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Children who experience child abuse & neglect are 59% more likely to be arrested as a juvenile, 28% more likely to be arrested as an adult, and 30% more likely to commit violent crime.

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Washington CPS News Archive

Washington News Coverage

by Kidjacked Editor

I am writing in regards to a case in which I am involved in and I can't believe how the courts, state and CPS system is in the State of Washington. I am the father of a wonderful 3-year-old and through her life she has had some trying times. She has some

On July 1st of 2010, she was mad because her mother who was not there for her birthday and got mad at me while I was holding Morgan. Long story short she punched Morgan in the right side of her head directly in the right ear. Every since then Morgan has had a number of ear infections in the right ear. Just over a year and a half ago her mother was arrested for assaulting me. She has had mental issues most of her life. The Thanksgiving of 2008 just before Morgan was born I woke up and went down the hall to find her mother getting ready to cut Morgan out of the womb. I stopped it and asked her what she was doing.

May 31, 2012

by Diane Mapes

The recent whooping cough (pertussis) epidemic in Washington state has prompted the parent support group PEPS to issue a new policy regarding participation in their groups.

Most people receive the pertussis vaccine during childhood, however, a 2011 study issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that Washington state has the highest exemption rate for vaccinations in the country, with 6.2 percent of kindergartners handing in a parent-signed exemption form for one or more vaccines due to health or philosophical concerns. Oregon and Vermont also have high rates of exemptions; all three states have seen a spike in the disease during the last few years.


May 24, 2012

The brother of a woman who left her son in a motel while she gambled said the state shouldn't take the child away.

Huson is charged with leaving the 3-year-old locked in a Fife motel room while she went gambling with her boyfriend. Child Protective Services may take both children away from the family.

May 23, 2012

A Fife woman is behind bars after police said she left her 3-year-old son in a motel room for two hours while she gambled at a casino miles away.

Officials from Child Protective Services said a case worker from the agency's Tacoma office took custody of the boy. Police said he was in potential danger while the mother gambled.

May 22, 2012

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) - A Washington state couple kept two young autistic boys in a dark room with a cage-like door for convenience, prosecutors told jurors Monday while the defense countered that the child-proofing was intended to keep the children from

The opening statements came as the trial of John Eckhart, 31, and Alayna Higdon, 27, opened in Clark County Superior Court. The Vancouver couple are charged with unlawful imprisonment of Eckhart's sons, ages 5 and 7, between October 2010 and April 2011.

CNS News

May 22, 2012

A search warrant obtained by a Grant County sheriff's detective provides a little more information about a 2-year-old Moses Lake boy who was so malnourished he weighed less than 10 pounds.

The search warrant released Tuesday says the boy had no hair or muscle tone and had a body temperature of only 89 degrees. His mother was giving him CPR when emergency responders arrived at the home last week. He was airlifted to Spokane in critical condition.

May 16, 2012

BELLINGHAM - A 22-year-old man has been arrested for investigation of homicide after an autopsy on his infant daughter showed skull fractures and brain swelling.

The Bellingham Herald reports that Whatcom County Medical Examiner Gary Goldfogel says the injuries to 6-month-old Casey Jo Tom were caused by "inflicted head trauma." The child died Sunday on the Lummi Reservation in northwest Washington.

May 16, 2012

A alleged Washington marijuana grower was busted by police after his girlfriend's daughter accidentally ate a marijuana-laced brownie from a cookie jar.

Local authorities grew suspicious when the 9-year-old girl had to be taken to the hospital after eating the brownie. Hospital officials contacted Child Protective Services, who eventually led police to the suspect.

Fox News

April 25, 2012

by Stacey Mulick

Tacoma police detective Lindsey Wade and others in the Police Department are putting together a specially trained team and a detailed plan for the next time a child is kidnapped in the city.

"We've had over a dozen child abductions," Tacoma police detective Lindsey Wade said recently. "That is pretty frightening." Now, Wade and others in the Police Department are putting together a specially trained team and a detailed plan for the next time a child is kidnapped in the city.

March 5, 2012

by Isabelle Zehnder

People close to the case say they saw this coming, tried everything they could to stop it, but felt helpless to do so. Most believe that with proper systems in place these children's deaths would have been completely preventable.

The very agencies in place to protect children in the State of Washington - Child Protective Services (CPS), the Department of Social Health Services (DSHS), and the courts - failed Charlie and Braden Powell who were killed by their father Feb. 5 in a double-murder-suicide during a court-ordered supervised visit.

February 24, 2012

by Shara Park and Andrew Adams

SALT LAKE CITY - After Josh Powell killed his two sons and himself, a Washington State senator says Child Protective Services needs to be fixed.

Chuck and Judy Cox, the maternal grandparents of the Powell children, will join Sen. Pam Roach at a news conference and hearing on Thursday to discuss the issue. Attorneys for the Cox family will attend as well. The purpose of the meeting is to explore what Sen. Roach calls "serious" problems within Child Protective Services in the state of Washington. It also aims to offer solutions to situations and actions that may hurt a child. A public comment period will be held after the press conference.

February 21, 2012

by Diane Urbani de La Paz

PORT ANGELES - Snowgrass is a winter tradition here, a celebration of the bluegrass sound - and its brothers and sisters called Americana, folk and gospel.

The 10th annual Snowgrass, to take over Port Angeles High School's auditorium Saturday night, is also a major benefit for First Step Family Support Center, a haven that has served Clallam County parents and children for 31 years. Abby Mae & the Homeschool Boys, Crescent Blue, the Old Sidekicks and the Rock Island Ramblers star in this party beginning at 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

January 27, 2012

by Steve Shay

A few generations ago Popeye was right when he told the kiddies to always eat their spinach. And many children obeyed. They ate their vegetables, along with their meat and potatoes just like mom and dad, and Popeye, told them to do.

But that is less common now. At meal time in our culture, most kids are calling the shots. And that means mac-and-cheese, while their parents eat protein and salad. According to health and child birth educator, Catherine Berglund of West Seattle, parents caved beginning in the '60's and '70's and let the kids "just say no" to nutrition at mealtime in favor of mac-and-cheese and other bland standards. Berglund is offering a class to parents of toddlers, infants, even newborns, so that they are well-prepared, called "Good Eater 4 Life".

January 26, 2012

by Ruth Kagi

SOMETIMES, for their own safety and well-being, children are better off in foster care than in their own homes. And sometimes, it is better for children to remain safely with their own families.

Washington state has long been an innovator in its efforts to improve the way we help children and families struggling with child abuse and neglect. By focusing on effective intervention programs that keep children together with their mothers, fathers and siblings, Washington's foster-care caseload declined 18 percent between 2008 and 2011.

January 23, 2012

by Barbara LaBoe

An alleged child starvation case near Longview is one of more than a dozen cases - including one death - that have state officials reviewing how adopted children are placed and treated.

The number of abuse cases is small compared to all adoptions. But a string of high-profile child starvation cases last year -including one from May accusing Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock of starving their five adopted children at their Bunker Hill-area home- has state officials alarmed.

January 15, 2012

by Elizabeth Harrington

A move by the Seattle City Council to ban plastic bags and levy a five-cent tax on paper bags at retail outlets will push consumers to “more resource-intensive alternatives,” and will actually harm the very environment the ban seeks to protect.

The Seattle City Council unanimously voted 9-0 on Monday to ban single-use plastic bags to “protect marine wildlife,” and charge 5 cents per paper bag, with the money going to retailers. Council members argue that 292 million plastic bags are used in Seattle annually, “too many” of which “end up in Puget Sound where they do not biodegrade.”

CNS News

December 21, 2011

by Sara Jean Green

Bellevue police said Julia Biryukova, the mother of a missing 2-year-old Redmond boy, "holds the key" to her son's whereabouts.

Bellevue police Maj. Mike Johnson said during a new briefing Thursday morning that finding Sky Elijah Metalwala is their top priority. "We believe Julia holds the key to that," he said.

December 6, 2011

When a 2-year-old boy disappeared in Bellevue last month, state officials quickly placed his older sister in state foster care as investigators questioned their mother's account of what happened.

But the girl could soon be reunited with her father, who has been barred from the children for the past year, under a court commissioner's decision Monday. Sky Metalwala's mother, Julia Biryukova, told police he went missing Nov. 6 when she left him alone in an unlocked car on a city street while she walked to a gas station. Investigators said her tale made little sense and accused her of lying, and Sky's 4-year-old sister, Maile, was placed in state custody for her own safety.

December 5, 2011

by Levi Pulkkinen

A Kent man accused threatening to shoot his 17-year-old daughter's boyfriend after finding him naked in his home has been charged with assault.

King County prosecutors claim Timothy Wayne Gooden threatened to shoot the 16-year-old boy after coming home on July 11 to find the teens in his home. Gooden, 40, is also alleged to have pointed the loaded pistol at another teen in the home.

November 8, 2011


Police say they've interviewed relatives, family friends and neighbors of a missing toddler - and aside from his mother, no one reports seeing the boy in the past two weeks.

The little boy, Sky Metalwala, was reported missing on Sunday. The boy's mother, Julie Biryukova, reported that her car ran out of gas Sunday morning in Bellevue. She told investigators she left Sky in the unlocked vehicle and walked with her 4-year-old daughter about a mile to a gas station. When she returned to the car, Sky was gone, she said.

November 8, 2011

The father of a missing Washington state toddler said Monday that his estranged wife's story about the case - that the boy disappeared from an unlocked car after she walked away for an hour to go get gas - doesn't add up.

Julia Biryukova told investigators that her car ran out of gas Sunday morning in Bellevue, and that she left her 2-year-old son, Sky Metalwala, inside while she and her 4-year-old daughter walked to a gas station, police said. She said a friend picked her up at the gas station, and when they got back to the car, the boy was gone.

Fox News

November 7, 2011

A Pierce County, Wash., sheriff's spokesman says a woman has been found fatally stabbed in the Tacoma suburb of University Place and her 9-month-old child is missing and believed abducted.

The suspect has been identified as Joseph Andrew Lester. Law enforcement officers are searching for the child.

November 2, 2011

by Tony Lystra

A search and rescue team spent more than an hour scouring a Kelso neighborhood for a missing toddler Tuesday afternoon only to find that the child had been taken by child protective services workers the previous day.

Kelso police said in a report that the boy's mother, a 37-year-old Kelso woman, reported him missing while apparently "suffering from some type of psychotic break of drug-induced hallucination." The county's Department of Emergency Management used its automated emergency call system to alert neighbors that the boy was missing. It also sent out a bulletin about the missing boy on Twitter.

October 26, 2011

by Jeremy Schwartz

Election season is approaching once again, and once again Washington state voters will decide whether or not the state's liquor stores will be privatized.

Initiative 1183, set to appear on the November 8 ballot, would close state-run liquor stores and license private companies to sell and distribute hard liquor. Currently, the Washington State Liquor Control Board operates state liquor stores and sets prices, while private companies can only sell and distribute wine and beer.

October 21, 2011

by Jacqueline Sprague

As the economy declines, child abuse climbs, that's according to a new study by Pediatrics Online. the study of more than 420 children, from mostly lower-income families, found a 65% increase in child abuse, mostly in infants.

As the economy declines, child abuse climbs, that's according to a new study by Pediatrics Online. the study of more than 420 children, from mostly lower-income families, found a 65% increase in child abuse, mostly in infants.

October 15, 2011

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