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There is evidence that abuse (but not specific to child sexual abuse) is more prevalent in foster care than the general population.

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Nebraska CPS News Archive

Nebraska News Coverage

by Anna Jo Bratton

To the Spierings, Nebraska's requirement that newborn babies undergo blood screening within 48 hours of birth is an infringement on their religious beliefs and their right to decide what's best for their four children.

The mandatory newborn screening test, in which a few drops of blood are drawn from a baby's heel, screens for dozens of rare, congenital diseases, some of which can cause severe mental retardation or death if left undetected. Nebraska is one of just four states - South Dakota, Michigan and Montana are the others - that doesn't let parents reject the testing.

Columbus Telegram

January 26, 2007

The state successfully passed a federal foster care review that allows Nebraska to continue receiving federal funds for about 1,800 children in the foster care system.

Nebraska Health and Human Services System receives about $21 million in federal funding for children who qualify for the Title IV-E program, according to an HHSS news release.

Lincoln Journal Star (NE)

November 16, 2006

by Richard Wexler

Consider a study of infants born with cocaine in their systems. One group was placed in foster care, the other with birth mothers able to care for them.

After six months, the babies were tested using all the usual measures of infant development: rolling over, sitting up, reaching out. Consistently, the infants placed with their birth mothers did better. For the foster children, being taken from their mothers was more toxic than the cocaine.

Journal Star

October 28, 2006

Open records laws in most states make it difficult for victims of domestic abuse and stalking to hide from potential attackers.

But lawmakers in Nebraska and 12 other states have made it possible for victims to keep their mailing address secret.


November 12, 2003

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