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As many as two-thirds of the people in treatment for drug abuse reported being abused or neglected as children.

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California CPS News Archive

California News Coverage

by Kirk Mitchell

Ashley Lindenberger's fear for her two kids was rooted in her own childhood experience of being raised by foster parents in 18 homes.

"Some of them were abusive, and some of them just didn't care," Lindenberger said recently in the visitors room of the Denver Women's Correctional Facility.

The Denver Post

January 28, 2008

by Rachel McGrath

After months of trying to bring an adopted infant daughter to America from her native Vietnam, a Camarillo family has joined forces with eight other U.S. families facing the same obstacle.

The goal is to try and persuade broadcast organizations and media personalities to publicize what's happening to them and why, and to bring public pressure to bear on government officials so they can bring their children home.

Ventura County Star

January 14, 2008

by Troy Anderson

Krystina Kessler, asked county supervisors to investigate why so many children were missing from the nation's largest child-protective system.

Using a series of innovative search methods, DCFS since has located hundreds of missing foster children. While DCFS listed 505 foster children as runaways in early 2006, by late last year that number had dropped to 285.

LA Daily News

January 13, 2008

by Dhyana Levey

YOSEMITE -- It's almost like a conversation between John Muir and Edward Abbey. Just how pure and pristine do you want to make one of America's scenic jewels?

Yosemite National Park is in the early phases of planning its utilities improvement project for Vogelsang High Sierra Camp and Backpackers Camp. The camps' water supply and waste-water systems have deterio- rated, and more stringent state and federal regulations require that the facilities be revamped. No work has started, Yosemite spokeswoman Adrienne Freeman said. But the public scoping process will begin Tuesday and run through Feb. 13. Scoping refers to information exchanged about the scope of a project.

January 13, 2008

A 4-year-old girl is dead after an early morning house fire in Sacramento.

Homicide detectives are investigating whether the fire was set intentionally or was an accident, Sacramento Police Sgt. Matt Young says.

The San Diego Union-Tribune (CA)

January 12, 2008

by Chelsea Schilling

Add thermostats to the list of private property the government would like to regulate as the state of California looks to require that residents install remotely monitored temperature controls in their homes next year.

The government is seeking to limit rolling blackouts and free up electric and natural gas resources by mandating that every new heating and cooling system include a "non-removable" FM receiver. The thermostat is also capable of controlling other appliances in the house, such as electric water heaters, refrigerators, pool pumps, computers and lights in response to signals from utility companies.

World Net Daily (CA)

January 11, 2008

by Angela Lau

A Oceanside woman accused of murdering her 4-year-old foster child entered her not guilty plea Monday through her attorney.

Dania Haros, 23, stood in the dock as her lawyer, Manuel Gonzalez, entered the plea. She lowered her head at times, and nodded when Vista Superior Court Judge David Rubin asked her if she pleaded not guilty.

The San Diego Union-Tribune (CA)

December 18, 2007

A 53-year-old Moreno Valley middle school teacher accused of sexually molesting several male students in the 1990s is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Riverside Superior Court.

Donald Fay, a teacher at Landmark Middle School in Moreno Valley, faces 75 charges of lewd acts on a minor and forcible acts of sexual penetration, according to court documents.

The Union San Diego Tribune (CA)

December 17, 2007

by Michael Rothfeld

California is rapidly losing families willing to care for foster children because its payment rate lags far behind the cost of living and is lower than the price to kennel a dog.

In dollar to dollar comparisons, California, which has 75,000 foster children - more than any other state - ranks in the lower half of states in paying families to care for them. Kennels charge about $620 a month to house a dog.

Los Angeles Times (CA)

October 4, 2007

by Charlene Muhammad

Recent studies, according to Assembly Majority Leader Karen Bass, indicate that in Calif., disturbing percentages of foster care youth who age out of the system at age 18 face increased homelessness, unemployment and incarceration.

The average young person does not leave home and become fully self-sufficient until age 26, yet at age 18 the state expects foster youth to become entirely independent," she wrote. Assemblywoman Bass co-authored a bill (AB 845) to appropriate $10.5 million for DSS to supplement funding for the Transitional Housing for Foster Youth Program, which was rejected in June by Senate Republicans.

August 8, 2007

by R.V. Scheide

Ulf and Mona Carlsson's acrimonious divorce trial was held in March 2006. Ulf Carlsson sat calmly through the first day of the proceeding as his wife's attorney presented the case against him, confident that he'd get his fair hearing in court.

Carlsson's fair hearing never came. Near the end of the trial, as Carlsson's attorney was cross-examining a witness, Judge McBrien left the bench to answer a phone call, abruptly ending the trial. He never returned to the bench and later rendered a decision that weighed heavily against Carlsson, even though the judge hadn't heard all the evidence in the case.

Sacramento News Review (CA)

August 7, 2007

by Jennifer B. McKim

The county's Social Services Agency should launch an education campaign, grand jury said in a report Monday.

The investigation, based upon once-confidential documents, showed a court stymied by delays and a string of social workers who ignored warning signs.

Orange County Register (CA)

June 5, 2007

by Ernie Claudio

We have started a group here in Tahoe to help parents navigate the CPS gauntlet; it is called Tahoe Victims of CPS.

We are asking for CPS reform and we have found it at the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform (NCCPR). They offer many options...

Tahoe Daily Tribune (CA)

May 30, 2007

by Shawn A. McMillan, Esq.

Fogarty-Hardwick v. County of Orange, et al. in the Superior Court of California, County of Orange - Case No. 01CC02379 (Trial before Hon. Ronald L. Bauer, Dept. CX103)

Following Orange County Jury's finding CPS workers and agency liable to mother for $4.9 million in compensatory damages plus punitive damages trial judge enters permanent injunction against the California's Orange County to prevent CPS from including in charging allegations any statement that a child is abused, neglected or abandoned without reasonable and articulable evidence to support the claim.

PR Web

May 20, 2007

by Peggy Lowe

Seal Beach mother wins case against county, hopes to help families in system.

The threat came first: "If you don't submit to me, you'll never see your kids again." Then the Orange County social worker produced a document, telling her she must sign it.

Orange County Register (CA)

May 20, 2007

NEW BRITAIN -- Computer technicians would be obligated to report child abuse just like doctors, teachers and others who work closely with children, under measures being considered by lawmakers in two states.

At least five states - Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and South Dakota - require computer technicians to report child pornography. Connecticut and California are considering legislation that would go a step further, adding technicians to the list of "mandated reporters" who notify authorities about any type of child abuse and neglect.

Redding Record Searchlight (CT)

May 19, 2007

by Peggy Lowe

The Orange County Board of Supervisors voted today to appeal a $4.5 million legal judgment it lost to a mother who said the Department of Social Services violated her parental rights.

The board, in a closed session, decided to hire Robert M. Dato, a Costa Mesa attorney who will be paid $425 an hour for his work. An Orange County Superior Court jury in March that found social workers fabricated negative evidence against Deanna Fogarty-Hardwick of Seal Beach.

Orange County Register (CA)

May 9, 2007

Morgan Hill and San Jose police officers have arrested a registered sex offender who they say was seen on school grounds in Morgan Hill, NBC11 has learned.

Duran said he was employed by the Photo-Find Missing Children's Center in San Jose and worked there since July 2006, passing out fliers of missing children, according to police.

NBC News 11 (CA)

April 4, 2007

So you had a child with a monster. If this monster happens to be a psychopath you have a challenge on your hands. Now what do you do. Take control. How do you that?

First, and foremost, take control of your self. Every time you react to something they do, they are in control. Over and over I hear stories about these monsters and the story teller is stressed out over the whole thing.

Best Syndication

March 27, 2007

by Larry Welborn

Seal Beach woman said her children were improperly taken away from her by OC Department of Social Services

A civil jury has awarded $4.9 million to a Seal Beach woman who claimed that the Orange County Department of Social Services violated her parental rights by taking her two pre-teen daughters away in 2000 and placing them in foster care.

The Orange County Register (CA)

March 27, 2007

The parents of a toddler who died in a foster home after eating baking soda were expected to sue Contra Costa County after the board of supervisors rejected their demand for about $20 million.

Deonna Green, 2, died in December while under the foster care of Khareasha Pugh. The girl and her sister had been in her care for about three months when Pugh called 911 because Deonna was having convulsions.

The Union Tribune (CA)

March 17, 2007

For all of the rhetoric about "family values" in American politics, the federal government certainly puts up a lot of obstacles to allowing foster youth to live with their family members.

There are many reasons why the government should be helping relatives -- most typically grandparents -- who are willing to open their homes to a child whose parents are either unwilling or unable to provide a stable home.

San Francisco Chronicle (CA)

February 25, 2007

Assemblyman Bill Maze, R-Visalia, has heard too many disturbing stories about relative caregivers being "strong armed" by social workers to either adopt a child -- or risk having him or her taken away. It's not right.

"Relative caregivers should be our first line of placement," said Maze. California judges who are determining the fate of a child are guided by state law to give preference to adoption by a stranger over guardianship by a relative. Also, the federal government rewards the state with a $4,000 incentive payment for each adoption of a foster child above a baseline rate.

San Francisco Chronicle (CA)

February 25, 2007

This summer, county welfare departments began filing brief questionnaires about child abuse and neglect cases that led to deaths or near-deaths.

They filed these reports because they had to -- California was on the verge of losing millions of dollars in funding for failing to comply with federal reporting laws. It's thanks to this bureaucratic snafu that we know about Deonna Green.

San Francisco Chronicle (CA)

December 18, 2006

The poison control center serving the Bay Area said it has no record of a call a Pittsburg foster mother told police she made last week after a 2-year-old child reportedly ate baking soda.

That child, Deonna Green, died Wednesday night at Children's Hospital in Oakland. A deputy coroner said that an autopsy was conducted on the child's body Thursday, but no cause of death has been determined. Officials are now waiting for the results from a toxicology test.

NBC 11 News

December 14, 2006

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