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Nationally, 25 to 50 percent of emancipated youth become homeless. Lack of job skills and opportunities are major contributors.

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Utah CPS News Archive

The Utah news section is your source for the latest in family rights news items, CPS reform efforts, open court demands, abolition of confidentiality laws that judges hide behind, foster care deaths and issues, legal cases and more... Please Email Kidjacked with news and information from the state of Utah and I will include it here in our coverage.

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Utah News Coverage

by Hailey Branson-Potts and Joseph Serna

The California Supreme Court will not hear an appeal from a Santa Clarita foster family to return a girl to them after she was relocated to live with extended Native American relatives in Utah.

The court rejected attorney Lori Alvino-McGill's request without comment Wednesday, leaving her and her clients, Rusty and Summer Page and their children, with only one final avenue left to try: the U.S. Supreme Court.

March 31, 2016

by Morgan Jacobsen

Two charter schools will close permanently after the Utah State Charter School Board proposed last week to terminate the schools, which were put on probation early this year for budget, enrollment and academic problems.

Alianza Academy, a K-8 charter school in West Valley City and South Salt Lake, and the Wasatch Institute of Technology in Murray both decided not to appeal the board's proposal. Between them, the two charters were set to enroll about 400 students this year. Alianza began classes Wednesday, and the bell will ring for the last time at 3 p.m. Friday. Wasatch Institute will not open Monday as originally scheduled.

August 21, 2015

by Rick Cohen

The entire history of land preservation for national monuments in the West has been fraught with controversy, virtually since President Abraham Lincoln authorized the creation of Yosemite National Park in 1864.

In Utah, south of the Canyonlands National Park, there is an area of ancient cliff dwellings in a region of sacred and historic value to the Navajo Nation. The Navajos have proposed that Congress establish the Diné Bikéyah National Conservation Area, which would protect 1.9 million acres from development. Utah's congressional delegation apparently hasn't been particularly rapid with its response, so the nonprofit Utah Diné Bikéyah has lobbied Washington to establish the area as a national monument. That is within the purview of President Obama, who can establish national monuments unilaterally.

May 29, 2014

Members and friends of the technology community will come out swinging on October 18th. The Utah IAMCP and title sponsor MS Cloud Services are sponsoring a Say Farewell to Summer on the Fairways benefit golf tournament.

Utah Foster Care helps provide support and services to fostering families to care for the estimated 2600 Utah children in foster care. Set to take place at the popular Old Mill Golf Course on Wasatch Boulevard, the event will be at the door to the Cottonwood Canyons. The venue provides a spectacular backdrop for the golfers and sponsors to enjoy. A late season golf event, the Utah IAMCP wants to help ensure that more children needing fostering get cared for in time to have a good holiday season.

October 4, 2013

The dangerous of vicious cycle of child sex trafficking is happening in Utah and you may not even realize it. Any child can be a target of sex traffickers, but the ones most vulnerable are those in child welfare and foster care systems.

Madi Palmer, a 17-year-old from Holladay, Utah, is part of a national movement called "Backyard Broadcast" to stop the sexual abuse of children after a scary experience. Palmer is a senior at Cottonwood High School and spends her time raising awareness about child sex trafficking. "Most people don't realize it's happening in America, let alone Utah and in our schools and communities," she said.

September 21, 2013

by Dawn House

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food on Monday announced a statewide voluntary recall of Woodstock Frozen Organic Pomegranate Kernels.

The kernels could be contaminated with hepatitis A virus, based on an ongoing investigation by the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control.

July 2, 2013

by Brittany Green-Miner and Scott McKane

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah - A Cottonwood Heights woman is facing drug distribution and child abuse charges after police say they found a baby with a soiled diaper and three bottles of curdled milk in her apartment during a drug raid.

Residents in a Cottonwood Heights neighborhood say they started complaining about a basement apartment weeks ago. Detectives started investigating, allegedly purchased methamphetamine from 23-year-old Tanisha Jones and gathering enough evidence for a search warrant.

June 16, 2013

by Marc Courtenay

Frankly, I seldom shop WFM. The main reason is because there's a locally owned and operated business in my community that sells only natural and organic food and other supplies.

NGVC was built on the premise that consumers should have access to affordable, high-quality foods and dietary supplements, with nutritional guidance to help them support their own health. The family-run store has grown into a successful national chain with locations across Colorado, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Mexico, Montana, Kansas, Idaho, Nebraska, Arizona and Oregon. Altogether, the company has 1,800 employees.

April 8, 2013

LOGAN, Utah (AP) - A Utah man is trying to use his recognition as this year's national beekeeper of the year to focus attention on a major threat to the industry: colony collapse disorder.

Darren Cox of Cache County, who has 5,000 hives in Utah, California and Wyoming, received the award from the American Honey Producers Association earlier this year.

April 6, 2013

by Caroline Kingsley

Two pets were attacked by mountain lions early Tuesday morning in Woodland. One pet was found dead and another injured less than a mile away.

The incidents are still under investigation, and information about what type of pets were attacked has not yet been released. An officer from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) responded to the report and was able to quickly track one of the mountain lions responsible for the animal's death and euthanize it. Two more mountain lions were discovered by late morning.

January 29, 2013

by Michelle Cole

A 10-year-old girl is found dead in a footlocker in Arizona and police learn her family had been under investigation by child welfare authorities in Utah.

A teenager is murdered in Eugene, leaving a trail of questions from Sacramento to Salem about who failed to protect her. A baby spends its vital first year with a stranger in Alabama foster care while relatives in Oregon wait for word that they can raise the child.

October 27, 2012

by Lindsay Whitehurst

Faced with the possibility her nieces and nephews will be legally cut out of her family, an Orem woman is speaking out against what she calls misleading practices by the Division of Child and Family Services.

Faced with the possibility her nieces and nephews will be legally cut out of her family, an Orem woman is speaking out against what she calls misleading practices by the Division of Child and Family Services.

October 22, 2012

by John Florez

Does anyone care? Utah has a mounting child poverty rate, and more adults are going hungry. Yet, many of our elected leaders appear not to care.

One who does care is state Sen. Stuart Reid. He wants to end child poverty by breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty, where 30 percent of Utah welfare families find themselves. For starters, he has sponsored SB37 to monitor state data on intergenerational poverty in Utah.

September 29, 2012

by Julia Lyon

For some autistic children in state custody, leaving their parents means finding a new home with a foster family. "The thing that made me come here is I almost burned the house down," 12-year-old Michael Chambers said recently.

He was upset that he couldn't watch TV and lit a paper airplane on fire, not thinking about the consequences. Then he tried to stomp it out and threw it in a closet, where it burned out. But it was far more than that one incident, said his mom, Melissia Chambers. He choked his younger brother, hit his older sister and hid things from his parents, even stealing from them. They couldn't control him.

September 29, 2012

by Rachel Lowry

Sally Kabak will never forget the phone call from the child welfare worker telling her that her granddaughter, just 2, was having surgery. She'd swallowed a camera battery that was now leaking acid into her stomach.

Kabak and her husband, Norman, flew to New Zealand months later to pick up that granddaughter, hoping to buy the girl's mom time to get her life together. Eventually, they adopted "Lucy," as the girl became known to Kabak's readers, the pseudonym picked by her family. Lucy soon matched her peers at every level.

August 5, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah wants fewer children placed in foster care and is boosting efforts to provide better in-home services, state officials said this week.

The changes were prompted by a 2011 state legislative audit that found a 38 percent increase in statewide foster care placements over the previous decade.The same audit showed a 40 percent decrease in support for families to keep children in their own homes over the same period.

July 15, 2012

by Martha Rosenberg

Three years ago, Mirko and Regina Ceska of Crawfordville, FLA told former Gov. Charlie Crist their two adopted 12-year-olds had been prescribed 11 pills a day, including the powerful antipsychotic Seroquel, reported the Tampa Bay Times.

Three years ago, Mirko and Regina Ceska of Crawfordville, FLA told former Gov. Charlie Crist their two adopted 12-year-olds had been prescribed 11 pills a day, including the powerful antipsychotic Seroquel, reported the Tampa Bay Times.

June 29, 2012

by Http://www.Sltrib.Com

State child welfare officials on Wednesday told lawmakers they are working to reverse a decade-long trend toward putting at-risk kids in foster care, instead helping families at home and saving taxpayer money.

The shift comes after a January 2011 audit found the number of children in foster care has climbed 38 percent over the last decade - opposite of national trends and possibly what's best for kids. "Our concern is that the ball has shifted away from in-home services to foster care so much that it may be more costly to taxpayers and harmful for children," Audit Supervisor Maria Stahla told lawmakers.

June 21, 2012

by Brooke Adams

For Brooke and Jon Siddoway, the years spent watching life fall apart around their two granddaughters were agonizing.

The girls were toddlers when their mother died of a drug overdose and their father, Jon's son, spiraled more heavily into his substance abuse and criminal problems. By the time the girls were ages 3 and 4, their father faced serious criminal problems, and after years of unofficially helping to parent them, the Siddoways knew they needed to intervene.

May 23, 2012

by Josh Loftin

Health officials in Utah say 750,000 additional people, including many children, may have had personal information stolen by hackers.

Utah Department of Health spokesman Tom Hudachko (HU'-dak-ko) said Monday that about 250,000 Social Security numbers were part of the tens of thousands of stolen files, although many numbers didn't include other information. Hudachko says the victims could be Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program recipients as well as anyone whose healthcare provider submitted their information to the state for possible Medicaid coverage within the last four months.

CNS News

April 9, 2012

by Katie Drake

When Elizabeth Harris came out as a lesbian to her foster parents at 15, they immediately took her to the hospital to be evaluated for a mental disorder.

LGBT youth already are at greater risk for homelessness, suicide and alcohol and drug abuse, Paul said. But if they lack a strong support system while coming to terms with their sexuality, the risks rise dramatically, she said.

March 10, 2012

by Jason Zasky

"Short Creek is the most lawless town in the country," says Sam Brower, author of the new book "Prophet's Prey" (Bloomsbury), which chronicles his seven-year investigation into the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints.

FLDS may be especially touchy these days, as their infamous leader-self-proclaimed prophet Warren Steed Jeffs, who has upwards of 80 wives (two dozen under the age of 16)-recently began serving a Texas sentence of life plus twenty years for sexual assault of a child and aggravated sexual assault of a child. Jeffs seems to blame the community for his imprisonment, as he's ordered his followers to do penance for their lack of righteousness by praying, fasting and refraining from all marital relations.

October 22, 2011

by David Baumann

In another sign that the Justice Department is attempting to close the books on the troubled Alaska corruption cases, a DOJ attorney who was transferred out of the Public Integrity Section following the bungled case against the late Sen. Ted Stevens.

Edward Sullivan is one of the attorneys handling the sentencing of former Republican Senate aide Trevor Blackann,  the radio network reported. He also is working on a bribery case in Utah. Following the Stevens case, Sullivan and other attorneys who handled the prosecution were transferred to other DOJ sections; Williams was sent to the Office of International Affairs. However in recent months, Stevens prosecutors have reemerged as attorneys in sensitive cases.

October 18, 2011

by MMD Newswire

The IFCAA announced that, despite the obstacle of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan representing the judges engaged in alleged racketeering enterprises they had taken on apparent judicial corruption in the Cook County Circuit Court family court.

In addition to helping provide evidence to state and federal authorities in pursuit of indictments of allegedly corrupt public officials including Mormon judges, Mannix has networked with Virginia citizens as well as Utah citizens, the latter of which have specifically called upon their Mormon GOP state legislators to launch an independent forensic audit of all Federal taxpayers' dollars coming into the State's family court-related programs.

September 26, 2011

by Gerry Smith

Every few weeks, Stephanie McManis receives a phone call from a collection agency asking for someone she never met. She recently opened a letter from a bank threatening to sue her for defaulting on a loan she never took out.

McManis, 31, says she is a victim of identity theft, a well-documented problem these days. One detail elevates her case from the typical, however: her identity was stolen when she was 12 years old. Now, nearly two decades later, she still can't separate herself from a checkered financial past created before she was old enough to drive. Utah officials have started checking a state employment database with a list of Utah children on public aid, finding "thousands" of workers using children's identities to acquire jobs, according to Utah Assistant Attorney General Richard Hamp. In one recent case, nine people were using a 9-year-old's Social Security number to gain employment, Hamp said.

August 21, 2011

Alert Kidjacked to Utah CPS news!

by Annette M. Hall

Tennessee Governor, Phil Bredesen attempted to deflect blame when he recently requested the resignation of Dept. of Children's Services Commissioner, Michael J. Miller, after contempt of court charges were levied against the state.


June 24, 2012

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