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Kids taken into foster care often end up in the State Penitentiary. They get separated from their parents at an early age, then bounce around in foster care for years. -- Former Children's Services Volunteer

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Michigan CPS News Archive

Michigan News Coverage

The Home of the Child Abuse and Neglect Council of Oakland County, MI.

Knowing you are a mandated reporter and knowing how to be an effective mandated reporter are two very different things. Learn how to recognize, respond to and report child abuse.

October 17, 2006

by Barbara H. Garavaglia

While experienced family law lawyers are familiar with the research resources most useful to the family law practitioner, attorneys new to family law practice may need guidance.

"Family law" is "[t]he body of law dealing with marriage, divorce, adoption, child custody and support, and other domestic relations issues." It is also referred to as the law of "domestic relations."

September 15, 2006

When protective services take children from their parents, state law says a judge must first personally review the case and sign off. But that was not happening in one of Michigan's busiest courts.

It's called "rubber stamping," and last August 7 Action News first exposed how court staff were literally stamping a judge's name onto orders that allowed the state to take kids from their parents.

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