuse, neglect, victims, and maltreaters.

March 20, 2007

by Samantha Wender and Katie Escherich

Jessyca Mullenberg, 24, Survived Three Months in Captivity at Age 13. Here, She Shares Her Ongoing Struggle

It's a nightmare for many parents, and 11 years ago it became a reality for the family of one young girl in rural Wisconsin. Jessyca Mullenberg, then 13 years old, was abducted by a man who had intricately woven himself throughout her life for several years.

ABC News

March 16, 2007

by Matt Johnson

VIROQUA -- A criminal child abuse investigation has exploded publicly in one-sided fashion, as an advocate for the Amish has admonished Vernon County authorities.

A rural Viroqua woman, Saunnia A. Huggins, 48, faces five felony counts of physical abuse of a child. The class H felonies each carry a maximum sentence of six years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

Vernon Broadcaster (WI)

March 5, 2007

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