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Out of every 100 reports of child abuse: 58 are false; 21 are poverty cases; 6 are sexual abuse; 4 are minor physical abuse;... -- Richard Wexler, author of Wounded Innocents

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Massachusetts CPS News Archive

Massachusetts News Coverage

by Gregory A. Hession J.D.

There are 65,000 child abuse complaints and 40,000 restraining orders issued in Massachusetts every year. Many are based on false allegations!

MassOutrage is a collection of real-world practical information about how the Massachusetts Department of Social Services (DSS) works, how restraining orders work, and how to fight them to save your family.

October 17, 2006

New York education officials issued a scathing report on a Massachusetts school that punishes troubled and disabled students with electric shocks, some are forced to wear shock devices in the bathtub or shower, posing an electrocution hazard.

The report, based in part on an inspection last month of the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Canton, portrayed a school in which most staff lack training to handle the students and seem more focused on punishing bad behavior than encouraging good acts.

Information Liberation

June 15, 2006

by Gitika Ahuja

Boy's Mother Says He's Too Young to Even Understand the Accusation

A first-grader was suspended from Downey Elementary School in Brockton, Mass., after school officials said he sexually harassed a female schoolmate. The young boy is accused of touching a fellow first-grader's skin underneath the rear waistband of her pants.

ABC News

February 7, 2006

by Edward G. Oliver

What's 'Best For The Child' Is Secondary To 'More Federal Money'

The Department of Social Services is using financial consultants who specialize in advising the state how to aggressively "maximize federal revenue." This means that the decision as to whether to remove a child from his parents is often a factor of whether the DSS can get more federal money.

Massachusetts News

December 1, 2005

by Neil and Heidi Howard

Practically no one has the intelligence or fortitude to stand up to this onslaught from the state government.

When our story began in October of 1999, we cooperated with the DSS in order to fix what we thought was just a misunderstanding.

February 1, 2002

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