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Children ages 3 and younger are the most likely victims of child maltreatment. (2008 report)

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California CPS News Archive

California News Coverage

by Garrett Therolf

Los Angeles County's embattled child welfare agency has clamped down on the release of information about 12 recent deaths among children who have passed through the child welfare system.

Among 31 deaths over the last two years that met the county's standard for abuse or neglect, Ploehn said she identified 18 cases in which social workers committed serious errors. The group of 12 cases now being withheld includes some of those cases. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the law in 2007 to allow public access to information when a child dies of abuse or neglect.

Los Angeles Times

February 13, 2010

Police say they took two children into protective custody after officers found their father in possession of drugs.

Police said they arrested Esparza on suspicion of child endangerment, possession of a controlled substance, participation in a gang and for a prior warrant.

KCRA 3 News Sacramento

February 12, 2010

by Nicole Allan

On Thursday, the military decided not to court-martial a single mother who skipped deployment to Afghanistan to avoid placing her child in foster care.

Alexis Hutchinson, formerly an Army cook, received an other-than-honorable discharge. Her rank has been reduced to private and she will most likely lose her benefits.

The Atlantic Wire

February 12, 2010

by National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

National and local advocacy groups are expressing outrage over what has become a disturbing national trend of divorcing Dads killing their children and themselves.

8-month-old baby Bekm was shot and killed by his father, Nicholas Bacon, in Meridian, Idaho just 48 hours ago, while 9-month-old baby Wyatt was killed by his father Stephen Garcia just ten days ago in San Bernardino County. Details are still emerging about the tragic Idaho murder-suicide of baby Bekm on Monday night.

PR Newswire

February 10, 2010

Sacramento police arrested a man over the weekend on suspicion of luring teenage girls to pose for nude photos.

Investigators said he was found Sunday inside a home in the north area of Sacramento. Also inside the home, were two girls, and a boy. The two girls, who were reported missing last week, have been turned over to Sacramento County Child Protective Services. The boy, who wasn't reported missing, was returned to his family.

KCRA 3 News

February 8, 2010

by Troy Anderson

The county's child welfare and protection agency saw an increase last year in deaths of children whose cases it had investigated, but its head said last week that the department doesn't plan any major policy overhauls.

Last year, 17 children died from abuse or neglect after the Department of Children and Family Services had investigated earlier complaints of mistreatment. The figure, an increase from 2008's total of 14 deaths, includes both open and closed investigations.

Contra Costa Times

February 7, 2010

by Chris Kelly

A couple of years ago, someone was trying to sell Vietnamese women on eBay. The auction went on for three days before eBay closed it down. EBay policy strictly forbids the sale or purchase of humans, living or dead.

The CEO of eBay, Meg Whitman, had built a career on one job after another exploiting Asian women, the younger and more vulnerable the better. And they won't talk about where Meg Whitman got rich before eBay. Her real expertise is in globalization. Which is the nice way of saying Asian sweatshops.

The Huffington Post

February 6, 2010

by Marjie Lundstrom

Tracy Dossman considered herself a specialist in providing foster care to teenage boys. She wasn't sure she wanted to take small children.

And she definitely wasn't sure she wanted Anisha Hill's children, according to a 2006 state licensing evaluation. Two years have passed since Dossman found herself at the center of "every parent's worst nightmare," according to her foster family agency. On the night of Jan. 11, 2008, one of Hill's biological children, 4 1/2-year-old Amariana Crenshaw was killed while in her care.

The Sacramento Bee

January 25, 2010

by Cassie Tomlin

A couple accused of torturing a 17-year-old boy in their Tracy home for more than a year will be allowed to write to their own children from jail, a judge decided this morning.

Judge Terrence Van Oss ruled that Kelly Lau, 31, can write to her four young children, and her husband Michael Schumacher, 35, can write to the three youngest, his biological children. The children, all minors, are in protective custody.

Tracy Press

January 25, 2010

SACRAMENTO -- About half of the students in Jeanne Kirchofer's Laguna Creek High School classroom, have joined the growing number of California students who decline to state a race on official forms and tests.

From 2006 to 2009, the number of Elk Grove Unified School District students whose parents listed their race as "multiple/no response" went from 500 to 6,200. But the U.S. Department of Education, which is trying to close the achievement gap between races, is asking school officials to "eyeball" students who decline to state and check a box for them.


January 19, 2010

by Matthew Keys

A three-year-old Stockton boy has died after authorities say a firearm he was playing with discharged while his mother slept.

The child died as a result of his injuries. Police tell FOX40 News the firearm was not secured. Officials with Child Protective Services are investigating the shooting.

Fox 40 News

January 19, 2010

by Sam Stanton

Sentencing for Brandy Sherrie Foreman, who allowed her paralyzed 12-year-old daughter to slowly starve to death in July 2006, has been postponed for a second time.

Foreman, 35, pleaded guilty to murder in November just as she was about to begin trial in the death of Daelynn Foreman, an Orangevale girl with cerebral palsy who slowly withered away. When authorities discovered Daelynn's body, she weighed only 23 pounds and had sores that went down to the bone.

The Sacramento Bee

January 15, 2010

PORTERVILLE -- Investigators were mystified Wednesday as to why an 11-year-old boy was behind the wheel when the car ran a stop sign and crashed into another vehicle, killing him, his mother and younger sister.

California Highway Patrol Officer Stefanie Buck said investigators have not yet been able to interview the car's lone survivor to determine why sixth-grader Jose Manuel Silva Covarrubias was driving.

Fox News

January 13, 2010

A suspected car thief is headed to jail in Fresno and she could face serious charges for ramming a police cruiser.

Sergeant Tim Tietjen with the Fresno Police Department said, "She put the vehicle in reverse, ramming one of the police vehicles. She then fled; officers followed her to an address on Fruit and took her into custody for auto theft." Child Protective Services was also called out because a child was found in the home, along with weapons.

CBS 47

January 6, 2010

by David Heldreth

Jordan Rapley traveled nearly 2,000 miles from home to work at the Aquarius Ranch - for free. Although the cold has slowed work at the ranch, there is still a lot to do during the winter, according to Harper.

Rapley and the Aquarius Ranch are members of World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting organic farms and workers around the world. The Aquarius Ranch and other farms that work with WWOOF give workers housing, food and farming experience in exchange for their labor.

Desert Dispatch

January 4, 2010

by B.J. Hansen

Sacramento, CA - New laws will go into effect in 2010 that will affect California motorists.

AB 91 requires that first time D.U.I. offenders have a breathalyzer installed in their vehicle for five months. If alcohol is detected when blowing, the car will not start.

My Motherlode

January 1, 2010

by Kim Christensen

Authorities deemed Diamond Hillman's mother fit to care for her, even though the woman's two other children had been removed from her home. Four months later, Diamond was dead.

Five months before Diamond Hillman was born last July, her two half siblings were removed from their mother's home. Social workers found that she had spanked her 6-year-old daughter with a belt, scrubbed her face so hard it left welts and sent her to school in diapers.

Los Angeles Times

December 29, 2009

An anonymous tip of child neglect led to the arrest of a 22-year-old Brawley resident.

All three children are under 10 years of age, according to a press release. Mora's children were placed with family. Child Protective Services will be involved.

Imperial Valley Press Online

December 22, 2009

by Bryan Hoch

Yankees ace CC Sabathia helped to make it a happier holiday season in his hometown of Vallejo, Calif., on Monday, playing Secret Santa for the children from the Foster A Dream nonprofit organization.

Sabathia's "PitCCh In" Foundation made two stops in the hurler's old stomping grounds, greeting the children from Foster A Dream at a Toyota dealership in Vallejo before presenting each child with a $200 shopping spree at a Sports Authority in Vacaville, Calif.

MLB News

December 21, 2009

The starting quarterback for Fresno City College is in jail Thursday night -- facing serious drug charges. Less than two hours ago, Clovis Police announced the arrest of Emmanuel Lewis.

Lewis was also arrested for child endangerment. Police say he had his two-year-old son in the car with him when he sold drugs to undercover officers earlier Thursday afternoon. The boy has been placed with Fresno County Child Protective Services.

Fresno News 30

December 10, 2009

by B.J. Hansen

San Andreas -- The Calaveras County Sheriff's Department has arrested three Valley Springs residents on suspicion of making homemade explosive devices.

The series of arrests started Tuesday morning when deputies attempted to contact 25-year-old Vernon Keith Moore near his Sequoia Street home. Moore immediately fled on foot and was eventually apprehended by the Sheriff's Department.

My Motherlode

December 4, 2009

by Nick Welsh

Santa Barbara City Attorney Steve Wiley sent cease-and-desist letters to the owners of four medical marijuana dispensaries that he contends are operating illegally; City Council committee adopted new restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries.

And California State Assembly member Pedro Nava, now campaigning to become California's next attorney general, dispatched a blistering letter to Santa Barbara Mayor Marty Blum and members of the City Council, contending that the proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries "has spiraled out of control and threatens the fabric and quality of life for Santa Barbara families, as well as public safety and neighborhood integrity."

Santa Barbara Independent

December 2, 2009

by Mandalit Del Barco

These days, medical marijuana clinics are popping up like weeds in California. Los Angeles alone has nearly 1,000 places where, with a doctor's note, you can legally buy pot.

But the illegal side of marijuana is also thriving. Authorities say it's partly because all those pot clinics have boosted the demand. That means the state spends millions of dollars trying to wipe out a plant that's already sanctioned.


December 2, 2009

by Mandalit Del Barco

These are boom times for the marijuana trade, especially in Northern California's Humboldt County. Humboldt pot is sold throughout the country, including some of the many medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles.

Marijuana is now infused in almost every aspect of the region's economy. In Humboldt County, you see a glut of hydroponics stores, selling fertilizer and grow lights for cultivating cannabis. At the food co-op, you can order hemp milk and hemp butter.


November 30, 2009

by Joe Markman

When the FBI announced a nationwide crackdown on child prostitution last month as part of a long-term initiative to combat domestic sex trafficking, it noted that 52 children had been rescued from "sexual slavery."

But a month later, none of those children is receiving the kind of help that experts say they require to overcome the trauma of their experiences, and some are still languishing in local juvenile detention centers. Experts say the only way to ensure a good chance of recovery for these children is placement in a residential treatment program for such victims, of which there are only three in the United States: in New York, California and Georgia.

Chicago Tribune

November 29, 2009

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