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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Illinois takes children at one-quarter the Colorado rate, but independent court-appointed monitors found that, as foster care plummeted, child safety improved.

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National CPS News Archive

National News Coverage

by Peter Boer

The RCMP have arrested an adult whom they expect to charge in the March homicide of a Morinville-area toddler who was in foster care.

The Friday arrest comes almost three months after the toddler was taken to hospital with serious injuries then died two days later on March 3. An autopsy conducted the following day concluded the 21-month-old girl had been a victim of homicide.

St. Albert Gazette

May 28, 2010

by Caroline Slocock

Children in Yarl's Wood detention centre will still suffer until the UK Border Agency abides by the law.

When the Lib-Con coalition announced an end to child detention for immigration purposes last week, campaigners rejoiced. This abhorrent and unnecessary practice, which causes children extreme distress and lasting psychological damage, has been something Refugee and Migrant Justice and many others have campaigned against for years. But it will take months for the changes to take effect, which will mean little comfort for the hundreds of children who will be held in that time.

Guardian (UK)

May 21, 2010

Russia will formally end adoptions of Russian children by foreigners if the U.S. shelves a bilateral child adoption agreement, a Russian child ombudsman has said.

Russia is one of the largest sources of adoptions for U.S. families, accounting for about 10% of foreign adoptions, but the issue has become controversial in recent years following several incidents involving the mistreatment of Russian children in the United States.

RIA Novosti Newswire

May 21, 2010

Professionals from across the nation are in La Crosse this week for the Child Maltreatment Conference.

Franciscan Skemp has teamed up with the Mayo Clinic and the National Child Protection Training Center of Winona, for the 13th annual conference. The conference focuses on the latest treatment and prevention methods for child abuse.

WXOW News 19

May 17, 2010

Researchers tracked the pesticides' breakdown products in kids' urine and found those with high levels were almost twice as likely to develop ADHD as those with undetectable levels.

The findings are based on data from the general U.S. population, meaning that exposure to the pesticides could be harmful even at levels commonly found in children's environment. Organophosphates were originally developed for chemical warfare, and they are known to be toxic to the nervous system.


May 17, 2010

by Anitha Ratnam

Did you know that the original intent of Mother's Day was not to celebrate birth mothers?

The first Mother's Day was actually a Mother's March in the Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania in the late 19th century, when women marched to protest the poor economic and health conditions for women and children.

Express Buzz

May 10, 2010

by Katharine Whittemore

It was October 5, 1818. Dennis Hanks, Nancy's cousin, paints the death scene: Nancy called Abraham and his sister Sarah to her bedside and asked them "to be good and kind to their father, to each other, and to the world."

"God bless my mother; all that I am or ever hope to be I owe to her." So said Abraham Lincoln of his beloved mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, whom he lost to milk sickness - she drank milk from a cow who'd grazed on white snakeroot, it's poisonous - when she was 34 and her son age nine, old enough to help his father plane pine boards and carve wooden pegs to make the coffin they buried her in.

The Faster Times: Parenting Ethics

May 7, 2010

by Leah Jones

Sweden's parliament members are being warned to drop plans to change their homeschooling laws or soon they could be on par with Germany, where persecution over homeschooling recently convinced a family to leave and come to the U.S. for asylum.

Apparently, Sweden's homeschooling plan is recommended in Chapter 24, Paragraph 23 of a proposed school law, officials said. It "appears likely that the same circumstances that currently exist in Germany would appear in Sweden, forcing Swedish citizens who wish to homeschool to flee their home country. It is our understanding that some Swedish families have already chosen to flee because of the harassment from local school authorities," the letter says.

Christian Web News

May 5, 2010

by Richard Liebrecht

Alberta -- A 14-year-old boy has died while in foster care west of Edmonton - the third foster child to die in about a year.

Opposition parties, which found out about the foster death before Premier Ed Stelmach, cited it in repeating calls for a public inquiry into the foster care system.

Edmonton Sun

April 30, 2010

by Keith Morelli

A homeless mother of 12, whose comments about family welfare agencies not doing enough to help her polarized the community, was held in contempt of court at a hearing today and her children were put into foster care.

Angel Adams, 37, refused to answer the judge's question of whether she is pregnant or not. "No comment," was all Adams, who has a total of 15 children, would say. Hillsborough Circuit Judge Tracy Sheehan, who became visibly more agitated at each turn, ordered Adams jailed for contempt of court. Adams was supposed to move into a rent-free, six-bedroom, two-story house in Sulphur Springs by Friday.

Tampa Bay Online

April 29, 2010

by Ginnie Graham

Oklahoma has been as resistant as any state that Children's Rights has sued over child welfare concerns, the group's founder says.

Children's Rights began as a project of the New York Civil Liberties Union and later the American Civil Liberties Union. It became an independent nonprofit in 1995. The group has filed lawsuits against child welfare systems in Connecticut, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Washington, D.C.

Tulsa World

April 28, 2010

by Ann Mullen

All she wanted was help caring for her wheel-chair bound son Johnny. The state's answer was to put him in a foster care facility.

Johnny's mom would have preferred to have someone help her at home, but the state offers limited home-care services. A year after Johnny was in foster care, the 10-year-old boy starved to death. Our story exposes the state's financial incentive to keep kids in the foster care system.

WXYZ News 7

April 28, 2010

by Robin Steinberg

When you peel back the rhetoric, and peer past the politics, in the South Bronx, as in other poor communities, the bulk of family court cases are really about poverty.

In recent years, New York has taken tentative steps to investigate and reform its failing family court system. And while any effort to reshape a broken system is welcome, real reform is long overdue. Though a myriad of studies have shown that the incidence of child abuse and neglect is about equal across racial and economic lines, poor families of color are disproportionately represented in the child welfare system. The simple truth is that when you are poor, caseworkers, prosecutors and judges are far less likely to defer to what, in a wealthy white neighborhood, would simply be described as a reasonable parenting decision.

The Huffington Post

April 26, 2010

Michael Lohan stormed his daughter Lindsay's apartment this morning with the help of three sheriffs, on the pretext of protecting his younger daughter Ali.

Because Michael was, in the end, helpless to do anything, he says he'll take this case to Child Protective Services: "I'm gonna see what Child Protective Services will do and what Lindsay's attorney will do and if they won't do anything, we'll just have to take it step by step."

X17 Online

April 23, 2010

Are you being poisoned by Flouride in your water? For years there have been snippets of information coming out about the dangers of Fluoride in our water supply. The authorities dismiss these claims every time and insist "everything is perfectly safe."

The latest information however refutes all this and is of vital importance to every one - particularly every mother of a growing child, because it has now been proven by years and years of research that Fluoride is highly dangerous and the missing link in birth defects and mental retardation in young children, as well as the epidemic of Alzheimer's.

Ask Dr Garland

April 20, 2010

In a new twist on lawsuits against Obamacare, TN attorney Van Irion filed a national class action in Federal court. The suit challenges Obamacare on the basis that Congress is not authorized by the Constitution to regulate health care.

Mr. Irion is asking the courts to re-evaluate the Commerce clause precedent, arguing that current precedent in effect destroys the intent of the Constitution and specifically the 10th Amendment. The lawsuit is a unique take on legal actions against the recently passed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

PR Web

April 19, 2010

by Ed Morrissey

Nick Gillespie at Reason TV gives three reasons for the US to legalize and regulate marijuana on the same basis as alcohol.

It's going to happen anyway, so why delay the inevitable? Increasing numbers of Americans realize that pot prohibition is an ineffective and costly policy. A 2009 poll by Zogby found that 52 percent of Americans agreed that marijuana should be taxed and regulated like booze. A Field Poll last year of California residents, who will vote on a legalization ballot initiative in the fall, found that 56 percent wanted legalization.

Hot Air

April 19, 2010

by Doug Bandow

America is just so, so far behind Europe. How do we live with ourselves? It's time we all moved to Europe. I'm tired of working.

Even the Obama administration hasn't yet declared vacations to be a basic human right, to be subsidized by those who foolishly continue working while the oppressed go out and play.

The American Spectator

April 19, 2010

by Jasmine Tyler

The newest victims of the war on drugs are women and if Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske was sincere when he said that the war on drugs is not a war on the people then it is time to evaluate how our policies affect the women of this country.

Since 1977, the rate of female imprisonment has increased by nearly 800% and is still rising. Much of this increase can be attributed to the war on drugs since, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 40% of criminal convictions leading to incarceration of women at the turn of this century were for drug-related crimes.

Prison Movement

April 18, 2010

by John Gerstenmier

Annually, more than 3.5 million children are reported to child protective services agencies as victims of child abuse and neglect.

Mirroring the nation, the number of reports of child abuse and neglect in North Carolina continues to rise, according to the state Department of Health and Human Services. In fiscal year 2009, the state had 67,397 reports of abuse or neglect, up from 58,815 in fiscal year 1998. Approximately 35 percent of 2009 reports were made through law enforcement or schools.

Salisbury Post

April 18, 2010

by Ted Czech

Mental and physical problems in children adopted from Russia are not because of the country itself but because of the damaging environment orphanages present, according to several national experts.

Children adopted from Russia have made headlines recently, from York County parents charged in their son's death to a Tennessee woman who sent her son back to Russia on a plane. Torry Hansen of Tennessee called her son, Justin, "mentally unstable" and said he had threatened to burn the family home down.

The York Daily Record

April 18, 2010

by Juju Chang

Out of an estimated 56 million school age children, about 1.5 million are homeschooled. Of that number, at least 100,000 are believed to be unschooled -- the term coined to describe an unorthodox approach to homeschooling.

The Biegler children live as though school doesn't exist. They're at home all day, but they're not being homeschooled. They're being "unschooled." There are no textbooks, no tests and no formal education at all in their world. What's more, that hands-off approach extends to other areas of the children's lives: They make their own decisions, and don't have chores or rules.

ABC News

April 18, 2010

by Erik Eckholm

Only half the youths who had turned 18 and 'aged out' of foster care were employed by their mid-20s.

6 in 10 men had been convicted of a crime, and 3 in 4 women, many of them with children of their own, were receiving some form of public assistance. Only 6 in 100 had completed a community college degree. The dismal outlook for youths who are thrust into a shaky adulthood from the foster care system - now numbering some 30,000 annually - has been documented with new precision by a long-term study...

The New York Times

April 15, 2010

PORTLAND -- The Oregon Supreme Court has ruled that workers can be fired for using medical marijuana even if they have a card from the state program authorizing its use.

The case involves a worker in Eugene who was fired after telling his boss before taking a drug test that he was using medical marijuana approved by his doctor. A dissenting opinion said federal law did not bar Oregon from setting its own policy on medical marijuana.


April 15, 2010

Dr. Phil shines a light on the American family court system, and how often it fails its citizens. From restraining orders to custody battles, hear heartbreaking stories that many say prove the system needs a major overhaul.

Dr. Phil addresses his audience, which is filled with families who have struggled in family court. Many of them have heartbreaking stories. Amy says, "No other parent can feel this pain, because there are no words for this pain. It is unbelievable. There's not a second, there's not a minute that goes by that I don't think about them," she says.

Dr. Phil

April 14, 2010

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