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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Once they leave foster care, these most troubled youths often have no reliable adults to advise them or provide emotional support, said Gary Stangler, director of the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative.

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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced Monday that she has abolished the state's Child Protective Services department and has replaced it with a new division.

The move comes in response to an internal investigation that revealed 6,000 reports of child abuse or neglect were never investigated. The Republican governor said she was ending the agency's oversight by the Department of Economic Security by executive order, saying the recent scandal "broke my heart and makes me angry." "Enough with the uninvestigated reports of abuse and neglect. Enough with the lack of transparency. And enough with the excuses," she said. Brewer praised a special team she created to investigate the problems and said more than 3,000 children have now been seen by social workers or police.

January 14, 2014

An eastern Arizona boy who has spent nearly three years in residential treatment for killing his father's friend will be back in court Thursday because of probation violations, and the judge has said she would consider placing him in foster care.

The boy, who is just shy of his 13th birthday, pleaded guilty to negligent homicide in the 2008 shooting death of Tim Romans in St. Johns. Prosecutors agreed to drop a murder charge against him in the death of his father, 29-year-old Vincent Romero, because they believed that it would give him a better chance at a normal life.

December 20, 2012

by Shawn Martin

A mother in Tennessee is facing felony child abuse and neglect charges after an incident involving her 5-year-old and 8-year-old children last week.

When the kids didn't return for awhile, she got worried. She walked up to the park. When she found the kids weren't there, she called 911. The children reportedly ended up at a neighbor's house. When police showed up they put in kids with Child Protective Services and put Lawson in jail for the night. Do you think she should be charged?

June 13, 2012

by Deborah Stocks

The 5-year-old reportedly told his mother that his father had spanked him because he could not spell his name correctly.

El Mirage police say 29-year-old Derek Sarber was arrested after the boy's mother reported the child had severe bruising from a spanking.

April 28, 2012

HEAR ME OUT: Is the state doing enough to protect children from potentially dangerous parents? There's a debate on whether or not the current system with CPS is ideal.

The State uses Child Protective Services employees to monitor potentially dangerous situations. CPS states on its website that the organization "receives, screens and investigates allegations of child abuse and neglect." Employees with CPS have recently been criticized for not doing enough to protect children who have died while in the care of their legal guardian or a foster home.

October 30, 2011

by Megan Healey

A local child welfare expert is reacting to what Jerry Sandusky's new co-counsel told abc27 about his client admitting to showering with young boys.

"Teaching a person to shower at the age of 12 or 14 sounds strange to some people, but people that work with troubled youth will tell you there are juvenile delinquents who have to be taught basic life skills of how to put soap on their body," Karl Rominger said Tuesday evening.

December 15, 2011

by Myles Snyder

The charity founded by Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State University assistant football coach now charged with sexually abusing at least eight boys, has issued its first statement since his arrest.

In a statement posted on The Second Mile's website, the charity said the "newly released details and the breadth of the allegations from the Attorney General's office bring shock, sadness and concern from The Second Mile organization. Our prayers, care and compassion go out to all impacted."

November 8, 2011

by Jeannie Flitner

Members of the local law community are reacting to how Penn State's administration handled allegations that former football Coach Jerry Sandusky sexually abused 8 boys.

Under current law, a mandated reporter in a schools setting is required to report the suspicion of child abuse to a school administrator. However, that administrator has the power to decide whether or not the claim warrants getting law enforcement and other child advocacy groups involved.

November 8, 2011

The Fresno father who sued the county after his son's death has now settled the case. Joseph Hudson claimed Child Protective Services mishandled the case and allowed his son to die.

It took seven years to get to this point, and Hudson said it's taken a toll on him beyond just what he suffered when his son was killed. Now, he intends to use the money he's getting to create a place where they'll train mandatory reporters to prevent child abuse.

May 7, 2016

The dangerous of vicious cycle of child sex trafficking is happening in Utah and you may not even realize it. Any child can be a target of sex traffickers, but the ones most vulnerable are those in child welfare and foster care systems.

Madi Palmer, a 17-year-old from Holladay, Utah, is part of a national movement called "Backyard Broadcast" to stop the sexual abuse of children after a scary experience. Palmer is a senior at Cottonwood High School and spends her time raising awareness about child sex trafficking. "Most people don't realize it's happening in America, let alone Utah and in our schools and communities," she said.

September 21, 2013


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