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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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A 1986 National Foster Care Education Project survey found that foster children were 10 times more likely to be abused than children in the general population.

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Missouri CPS News Archive

Missouri News Coverage

by Laura Wibbenmeyer

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO -- Govenor Jay Nixon says he is halting state funding for an online school as part of the $204 million budget cuts.

Many are devastated that the state funding will not be there. MoVIP started three years ago and has already provided courses to more that 3000 students.

KFVS News 12

November 3, 2009

by Connie Goff

Every parent wants the best education for their children. It doesn't matter if it is in a public school, a private or parochial school, or even at home.

In the past few years, more and more parents have made the decision to teach their children at home. In fact, it is estimated that the number of homeschooled children in the United States has tripled over the past decade.

Maryville Daily Forum

October 28, 2009

by Steve Moyer

Nevada, Mo. -- Mary seems happy in her life now and has settled into a profession helping children and families but that is a long way from where she started, left at an Indiana hospital by her mother at the tender age of 2 months.

A long string of circumstances stemming mostly from her mother's struggle with mental illness brought Mary -- now an adult, who asked that only her first name be used -- to Missouri, with a stopover in Okla-homa. Her experiences left her more in tune with the realities of the system; providing insights that she passes to others when it seems the right thing to do.

The Fort Scott Tribune

July 10, 2009

by Helen Altonn

Oahu Family Court Judge Michael Broderick says he is convinced methamphetamine addiction is the greatest issue facing Hawaii because of the health, economic and social consequences.

Meth use dominates every court calendar he has, including paternity, domestic abuse and Child Protective Services, said the lead judge of the Special Division. Eight out of 10 Child Protective Services cases are drug-related, mostly to ice, he said. He has about 50 domestic abuse cases a week, and 25 percent involve ice, he said.

Honolulu Star Bulletin

June 6, 2009

Police said a northeast Missouri mother used her 1-year-old child to shield a man from a Taser during a confrontation with officers.

The woman, 20, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and interfering with an arrest. She was arrested Tuesday night and placed at the Marion County jail on a 24-hour hold.

ABC News

May 13, 2009

by Lauren Keith

More and more families are struggling, especially young, unwed mothers. That means more children are going into foster care and even being placed up for adoption, according to the director at Lutheran Family and Children's Services in Cape Girardeau.

Director Molly Strickland says adoptions are up domestically, but especially the number of children being placed into temporary foster care through their private non-profit services. "Statewide, we are seeing young mothers who have three or four children who are struggling and saying I can't do this," she said.

KFVS Heartland News 12 (MO)

December 4, 2008

Parents of a 16-year-old boy in intensive care with a broken back want to know why police Tasered their son 19 times rather than calling an ambulance for help.

When police arrived, they found Hutchinson under an overpass on U.S. 65 Saturday morning, Springfield's KY3 News reported. The boy had fallen 30 feet off the overpass and was lying on the shoulder. When the boy didn't respond to police, they Tasered him, repeatedly.

World Net Daily

August 1, 2008

by Dawn Meisenheimer Lewis

A three judge panel in a California Second District appeals court ruled parent run homeschooling unconstitutional if the parent does not have teaching credentials.

Thousands of families in California home school their children, and they could be prosecuted if this ruling stands. Parents all over California are protesting this ruling and it's gotten the attention of many groups including the Home School Legal Defense Association and Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family. Even Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has spoken out against this ruling.

Midwest Voices (MO)

March 8, 2008

A Missouri public school is taking a mother to court for withdrawing her son and daughter from the school and teaching them at home, after an apparent threat to the daughter's life at the school.

The case involves Moberly, Mo., mother Anita Nicoli, who withdrew her daughter and a son from Moberly Middle School recently after what she has described as a two-year campaign of intimidation by other students.

World Net Daily (MO)

October 15, 2007

by Professor Marci Hamilton

Last week, the Louisiana Supreme Court upheld the death penalty as applied to a child abuser. Louisiana has led the way in passing laws to execute pedophiles.

However, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Georgia, and Montana also have passed such laws, with Texas soon to follow when Gov. Rick Perry signs such legislation.

FindLaw Legal News

May 31, 2007

NEW BRITAIN -- Computer technicians would be obligated to report child abuse just like doctors, teachers and others who work closely with children, under measures being considered by lawmakers in two states.

At least five states - Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and South Dakota - require computer technicians to report child pornography. Connecticut and California are considering legislation that would go a step further, adding technicians to the list of "mandated reporters" who notify authorities about any type of child abuse and neglect.

Redding Record Searchlight (CT)

May 19, 2007

by Anna Jo Bratton

To the Spierings, Nebraska's requirement that newborn babies undergo blood screening within 48 hours of birth is an infringement on their religious beliefs and their right to decide what's best for their four children.

The mandatory newborn screening test, in which a few drops of blood are drawn from a baby's heel, screens for dozens of rare, congenital diseases, some of which can cause severe mental retardation or death if left undetected. Nebraska is one of just four states - South Dakota, Michigan and Montana are the others - that doesn't let parents reject the testing.

Columbus Telegram

January 26, 2007

by Leanne Spengler

In 1998, the Missouri General Assembly mandated divorcing parents, with children under the age of 18, to file a parenting plan with the court as a part of the divorce process.

The plan can be filed separately, or as a joint agreement. The court creates the child custody and support agreements from the parenting plan(s). A parenting plan describes how the parents will contribute to the care and well-being of the child by providing detailed information in four areas: custody and visitation; decision-making rights and responsibilities; dispute resolution; and expenses of the child(ren).

December 1, 2006

Murder charges may be filed against a former Kansas City police officer accused of abusing a toddler.

Minet was charged with beating 2-year-old Alyssa Eickmeier in a Northland duplex last week. Minet was the live-in boyfriend of the girl's mother.

The Kansas City Channel (MO)

October 23, 2006

Ex-Social Worker Accused Of Smothering Infant

Investigators said Hersh, a former children's social worker for the state of Kansas, is accused of attempting to smother her 6-week-old foster son at Children's Mercy Hospital in April.

The Kansas City Channel (MO)

October 13, 2006

The Child Welfare Manual sets forth policy and procedures which are intended primarily for social work with families.

The Manual provides procedures, which should be followed in 85-100% of the Division's work with families. In situations in which staff does not follow the procedures of this Manual they will be expected to obtain supervisory approval, noting the supervisory waiver, in the individual case record.

September 15, 2006

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