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Despite more than a decade of intended reform, the nation's foster care system is still overcrowded and rife with problems. But taxpayers are spending $22 billion a year - or $40,000 a child, on foster care programs.

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California CPS News Archive

California News Coverage

by Greg Keller

PARIS -- America has some of the industrial world's worst rates of infant mortality, teenage pregnancy and child poverty, even though it spends more per child than countries such as Switzerland, Japan and the Netherlands, a new survey indicates.

The U.S. spends an average of $140,000 per child, well over the OECD average of $125,000. But this spending is skewed heavily toward older children between 12 and 17, the OECD survey showed. U.S. spending on children under six, a period the OECD says is key to children's future well-being, lags far behind other countries, amounting to only $20,000 per child on average.

KCRA Sacramento

September 1, 2009

by Vic Lee

Oakland police continue to ask for the public's help in finding a 5-year old disabled boy who was reported missing nearly two weeks ago.

It has been 11 days since Hasanni vanished. The balloons at an impromptu memorial are starting to deflate. "We want to focus on Hasanni," his foster father Louis Ross said.

ABC News 7

August 21, 2009

by Chelsea Phua and Bill Lindelof

The mother and father of the 22-month-old boy who died Thursday have been arrested on suspicion of the child's murder, Sacramento police said.

Paul G. Harper, the 28-year-old father of the boy, Paul G. Harper Jr., was booked this morning in the Sacramento County Main Jail on suspicion of child abuse. Police called county Child Protective Services to the scene to take another child in the home into protective custody, Leong said. That child was uninjured, he said.

The Sacramento Bee

August 21, 2009

by Zachary K. Johnson

STOCKTON - A federal lawsuit filed in Sacramento last week alleges local authorities violated the civil rights of two parents after their teenage daughter said she was being sexually abused by her father.

The suit, filed by Stephen and Alma Moortgat, accuses San Joaquin County social workers and Stockton police officers of violating constitutional protections in May 2008 when they allegedly took the Moortgat's unnamed daughter into protective custody, then entered the family home and forced Stephen Moortgat to leave. The suit goes on to accuse county social workers of inappropriately prohibiting the father from contacting his wife and children, forcing the family to participate in "voluntary" counseling and disclosing to the teen, who is now 15, that Stephen Moortgat was not her biological father.

Record Net

August 16, 2009

by Sid Garcia

A special investigation is underway into the murders of three young children, in which reports were made to children's services prior to their deaths.

Tylette Davis is the mother of Dae'von Bailey, a 6-year-old boy who was beaten to death in July. The suspect in the death of Dae'von Bailey is his mother's ex-boyfriend, Marcas Fisher. Davis, along with some of the L.A. County Supervisors, are asking for a change.

KABC-TV News 7

August 11, 2009

by Molly Hennessy-Fiske and Ari B. Bloomekatz

Jasmine Granados, a 19-month-old Latina toddler, was found dead after firefighters were summoned about 2:50 a.m. Saturday, August 8 to a residence in the 1200 block of West 93rd Streetin an unincorporated area near Westmont, officials said.

Jasmine, who was initially reported to be 2-years old, had been in foster care along with her mother, who is also a minor, according to authorities. County coroner's office said Sunday that an autopsy was pending.

Los Angeles Times

August 11, 2009

by Solvej Schou

LOS ANGELES -- A judge abruptly dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the mother of a 19-month-old girl who died when her father used her as a human shield during a furious gun battle with police.

The mother, Lorena Lopez, argued that SWAT officers should have used different tactics during the 2005 gunbattle that left her daughter, Suzie Pena, dead. The city said the officers believed the girl was in immediate danger and were trying to save her.

Taragana Blog

August 3, 2009

by Kristi Keck

With their budgets teetering on bankruptcy, states are digging deep to find creative ways to ease their financial woes. Although fiscal year 2009 was grim for states, observers predict that 2010 will be even worse.

One of the more controversial ideas is to legalize the sale of marijuana, as proposed in a bill introduced in California's state legislature by Democratic State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano this year. The bill proposed taxing pot by $50 per ounce. If legalized, marijuana could become California's No. 1 cash crop, bringing in an estimated $1 billion a year in state taxes.

CNN Politics

July 28, 2009

by Bill Johnson

Sonora, CA -- 25 year old Amanda Reed of Sonora was arrested and booked into the County Jail on a charge of felony child endangerment.

At 3:45 this morning Sonora police officers responded to a fight at a two story apartment complex located at 72 and 74 Green Street. While officers were contacting tenants they spoke with Reed who was a witness to the fight.

My Mother Lode News (CA)

July 28, 2009

by Danny Bernardini

Child Protective Services in Solano County was hit with a slew of complaints by the county grand jury Friday regarding how investigations are conducted by the agency.

In its report, the Solano County grand jury points out several problems, including how potential offenders are notified, suspects being prematurely labeled as offenders, how appeals are handled and paperwork issues. Those discoveries were made during the investigation of the policies and procedures regarding citizens whose names are placed on the Child Abuse Central Index (CACI).

Contra Costa Times

July 18, 2009

by Women's Prison Association

The Women's Prison Association (WPA) has released the first-ever national report on prison nursery programs. The report examines the expansion of prison nursery programs across the U.S.

These programs allow incarcerated women to keep their newborns with them in prison for a finite period of time. The report finds that the number of prison-based nursery programs is growing, but that such programs are still relatively rare.


July 13, 2009

Los Angeles Child Protective Services officials visited the Jackson family compound in Encino on Saturday (July, 11, 2009) to make sure Michael Jackson's orphaned kids were in good care.

The late King of Pop's mother, Katherine, has been given temporary guardianship of Prince Michael I, Paris and Prince Michael II, and will learn if she'll get full custody of her grandkids next week (July, 20, 2009).

Contact Music News

July 13, 2009

by Patrick May

A Stanford University physicist whose two children were taken from him and his wife last month after a family altercation in Nebraska.

Earlier this week, a Nebraska judge said Wang and paralegal Charlotte Fu's two children could leave the foster home they'd been held in since June 6 and return to the Bay Area, where child-welfare officials will take over the case.

San Jose Mercury News

July 11, 2009

by James Burger

Stunned Kern County leaders learned Tuesday that their battered general fund was actually flush with $52.5 million in cash as the fiscal year ended last week.

That number, dramatically better than the $16.3 million balance estimated by county budget gurus in recent months, allowed supervisors Tuesday to keep a threatened section of Lerdo jail open, avoid a prisoner release, reduce detention deputy layoffs and fund child protective services staffing.


July 8, 2009

by Sean Emery

CYPRESS - A woman who authorities say left her children alone overnight in a house with piles of knee-high trash, bugs and overflowing toilets turned herself in to authorities today.

Alison Le Anne Ebert, 35, was arrested suspicion of child neglect after she admitted to investigators that she had left her children in the residence while she was off doing drugs, Cypress police Sgt. Tom Bruce said.

Orange County Register

July 8, 2009

by Hoa Quach

While Californians were enjoying Fourth of July festivities this weekend, Legislators had little to celebrate. As they failed to pass a balanced budget on June 30, the deficit grew $2 billion to $26.3 billion.

Statewide, county governments are expected to receive $776 million in IOUs and will have to make $4.3 billion in cuts, according to the California State Association of Counties. The IOUs will mainly affect social services programs including: CalWORKs, Foster Care, Child Welfare and Adult Protective Services.

San Diego News Network

July 7, 2009

by Robin Hansen

On, May 19, 2009, the House Committee on Education and Labor held a hearing to examine abusive and deadly uses of seclusion and restraint in U.S. schools.

During the congressional hearings of abuse and restraint of special education students, there were two stories. Many media outlets covered Cedric's story because he died from an abusive classroom environment. Paige wasn't killed but she could have been. She was lucky to survive. Paige's school district was one of the most sought after, well to do, suburban school districts in California.

Special Education Examiner

July 7, 2009

by Cindy Adams

Haylee Donathan, the missing 4-year-old who was discovered at a San Diego, Calif. Christian ranch on June 23, will be placed in foster care when she returns to Ohio.

After Haylee disappeared with her mother, Candace Watson, 24, and convicted sex offender Robbi Potter, 27, on May 28, a nationwide manhunt ensued. Potter was convicted and served time for two counts of sexual battery on children, ages 7 and 9.

Crime Examiner

July 2, 2009

by Gary Klien

Prodded by Sen. Mark Leno and other lawmakers, the state Joint Legislative Audit Committee voted Wednesday to investigate the family courts in Marin and Sacramento counties.

The audit will focus on the use, and potential misuse, of court-appointed specialists in family-law disputes, such as mediators, investigators and therapists. Critics say such appointees can form incestuous and incompetent networks more concerned with generating fees than helping children through painful custody fights.

Marin Independent Journal

July 1, 2009

by Christine G.K. LaPado

Amanda Farrell recalled how upset she felt watching the 2001 movie I Am Sam, about a mentally challenged single parent, whose young daughter is taken away from him by Child Protective Services, despite the loving, stable home he provides.

Now, Farrell believes, she is doing just that. For several weeks, Farrell has been waging an energetic Internet campaign to publicize, and seek advice about, the plight of 22-year-old Dorothy Perry. On April 10, Perry's 13-day-old baby was taken into custody by Butte County Children's Services and put into foster care because of a "failure to thrive," Farrell said in a recent interview.

News Review

June 25, 2009

by Teri Stoddard

In response to the administration's recent heralding of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, parents groups and family rights advocates across the nation overwhelmed the phone lines of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice.

They shut down her phone lines and crashed the voice mail system, announced Michael Ramey, Director of Communications & Research for South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint recently introduced SJ Resolution 16, a companion bill to HJ Resolution 42, introduced by Rep. Pete Hoekstra on March 31.

San Francisco Family Examiner

June 24, 2009

by Chip Johnson

When foster youth Beaunca Wilson turned 18 in 2007 and was emancipated from the group home she was living in, she had nowhere to go.

But in 2008, she joined the First Place for Youth housing program. She moved into her first apartment and took vocational training to become a computer technician. She had to stop the training when she couldn't find child care for her 8-month-old daughter, but she since has squared that away. She begins classes today at Laney College.

San Francisco Chronicle

June 23, 2009

by Angela Lau

Most of the 42 students and teachers from a private Carlsbad school who were quarantined in China for the swine flu virus have been released and are beginning their trip home.

Five students and one teacher who tested positive for the H1N1 virus, however, will stay behind and under quarantine in a Chinese hospital. They are expected to be released in three to five days, Callaway said.

The San Diego Union-Tribune

June 19, 2009

by Kimi Yoshino and Jessica Garrison

State labor officials have cited the entertainment website that has been chronicling the life of octuplets mother Nadya Suleman and her children, officials told The Times.

RadarOnline was cited for failure to obtain an entertainment permit, failure to have an entertainment permit on file, failure to have a studio teacher on site and allowing the babies to be available for filming beyond the hours allowed.

Los Angeles Times

June 16, 2009

by Troy Anderson

To preserve benefits for 380,000 CalWORKS recipients, Los Angeles County's chief executive officer on Monday proposed a radical overhaul of the welfare-to-work system that would drop requirements that low-income parents of young children have jobs.

The proposal would save the state about $200 million by reducing the need to provide expensive child-care services to parents. The proposal comes as lawmakers debate whether to eliminate welfare benefits to 1.5 million Californians as part of efforts to balance the state budget.

The Daily Breeze

June 16, 2009

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