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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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In 2000, more than 2.4 million grandparents were the primary adults responsible for their grandchildren.

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Oregon CPS News Archive

The Oregon news section is your source for the latest in family rights news items, CPS reform efforts, open court demands, abolition of confidentiality laws that judges hide behind, foster care deaths and issues, legal cases and more... Please Email Kidjacked with news and information from the state of Oregon and I will include it here in our coverage.

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Oregon News Coverage

by Diane Dietz

Salem Rep. Jodi Hack voted in favor of the program, saying her vote "is not for sale."

House Bill 3078 would also expand addiction treatment, allow 30 days additional end-of-sentence transitional leave for inmates with good behavior and shorten the one-year presumptive sentence for women convicted of first-degree theft or identity theft.

July 5, 2017

by Jade McDowell

Longtime homeless camps in Umatilla and Hermiston have been cleaned out in recent weeks.

It used to be a community of sorts, a haven for some of Umatilla's most down and out. Now the stretch of woods along the Umatilla River between the high school and River Road is quiet. The improvised homeless camp that used to be nestled against the river banks is gone. In its place is a red and white sign proclaiming "No camping," the "N" defiantly whited out.

October 20, 2015

Public officials have joined forces to cover up and protect the criminals in terrifying case. At the center of this horrifying story is a very young girl who has been the victim of long term sexual abuse from her own father and perhaps others as well.

Have been unwilling to become involved in this situation in any way that negatively impacts the father or grandmother, thus proving there is not a single 'good cop' on the entire force. With some connections to the grandmother, the local court system has not only ignored the sexual abuse of a child, but has helped the father and grandmother maintain custody long after it was apparent they had no business in the child's life.

July 4, 2015

by Edward Russo

These days, contractor Bob Virde is helping renovate a small apartment building in Eugene's Whiteaker neighborhood.

The 12 one-bedroom apartments will be remodeled inside and out over the next several months. Most of the apartments eventually are to be rented at below-market rates to former foster kids - young people 18 and older - who need a home of their own. Virde, 58, lived in five foster homes during his middle and high school years in Ohio.

June 28, 2015

by Amy Wang

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has signed a bill that will maintain grandparents' legal rights if parents' legal rights are terminated.

Currently, if a child's parents have their rights terminated, the child's grandparents also lose their legal rights to be in the child's life. House Bill 3014 redefines the word "grandparent" to mean "the legal parent of the child's or ward's legal parent, regardless of whether the parental rights of the child's or ward's legal parent have been terminated."

June 4, 2015

by Amy Wang

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has signed a bill that will maintain grandparents' legal rights if parents' legal rights are terminated.

Currently, if a child's parents have their rights terminated, the child's grandparents also lose their legal rights to be in the child's life. House Bill 3014 redefines the word "grandparent" to mean "the legal parent of the child's or ward's legal parent, regardless of whether the parental rights of the child's or ward's legal parent have been terminated."

June 4, 2015

by Roma Villavicencio

Grants Pass, Ore. --  A settlement reached tonight in the case of a young girl allegedly molested while in the Josephine County foster care system.  

Former Grants Pass resident Amie Mount says her nine- year-old daughter was put into foster care through the josephine county department of human services for three weeks.. During that time she said her daughter was molested by two teenage boys. Mount filed a lawsuit in April 2013 and today that lawsuit against DHS was settled.

March 8, 2015

A child welfare staffer at the Oregon Department of Human Services filed a complaint this month with the state labor board saying she was moved out of the job shes held for 14 years.

Online court records say 68-year-old Steven Preister, of Washington, D.C., pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace and was fined $500. Prosecutors dropped a charge of public nudity in exchange for Preister's plea late last month.

August 1, 2014

by Jim Redden

Portland police recovered on minor sex trafficking victim and cited 20 adults of prostitution during Operation Cross Country VIII, the most recent multi-day sex trafficking initiative conducted by the FBI and local law enforcement.

Portland police also arrested Joseph McKenzie, age 41, on charges of promoting prostitution. The operation organized by the FBI's Child Exploitation Task Force ran from June 18 to June 22 in cities across the country. In Portland, victim specialists offered all of the women cited for prostitution the opportunity to access help through law enforcement victim service programs and the social service partners.

June 24, 2014

Employee who complained about rent and filed complaint about the foster home's operation gets fired and sued. Foster home owner obtains restraining order.

A Canby adult care center employee who claims he was exploited and later fired for reporting problems at the home is suing his former employer for more than $323,000.

May 31, 2014

by Nicholas K. Geranios

A bipartisan effort underway in Congress would change the way the country pays to fight catastrophic wildfires, tapping natural disaster funds instead of money intended for fire prevention, lawmakers from Oregon and Idaho said Monday.

The legislation introduced in Congress would direct that when firefighting costs reach 70 percent of the 10-year average, firefighting agencies could dip into the government's fund for battling natural disasters such as hurricanes.

March 17, 2014

by Jann Blackstone

My husband's ex will not allow their 2-year-old child to meet me because, she says, the child is too young. She thinks it will confuse the child and she will not know who her mother is.

According to their court order, my husband is supposed to have equal custody, but since I moved in and we got married, his ex will only let him see their daughter for the day, and she is not allowed to come to our home if I am there. What's good ex-etiquette? Are you kidding me? Not this. To begin, neither parent can legally withhold a child from the other parent if there is a court order in place (unless the police or child protective services have intervened).

October 13, 2013

by Andy Giegerich

Environmental groups and local food activists are livid that a provision they believe would allow more genetically modified organisms to creep into Oregon farms sailed through the state's legislature on Wednesday.

Senate Bill 863 was added to the state's revamped budget package that lawmakers approved during this week's special session. The measure calls for a statewide Oregon policy on the origin of seeds and crops, as opposed to policies being implemented by cities or counties. Opponents have called it the "Monsanto Protection" act and questioned how the matter made it into legislation designed to help resolve Oregon's schools funding, and retiree benefit, issues.

October 3, 2013

by Betty Freauf

When something goes wrong in government, it seems always to be a lack of funding. May I suggest it is more the lack of common sense?

Who on earth in the state Department of Human Services would authorize James Earl Mooney, at age 22, and his wife, living in a small apartment to become foster parents to medically fragile newborns, infants and toddlers suffering from things such as drug withdrawal and physical disabilities?

July 5, 2013

James Earl Mooney told police he couldn't remember how many of the 50 babies and toddlers who lived in his Salem foster home fell victim to his sexual abuse from 2007 to 2011.

But attorneys for 11 of those children have filed nearly $23 million in lawsuits against the Oregon Department of Human Services. Investigators may identify more children who were victims and their names could be added to the suits.

June 25, 2013

by John Upton

Some experimental GMO crops were torn out of a field in Oregon this month. That means it's time for the federal government to freak the fuck out and do its best to clamp down again on eco-activism.

The sugar beet plants, which were genetically engineered by Syngenta to survive applications of the herbicide Roundup, were uprooted in the middle of the night from a couple of fields, presumably by anti-GMO activists. The destruction of the experimental crops occurred in the same state where a strain of Monsanto's illegal herbicide-resistant wheat recently showed up in a farmer's field, threatening America's multibillion-dollar wheat export market.

June 25, 2013

by Leigh Goessl

The FBI is currently investigating a case of sabotage. An individual or group allegedly destroyed thousands of GMO sugar beet plants in a rural area of Oregon.

What is being called an act of sabotage left over 6,500 genetically modified sugar beet plants destroyed. Currently, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is looking for assistance from anyone who can offer information on the destroyed GMO fields.

June 21, 2013

by Jondi Gumz

SANTA CRUZ -- Santa Cruz resident Mark Segelman says his wife and daughter paid $190 for gamma globulin shots after they ate frozen organic berries believed to be part of a recall connected to at least 49 hepatitis A cases in seven states.

Townsend Farms of Fairview, Ore., late Monday voluntarily recalled its Organic Antioxidant Berry Blend, sold at Costco in 3 pound bags, with a UPC code of 0 78414 404448. Federal officials announced the investigation and the link to the frozen berries Friday. Visiting Costco two days ago, Segelman checked the section where frozen berries are sold and was surprised there was no customer advisory.

June 5, 2013

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that unapproved genetically engineered (GE) wheat was found growing in an Oregon wheat field.

According to USDA officials, a Oregon farmer sprayed his wheat field, intending it to lay fallow for the next year. Despite multiple sprays of RoundUp, the farmer found so-called "volunteer" crops unexpectedly persisted, just as GE crops are engineered to do. The discovery prompted him to send samples to Carol Mallery Smith, scientist at Oregon State University, who determined that the crops were infused with the RoundUp Ready gene. USDA confirmed the results but officials have declined to comment on how the seeds ended up in this farmer's field to begin with considering Monsanto has not conducted field trials in Oregon since 2001 when it reportedly withdrew from the state.

June 2, 2013


U.S. officials raced to quell global alarm over the first-ever discovery of an unapproved strain of genetically modified wheat, working to figure out how the rogue grain escaped from a field trial a decade ago.

In the wake of news that a strain developed by biotech giant Monsanto Co had been found in an Oregon field late last month, major buyer Japan cancelled plans to buy U.S. wheat while the Europe Union said it would step up testing. Worried U.S. farmers wondered if their own fields had been contaminated.

June 2, 2013

by Camilla Mortensen

Oregon's Sen. Jeff Merkley has joined the march against Monsanto, in the U.S. Senate anyway. While Eugeneans plan their May 25 rally against chemical giant Monsanto here in Lane County, Merkley has taken a stand against loopholes and secret provisions.

He has introduced an amendment to the Senate farm bill that would override a provision that has become known as the Monsanto Protection Act. According to Merkley's office, the rider requires the U.S. Department of Agriculture "to grant a temporary permit to any farmer, upon request, to plant genetically modified crops, even if the crop was found to be potentially harmful by a court." The statement says that the provision, known informally as a rider, "explicitly grants the USDA the authority to override a judicial ruling stopping the planting of a GMO."

May 23, 2013

SALEM - The Oregon Senate is considering legislation that would allow foster parents to form a union.

Supporters told a Senate committee Wednesday that foster parents have no voice in the Capitol. They say forming a union would allow them to band together and fight for better resources to help them care for children in need of intense support.

April 4, 2013

by Noah McGraw

Arguably, the school that would be most affected by HB2748 is Riverdale High School in Southwest Portland, where I am a senior.

Roughly 21 percent of Riverdale's funding comes from out-of-district students, and if this bill passes, Riverdale will face close to a $1 million shortfall in the budget. Teachers might be let go, and programs would be cut. My classmates would face uncertainty over their education, and other students like me wouldn't have the choice to attend schools that better fit their needs. HB2748 would limit the options for families trying to pick a school that their children would thrive in.

March 30, 2013

An Oregon public school teacher says he's on the verge of being fired because of his outspoken views against Planned Parenthood and abortion. Bill Diss, who taught at Benson High School in Portland for 11 years, was placed on paid leave March 19.

Diss is a staunch Roman Catholic and blocked two Planned Parenthood workers from entering his classroom in September because, he said, they lacked proper identification. Planned Parenthood is a partner in the Portland school district's Teen Outreach Program, aimed at preventing teen pregnancy, and funded by a

March 24, 2013

by Lindsey Riley

On average, kids are in the foster care system for 2 years. Ten percent five or more years in the system. There are thousands of children in the United States looking for loving homes.

"There are great families out there, and the money is the barrier," Munger said. "You don't have to be wealthy to be a great family, so we want to make sure we are that person that breaks down those barriers and bringing these families and children together."

February 27, 2013

Alert Kidjacked to Oregon CPS news!

by Annette M. Hall

You can fight CPS and win. Learn from those who have been in your shoes. Attend live support group meetings, rally's, workshops and join in online discussions. There is strength in numbers.


December 3, 2020

by Annette Hall

Back in July a story ran on KPTV's Fox 12 out of Oregon about a father who was accused of kidnapping his own child.


May 15, 2010

by Annette Hall

My child was hurt by someone who was babysitting while I was at work. This same person — that I trusted — shook my baby so hard that it gave him brain damage.


May 15, 2010

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