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A study of "lack of supervision" cases in New York City by the Child Welfare League of America found that in 52% of the cases, day care was the service needed most, but the "service" offered most often was foster care.

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Alaska CPS News Archive

Alaska News Coverage

by Lisa Demer and Richard Mauer

An Anchorage woman who was supposed to provide a safe place for her six adopted children confined them in her large, secluded Hillside home and subjected them to years of emotional and physical abuse, police say.

Anya James, 50, is charged with six counts of first-degree assault and 10 counts of kidnapping. An eight-month police investigation culminated in her arrest Tuesday and her first court appearance was Wednesday. Defense lawyer Rex Butler entered not guilty pleas on her behalf and later told reporters that police are only presenting one side of the story. James took in damaged and disturbed children whom many people couldn't handle, Butler said.

May 18, 2011

by Ashton Goodell

Alaska foster kids will soon get laptops to help them stay on track for high school graduation.

A small group of foster parents and former-foster kids came up with the idea to make it easier for teens to get their homework done without going to a library or community center every day. A lot of foster kids bounce between homes and change schools frequently, which can make it tough to keep up with class work.

December 23, 2010

by Rhonda McBride

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- An Alaska attorney who has gone up against a drug giant and won has a new target.

Jim Gottstein is taking on psychiatry in Alaska for over-prescribing medicine to children. Gottstein was the attorney who forced Eli Lilly to pay more than $1 billion in settlements over the anti-psychotic drug Zyprexa.

KTUU News 2

February 11, 2010

by Ashton Goodell

The group Alaskans for Parental Rights says it has gathered 47,000 signatures to put the question of whether parents should be notified before their daughter has an abortion on the ballot.

The initiative's backers have way more signatures than they need and support from high and low places, but pro-choice advocates worry it will create more problems than it solves. Jim Minnery is confident he'll make deadline. He claims the initiative ensures basic rights to parents.


January 14, 2010

by Elise Patkotak

Once upon a time, when I was motivated to socialize with other human beings. As more liquor was imbibed, voices started to be raised about past abuses to the Native community. Somehow this devolved into a discussion of people's ancestors.

And at some point, one of the full-blooded Natives made a comment about the grandmother of one of the people of mixed heritage. Into the silence came these words, "You weren't there. You can't judge my grandmother for what she did to survive." No fight followed, only a sad silence.

Anchorage Daily News

June 9, 2009

by Charlene Burns

I am sorry that Mr. Jackson has been hurt by this news of the mass amounts of money that is being used in some facets of our foster care system.

I want you to know however that not all foster parents are in it for the same reason. Please consider giving some of these families the benefit of the doubt. I for one have never seen that kind of money in my foster parenting.

Stories in the News

May 14, 2009

by Jason Moore

The push is on to boost the ranks of foster parents in Alaska. Advocates of the foster care system put out the call Monday saying Alaska's 2,000 foster youth need more help from families willing to open their homes.

A recent study found 40 percent of Alaska's foster youth end up homeless. Gara tried to push through legislation this year to reform the foster care system, giving foster youth college tuition assistance. The bill failed to find enough support in Juneau.


May 12, 2009

by Theda Pittman

Gov. Sarah Palin and others want Alaska law to require the consent of a parent for any young woman under 17 to get an abortion.

Their intentions are good. The proposal appears to make sense. Unfortunately what appears to be common sense does not recognize the dark side of such situations. So I propose we rename HB 35 the "Papa Pilgrim" bill.

Anchorage Daily News

March 28, 2009

by Representative Les Gara

The State of Alaska is custodian to 2,000 foster youth. We're supposed to create hope an opportunity. Instead, 40% of Alaska's foster youth end up homeless at some point in adulthood.

Foster youth are more likely than their peers to end up in jail at a taxpayer cost of $40,000 a year. The smarter option is University of Alaska job training and college courses at $15,000 a year. Senator Bettye Davis (D-Anch.), are pushing House Bill 126 and Senate Bill 105.

Alaska Report

February 17, 2009

by Dr. Peter Breggin

Alaska attorney Jim Gottstein has taken the bull by the horns. It's a bull of many terrifying shapes and forms. First and foremost, it is the raging bull of the Psychopharmaceutical Complex that is goring America's children.

It's also the rampaging state government bull that everywhere runs roughshod over the children in its custody and care. And then it's the "bull" handed out by drug companies and organized psychiatry to justify using drugs to suppress the behavior of children. Jim Gottstein's Law Project for Psychiatric Rights has gone to court to stop the drugging of Alaska's children.

The Huffington Post

February 4, 2009

Robley Carr Jr., according to his lawyer, was a victim of the state Department of Social and Health Services' (DSHS) mistakes. He was a victim not once, but twice.

In 2003, state and federal authorities paid $5 million to settle claims that Robley and three siblings were horribly abused in foster care. Now, the state has agreed to pay an additional $320,000 to settle a claim that it failed to protect Robley even after that. He died at age 15.

Disgusted with the system

December 17, 2008

A man wanted in a child-exploitation case in northern Arizona was arrested Friday in Alaska, authorities said.

The Coconino County Sheriff's Office said Richard J. Rush, 48, was arrested by Alaskan state police in Talkeetna, about 100 miles north of Anchorage.

The Arizona Republic

May 10, 2008

by Craig Medred

State wildlife officials believe they have saved more than 1,400 moose or nearly 3,000 caribou -- or some combination thereof -- with a winter program to kill wolves from aircraft, although the wolf kill remains far below what the state wanted.

Pilot-gunner teams have taken 124 wolves to date, according to Bruce Bartley, spokesman for the Alaska Division of Wildlife Conservation. The goal was 455 to 670 wolves. Still, the kill, which is ongoing, is more than the 97 wolves gunners took last year.

Anchorage Daily News

May 9, 2008

by Greg Skinner

A retired Coast Guard veteran was sentenced to 20 years in prison Tuesday after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a 12-year-old boy at a Juneau church camp last spring and then paying $300 to keep the child from reporting the crime.

Ketchikan resident Darren Jacksch, 42, also was convicted for sexually abusing a 10-year-old child in his home in 2004, while still in the Coast Guard. Court records show Jacksch was employed at the Ketchikan Charter School at the time of his December 2007 arrest.

Juneau Empire

May 1, 2008

by Richard Wexter

There was a story on NPR yesterday about rampant sexual abuse in isolated compounds, perpetrated by religious leaders.

Although there were relatively few offenders, the number of victims is staggering. The "compounds" are Native Alaskan villages. The abusers were priests and lay volunteers supervised by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks in the 1960s.

NCCPR Child Welfare Blog

April 22, 2008

by Lisa Demer

The state today agreed to pay $2.4 million to settle a civil lawsuit claiming it failed two boys who were abused and neglected in and out of foster care.

The settlement comes after two days of disturbing testimony brought by advocates for A.J. and D.D., now 17 and 18 and still in state custody.

Alaska News

January 14, 2008

by Jason Moore

A 14-year-old in Wasilla was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats at Colony High School in Palmer.

A threatening note was discovered in a bathroom stall on Dec. 13 saying on Dec. 19 there would be a school shooting.


December 17, 2007

NEW BRITAIN -- Computer technicians would be obligated to report child abuse just like doctors, teachers and others who work closely with children, under measures being considered by lawmakers in two states.

At least five states - Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and South Dakota - require computer technicians to report child pornography. Connecticut and California are considering legislation that would go a step further, adding technicians to the list of "mandated reporters" who notify authorities about any type of child abuse and neglect.

Redding Record Searchlight (CT)

May 19, 2007

by Blaine Harden

Robert Hale, a Bible-toting father of 15 who calls himself Papa Pilgrim, became an anti-government celebrity in Alaska by driving a bulldozer across a national park that encircles his land.

Yesterday in a Palmer, Alaska, courtroom, Hale, 65, answered very different questions about his behavior and his family: He pleaded no contest to multiple charges that he raped one of his daughters.

The Washington Post (AK)

December 27, 2006

by Steven Pradell

Alaska Child Abuse Laws by Pradell and Associates, an Alaska law firm, which practices family law, including divorce, custody, child support, adoption, Criminal Law, and Personal Injury.

When children are victims of abuse in Alaska, parents and others in contact with the child have different options available to them. This article identifies some of the procedures in Alaska which are in place to address the issue of child abuse.

September 9, 2006

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