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America will never be free of terrorists until we eliminate the terrorists within our own system.
Diane Booth, 2001

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California CPS News Archive

California News Coverage

by Lisa Leff

Federal prosecutors have launched a crackdown on pot dispensaries in California, warning the stores that they must shut down in 45 days or face criminal charges.

In an escalation of the ongoing conflict between the U.S. government and the nation's burgeoning medical marijuana industry, at least 16 pot shops or their landlords received letters this week stating they are violating federal drug laws, even though medical marijuana is legal in California. The state's four U.S. attorneys were scheduled Friday to announce a broader coordinated crackdown.

CNS News

October 6, 2011

by Annie

For months we've been following the saga of the Sonora and Tuolumne County battles against medical marijuana dispensaries. The Union Democrat reported...

Tuolumne County is moving forward with a proposal to ban medical marijuana dispensaries. The county Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to have county staff finalize an ordinance that would make it a misdemeanor to run a retail center that makes available, sells, transmits or gives marijuana to two or more patients, primary caregivers or members of the public.

October 5, 2011

SAN DIEGO -- A Navy wife whose 2-year-old son was mauled to death by a dog while she was in a drunken stupor in their Tierrasanta home was sentenced Thursday to five years probation.

Valerie Grace Carlson, 30, was also ordered by Judge Laura Halgren to complete a one-year jail term. Between time served and good behavior credits, she has already spent the equivalent of 313 days behind bars since her arrest, leaving her with only about a month to serve.

September 30, 2011

by Gaia Health Blog

The Natomas Unified School District in Sacramento, California is in financial trouble. But when it comes to vaccinations, the sky's the limit. The district is now doing door-to-door vaccinations. Unannounced. And they've taken a news crew with them...

Parents are pressured. Not shown in the video is that they aren't provided information about their right to opt out. If they choose to opt out, they aren't given the exemption forms. No information is given about risks associated with the vaccine. The vaccination in question is Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis), and is one of the most questionable.

September 26, 2011

by Bill Baccaglini

While local statistics are hard to come by for a population no longer under the city's care, nationally, one in four of the 20,000 foster care youth who age out of the child welfare system each year are incarcerated within two years.

With more than 900 young people aging out in New York each year, these numbers reflect a real problem. Because of their life experiences some kids need more support than others - and they may need it for longer. A 21-year-old who has lived most of his life in either the child welfare system or a dysfunctional family setting is not at the same level emotionally or cognitively as other 21-year-olds. And as every parent knows, you can't set an arbitrary schedule for maturity.

September 25, 2011

by Karina Rusk

Meet a couple who took a Monterey County produce stand and launched an organic revolution.

If you have ever eaten one of those ready-made salads in a bag, you owe that easy meal in part to the vision of a couple in Carmel Valley. It was 25 years ago that they came up with the idea for Earthbound Farm. It all stemmed from an unlikely duo who dared to dream on a plot of land in Monterey County.

September 24, 2011

by Bradley J. Fikes

The Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute has endorsed a $1 per pack increase on cigarette taxes under an initiative known as the California Cancer Research Act.

If passed by voters on a statewide ballot scheduled for June 5, 2012, the CCRA will increase the state's excise tax on cigarettes by $1 per pack, with an equivalent increase on other tobacco products. Backers say the measure is projected to save more than 100,000 lives and generate approximately $585 million per year for cancer and biomedical research in California. Opponents say the measure will cost about $1 billion a year, imposing another budget-busting drain on California's weak economy.

September 19, 2011

by Tina Falco

Next week Yosemite National Park will celebrate National Public Lands Day.

In commemoration of this special day, the park will waive entrance fees for all park visitors Saturday, September 24th.

September 15, 2011

by Michael Fitzgerald

Now that the reverence of 9/11 has passed, let's take a more clinical look at how Uncle Sam spent Homeland Security dollars over the past decade in San Joaquin County.

Since Sept. 11, 2001, the county has received an estimated $12 million, said Ron Baldwin, the county's longtime Director of Emergency Operations, who retired in July. Uncle Sam rained money. But limited what local governments could buy. Prudent officials tried to buy "dual use" materiel that could fight terrorism and help police and fire on day-to-day jobs. But some agencies geared up as if Osama bin Laden had a ticket for San Joaquin County.

September 14, 2011

by Susan Swift

California nears passage of a law whose effect, if not actual intent, will decimate the private nanny/caregiver industry in California.

Not coincidentally, it will simultaneously benefit unions and the powerful institutional nursing/caregiver lobby. Cynically titled the "Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights," AB 889 imposes a massive unfunded mandate on families and parents, and its indirect victims will be thousands of minorities who mostly populate the domestic worker ranks. In short, Democrats have declared war on California families and minorities in favor of Big Business and the SEIU.

Big Journalism

September 12, 2011

by Jordan Guinn

After being found unconscious in the street with an infant in her lap, a Lodi woman and mother of four was arrested for felony child neglect Friday morning.

While Jones was found unconscious, she was not arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance. Garcia would not speculate if Jones was intoxicated and patient privacy laws prevent officials from discussing medical reports with the media, he said. The three children and infant were placed in the care of Child Protective Services and have been taken to Mary Graham Children's Shelter, Garcia said.

September 9, 2011

by Kim Hamilton

The Twain Harte Area Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring its annual Oktoberfest on October 1st and 2nd at Eproson Park in Twain Harte.

Live music, arts and crafts and a car show will be featured. Canned food contributions are welcome for donation to the ATCAA Food Bank. General admission is free.

September 9, 2011

by Tina Falco

Despite intensive lobbying by the American Chemistry Council, the Senate passed AB 1319, the Toxin-Free Infants and Toddlers Act.

Critics say BPA is a hormone-disrupting chemical that is used in some baby bottles, sippy cups, infant formula, and baby food containers. It has been linked to early puberty, childhood obesity, breast cancer, and neurological and behavioral changes including autism and hyperactivity. While some manufacturers have already removed this substance from their products, it is still found in many others.

September 1, 2011

by Robert Franklin, Esq.

Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer must pay child support for his son of whom he has custody.

Yes, it's true. Jon Cryer has almost sole custody of his son with Sarah Trigger Cryer. She has 4% of the parenting time; he has the other 96%. So you'd think she'd be paying child support to him, but no. It's the other way around. He's paying her because a Los Angeles trial court ordered him to and the appellate court upheld the order. As you read the appellate opinion, continually ask yourself that tried and true question "what would happen if the sexes were reversed?"

September 1, 2011

AB 499, had previously been suspended over cost concerns. Now, it is expected to head quickly to the Senate floor for a full vote this week and supporters believe Democratic California Gov. Jerry Brown will sign it.

The California legislature is quietly pushing forward with a sweeping proposal to mandate that Gardasil - the vaccine marketed as a shield against the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV) - can be dispensed by the state to children as young as 12 without the permission of their parents.

A previous push to require all California girls entering sixth grade to be vaccinated with the HPV Vaccine was withdrawn from the state legislature in 2007. The current bill would circumvent the state's parental consent laws and "allow a minor who is 12 years of age or older to consent to medical care related to the prevention of a sexually transmitted disease." The bill states: "The minor's parents or guardian are not liable for payment for medical care provided pursuant to this section." So, who is?

Michelle Malkin

August 29, 2011

by Katherine Davis

A new program to assist 18 to 24 year-old emancipated and homeless youths with transitional housing opened its doors Thursday. The opening of Linden House comes on the heels of the passage of AB12, a bill that extends the age limit for foster care youth.

The tough economy is tougher still if you happen to be a young adult who has recently "aged-out" of the foster care system or become emancipated from your parents. It is this demographic--too old for high school or foster care, but still too young to support themselves--that Linden House intends to help transition to stable housing and a self-sufficient life.

August 26, 2011

by Crosby Shaterian

Deputies with the Kern County Sheriff's Department said an evening pot bust netted more than 145 pounds of marijuana Thursday from a child's bedroom and stuffed animals.

Deputies said they found 21-year-old Maria Reyna and her 3-year-old and 5-month-old daughters, in the living room of the small home. Child Protective Services came to the home and took custody of the children. Jurado was arrested on charges of possession for marijuana for sale, cultivation of marijuana, possession of a concealed firearm and felony child endangerment. Maria Reyna was arrested on charges of felony child endangerment, possession of marijuana for sale, conspiracy and for maintaining a drug residence. All three were found to be illegally present in the United States.

August 22, 2011

by Reid Cox

Today, iFoster announced the addition of discounted computers to its online marketplace for foster care.

The Get Connected! program provides high-quality, low-cost computers and training for its foster, adoptive and kinship care community to help our most at-risk children stay in school.

August 22, 2011

by Karen Jonas

BARSTOW - A local agency serving High Desert foster youths recently purchased a county-owned building on East Main Street in Barstow to open a new center for divorced or separated parents to meet with their children for supervised visits.

Parents going through divorce or child custody hearings are often required to have a third party present during visits with children. The Greater Hope Foundation foster care agency frequently hears from parents seeking to set up appointments for supervised visits, according to Helena Smith, executive director of the agency. However, Greater Hope's current offices in Barstow and Victorville cannot accommodate parents of children who are not in the foster care system.

August 19, 2011

by Kevin Crowe and Roxanna Popescu

A growing number of California parents decided to skip some or all immunizations for their kindergartners in 2010 by signing personal-belief waivers.

Dana Tankell, a chiropractor in San Diego who has never vaccinated either of her school-aged daughters, was relieved to learn that more parents are opting out. Wooten said she is not surprised that the number of personal exemptions is growing and noted that autism isn't the driving factor anymore. Instead, parents are weighing fears of allergies and other side effects associated with vaccines, placing more trust in holistic medicine, and spacing out shots.

August 18, 2011

by Kyle Magin

Nevada County has released its responses to Grand Jury reports filed earlier this year calling for some policy changes and infrastructure upgrades at two county departments.

In June, Jurors released a report finding a breakdown in communication at Child Protective Services, which allowed one case of child abuse that was reported to the office to go unrecorded and, subsequently, not followed up by staffers. Once the Grand Jury brought it to CPS attention, the agency immediately followed up on the claim, Grand Jury records show.

August 18, 2011

by Sierra Streams Institute/Friends of Deer Creek

NEVADA CITY, Calif. August 10, 2011 - All homeschool parents are invited to come learn about Sierra Streams Institute's Watershed Science Education Program and the upcoming Fall 2011 programs tailored specifically for homeschool students!

Our Homeschool Science Series explores watershed science activities in depth for students studying at grade levels 6-9. Our goal of this semester long program is to empower youth and connect students to the natural world. We will meet once a week at the Sierra Streams lab and in the field.

August 10, 2011

by Kathleen Wilson

Teenagers leaving the foster care system will soon get homes to call their own in an expansion at the Casa Pacifica shelter and treatment center near Camarillo.

Under a deal approved this week, the nonprofit agency will renovate a trio of buildings that have stood vacant for at least 15 years on a lot adjoining the center, officials said. "It was my dream," said Vicki Murphy, who coordinates the agency's programs for youth leaving the foster care system at 18. "This is just sitting here. Why can't we use it?"

August 10, 2011

Every lake is nearly full and gorgeous. Amador boasts holdover trout and bluegill, with largemouth at night under a full moon.

The best bite is for trout, 30 to 50 feet down, with dodgers and nightcrawlers, reported guide Danny Layne of Twain Harte. Hogan yields about six striped bass, 3 to 7 pounds, per trip for guide Bruce Hamby of Ripon. Melanie Lewis at Glory Hole Sports in Angels Camp rates catfish "fabulous," with channels to 81/2 pounds inhaling anchovies. She calls kokanee and trout fishing "fair."

August 10, 2011

by Los Angeles Times

County supervisors' withholding of files on child deaths is unlawful and prevents public oversight.

In 2008, 10-year-old Seth Ireland of Fresno was beaten by his mother's boyfriend and later died of his injuries. Assembly Democrat Henry T. Perea responded with a demand that the state audit his county's child protective services agency plus three others in California, including the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. There is little point now in arguing whether Perea was merely playing to his Fresno constituents or genuinely seeking constructive change. One way or the other, the audit is on, and if conducted properly it can give the public and county governments valuable information about the performance of four of the state's child welfare agencies.

August 7, 2011

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