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American Indian and Alaska Native children are about three times more likely than Caucasian children to be placed in out-of-home care.

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Texas CPS News Archive

Texas News Coverage

by Alicia Castelli

Four children with a connection to Lorain are recovering from one of the worst cases of child abuse and neglect that child protective services in Dallas has seen in recent history, an official there said Friday.

Three children are believed to have spent a minimum of nine months locked in a Dallas hotel bathroom, and officials say they believe the children were beaten and starved. There are also indications the 11-year-old girl has been the victim of repeated sexual abuse for several years, authorities said Friday.

The Chronicle-Telegram

July 25, 2009

by Gerry L. Dickert

It was enough to turn the stomach of a seasoned police officer, and more than enough to have Child Protective Services take immediate action regarding the safety of a 14-year-old girl.

The family lived with a living room, kitchen and bedroom with a partial bathroom offering only basic toilet facilities, Davis explained. "The home was roach-infested and all four of them slept in one bed," he said.

The Silsbee Bee

July 23, 2009

by Charlie Butts

After a public uproar, Texas Governor Rick Perry rejected a bill that would have given Children's Protective Services unusual power.

"I like to call it a seize-and-ask-questions-later CPS bill, which would have expanded Child Protective Services' rights to violate the constitutional rights of parents and children, and allow CPS to come to your home and take your kids and examine them and question them regarding an anonymous tip," he explains.

One News Now

July 23, 2009

by Sarah Foster

Today, parents and children throughout Texas are in great danger, thanks to a recently passed child-protection measure by Democratic Sen. Kirk Watson - Senate Bill 1440...

SB 1440 expands the powers of the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to make it easier to remove children from their homes and families for investigation of alleged child abuse or neglect.

News With Views

June 18, 2009

by Tony Plohetski, Patrick George

When a 3-year-old patient kept having setbacks during her recovery, doctors at Dell Children's Medical Center suspected that the child's mother was to blame, Austin police said Wednesday.

They set up a hidden camera in the child's hospital room that police and court records said soon recorded Emily Beth McDonald smearing human waste on the girl's intravenous line, which can cause potentially life-threatening illnesses. McDonald's other children - a 6-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son - are in the care of relatives, officials said.

Austin American-Statesman

June 4, 2009

by Mary Ann Cavazos

A former Child Protective Services supervisor who falsely accused a man of molestation must spend 90 days in jail as a condition of her probation. Lopez-Hess was sentenced to two years in state jail, which was suspended for three years probation.

After District Judge Tom Greenwell announced his decision Monday, a bailiff immediately handcuffed Grizelda Lopez-Hess. Her husband, Corpus Christi police detective Michael Hess, then moved to her side and kissed her goodbye.

Corpus Christi Caller-Times

June 2, 2009

Yet another investigation is over for embattled Bryan Police Chief Ty Morrow, but Morrow is still not back on the job.

Child Protective Services was reviewing an abuse claim made against Morrow. That case has come to a close, with no determination being made by CPS.

KBTX News 3

May 27, 2009

by Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education

The state of Texas in law grants and acknowledges the right of parents to exempt their children from vaccination requirements for day care, school, and college for reasons of conscience including a religious belief or for medical reasons.

The Texas legislature passed changes to the statutes expanding the reasons a parent can claim an exemption but the Health Department has questionably also increased the bureaucratic red tape necessary for claiming the exemption. There are specific procedures for requesting an official state form and submitting it to the school.

Vaccine Info Net

May 26, 2009

by Patrick George

Hays County sheriff's department officials repudiated a radio report Wednesday that claimed an elementary school student was strip-searched by sheriff's deputies.

But Alex Jones, an Austin-based nationally syndicated radio host, said he thinks the alleged search of an 8-year-old girl Tuesday was unlawful. And the family's attorney, whose fees are being paid by Jones, said he is considering taking legal action.

Austin American-Statesman

May 21, 2009

by Kevin Welch

Emily Salvador is ready to be a nurse. She developed an independent streak that pushed her through high school after living in group homes and a foster home for years.

Emily's foster mother died May 12. But she had already intended to live at High Plains Children's Home for the summer. She will graduate from River Road one year early after making the decision to change her ways.

Amarillo Globe-News

May 19, 2009

by Victor Lopez

ODESSA -- All it took was one call to Child Protective Services, to change the lives of 18-year-old Vassella Pride and 20-year-old Randal Trout, forever.

She says she was honest with CPS from the very start, "When she came to me I said, I'm not going to lie to you. Yeah, I smoke weed. Yeah, I smoke everyday." Pride says she would never intentionally hurt her child. But the question remains, how did the pot get into Elijiah's system?

KWES NewsWest 9

May 4, 2009

by Blair Dedrick Ortmann

A baby abandoned on the doorstep of a Beaumont apartment was doing well Friday afternoon, said Child Protective Services spokeswoman Sheri Pulliam.

The girl weighs 6 pounds 13 ounces and is 19 inches long and will be in the hospital for the next five days, according to Beaumont police who responded to the abandoned child Friday morning.

Beaumont Enterprise

May 1, 2009

by Grayson County media department

As of May 1, 2009 at 11:00 AM, there have been 28 laboratory confirmed human cases of H1N1 flu in Texas.

A total of 141 cases have been confirmed in the U.S., including the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

North Texas eNews

May 1, 2009

by Kim Fischer

SAN ANTONIO -- The aunt of a murdered 3-year-old says the little girl's death could have been avoided.

Petra Jimenez's 3-year old niece, Melody Velasquez, was killed by a massive blow to the head in January. The girl's two adoptive fathers have been arrested and charged in her murder.

San Antonio News

April 17, 2009

by Janet Elliott and Terri Langford

Today, FLDS members will testify before the Texas House Committee on Human Services. Committee members will be discussing what occurred in Eldorado last year.

Last year, Texas Child Protective Services removed 439 children living at a West Texas ranch owned by the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints because caseworkers reported finding evidence of girls being married to adults. All but one of the children have been returned. The episode cost CPS more than $12 million.

Houston Chronicle

April 14, 2009

by Corrie MacLaggan

The House Committee on Human Services tomorrow is scheduled to take a look at how the state handled last year's child-welfare operation at a West Texas ranch owned by a polygamist sect.

Testimony is expected from people invited by the panel, including Anne Heiligenstein, commissioner of the Department of Family and Protective Services; Willie Jessop, a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Scott McCown, executive director of the Center for Public Policy Priorities; and Kevin Dietz of Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, which represented some of the FLDS mothers.

Austin American-Statesman

April 13, 2009

by Lisa Falkenberg

Phillips is the ill-tempered, jurist who removed two young boys from the home of their 50-something grandmother and step-grandfather last year after he remarked from the bench that the couple was too old to raise the children.

The judge has since removed himself from the case after the grandparents' attorney learned he was being investigated by the state's Judicial Conduct Commission. The CPS caseworker most familiar with the case, Brian LeStrapp, never advocated the removal and even risked his job by testifying later that he disagreed with his agency's stance.

Houston Chronicle

March 19, 2009

by Dale Lezon

A newborn baby girl found this afternoon in a dryer behind an apartment complex in southwest Houston is doing fine tonight, said officials with Child Protective Services.

The baby, found with its umbilical cord attached, was taken to Texas Children's Hospital, Houston police said. Hospital staff nicknamed the 6-pound, 12-ounce girl Mia, Carter said. She was doing fine and had no apparent injuries, Carter said, adding that doctors will complete tests to make sure she is unharmed.

The Houston Chronicle

March 17, 2009

SAN ANTONIO -- A 5-year-old boy was injured Friday afternoon in an apparent car surfing incident in far northwest Bexar County.

The boy's mother, 36-year-old Alma DeLuna, was charged with child endangerment. The incident will be reported to Child Protective Services.

KSAT San Antonio

February 27, 2009

A Canyon baby is dead this evening and police believe his death was no accident.

Seven month old Thomas Villa went to Baptist Saint Anthony's Hospital Wednesday night. Canyon police say they were called out to an apartment at 207 21st St., with the caller saying the baby had fallen off the bed. He died last night.

KFDA News Channel 10

February 13, 2009

by Donna McCollum

James Sanchez places hastily prepared fliers on cars inviting people to tonight's candlelight vigil.

The gesture comes from friends of Kaylan Broumley, a three year old who was taken off life support. Investigators suspect child abuse. They also know her father, a man who wanted custody of his daughter. They say Kaylan suffered abuse for much of her young life.

KTRE News 9

February 13, 2009

by Lucretia Cardenas

A 21-year-old Houston woman who pleaded guilty Monday to the murder of a former Magnolia firefighter will be sentenced today to 40 years in prison.

While Spence "was a dominant person," Clay-Jackson said, Quigley was mixed up with the wrong people as a result of an abusive childhood. Since the age of 10, Quigley was in the care of the state after being removed from her mother's home. She has been in and out of mental hospitals to cope with the abuse she faced at her mother's house and at a foster home, Clay-Jackson said. She also was introduced to drugs and alcohol at a young age.

The Courier

February 9, 2009

by Janelle Stecklein

A mother and a teenager remained in the Potter County jail Friday on $1 million bond, facing charges relating to the death of her 3-year-old boy.

Police found Diane Louise Fuentes-Aguilar, 26, and Alan Alexander Adame, 18, about 11 p.m. Thursday in an abandoned trailer in the 6200 block of East Willow Creek Drive in northeast Amarillo.


February 7, 2009

by Nancy Flake

Two Creighton Elementary School students are in Child Protective Services custody after school officials found severe bruising on the children, allegedly at the hands of their mother.

The school called the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Monday after school officials reported severe bruising on two girls, ages 5 and 8, according to an MCSO press release. The children told MCSO detectives their mother "beat" them with a belt Sunday night for not cleaning their room.

The Montgomery County Courier

February 5, 2009

A Midland Indpendent School District Police officer was terminated Thursday following his arrest on charges of two second-degree felonies.

MISD officials contacted Midland Police Department regarding a report from a 14-year-old female student against an MISD employee.

My West Texas News

February 5, 2009

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