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Of the 510,000 child in foster care for 2006, 24% were in relative homes, and 46% were in nonrelative foster family homes. (Child Welfare Information Gateway 2009)

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State Representative Calls For Investigation -- A social worker who was supposed to be helping a Milwaukee woman got her pregnant instead, the woman said. Now, she's fighting to get her daughter back.

The baby's father was assigned to investigate a child neglect complaint about the woman's other children. The agency said the social worker broke rules by having sex with a client and but then placed the child with him after they removed the baby from her mother's home.

WISN Milwaukee

August 29, 2009

Department of Health and Human Services are investigating four reports of a woman posing as a child protective services employee in Omaha trying to get into homes in the last two weeks. A fifth incident was reported in Holdrege.

The woman was not given permission to enter the homes after she was unable to provide identification. She stated she wanted to talk to the parent. "Incidents of people posing as DHHS employees are a serious concern," said CEO Courtney Phillips. "All DHHS employees carry a state-issued, DHHS photo identification badge and can provide a name and number to call to verify their employment."

August 22, 2017

by Will Bublitz

A Grand Lake woman has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in the death of a foster child last January.

Michelle Baber is accused in the Jan. 9 death of 3-year-old Daisai Derzon, a foster child in her care who died of head injuries.

Summit Daily News (CO)

October 11, 2008

by Lucretia Cardenas

A 21-year-old Houston woman who pleaded guilty Monday to the murder of a former Magnolia firefighter will be sentenced today to 40 years in prison.

While Spence "was a dominant person," Clay-Jackson said, Quigley was mixed up with the wrong people as a result of an abusive childhood. Since the age of 10, Quigley was in the care of the state after being removed from her mother's home. She has been in and out of mental hospitals to cope with the abuse she faced at her mother's house and at a foster home, Clay-Jackson said. She also was introduced to drugs and alcohol at a young age.

The Courier

February 9, 2009

by Luke Plunkett

A 22 year-old woman from Jacksonsville, Florida has pleaded guilty to killing her baby son over a game of...Farmville.

Alexandra V. Tobias says her three-month old child, Dylan Lee Edmondson, had been crying while she was trying to play the popular Facebook casual game. This angered Tobias.

November 4, 2011

by Bob Unruh

An Iowa grandmother has been banished to jail, including a night in isolation, after refusing to give in to a judge's demand that she submit to a psychiatric exam and take psychotropic drugs if prescribed to mitigate her opposition to abortion.

"I find it especially strange and abhorrent that a female judge would somehow think it is normal for Planned Parenthood to systematically kill babies in the womb, but abnormal for me to oppose these serial killers," the court pleading said. "Is it not hypocritical for this court to acknowledge a women's purported right in seeking medical help for destroying her child, while denying me the basic right to refuse 'medical help?'"

World Net Daily (IA)

January 18, 2008

by Wjxt

A 23-year-old woman faces charges of interfering with custody after fleeing from child protective services investigators who were trying to take the child.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that a Bunnell police officer contacted Jasmine Lee Sloan about an hour later. She agreed to surrender the child Thursday night and was taken to the Flagler County Jail, where she remained Saturday on a $10,000 bond.

June 23, 2015

by Staff

Police say two 12-year-olds are charged with felony assault and misdemeanor criminal possession of a weapon after they allegedly pushed a shopping cart off a fourth-floor walkway, hitting a woman in the head with the cart.

Hedges was walking with her 14-year-old son outside a Target store in East Harlem on Sunday when the cart fell on her. Her son wasn't injured. Her father-in-law, Michael Hedges, says prosecutors should throw the book at the two boys.

CNS News

November 1, 2011

by Carl MacGowan

A Selden woman charged last week with animal cruelty Tuesday lost custody of six of her children.

In the first of two Suffolk court appearances Tuesday in Central Islip, Sharon McDonough, 43, listened quietly as a Family Court judge ordered the children removed from her home. Two of the children will live with an older brother.


November 10, 2009

by Justin Fenton

The mother of Terrell Suggs' two children was granted a restraining order against the Ravens linebacker in a Baltimore District Court hearing that was devoid of abuse allegations.

Suggs' attorneys stressed that the restraining order was agreed to by both sides and said the 27-year-old football player denies any allegations of abuse involving Candace Williams, 26, who says he assaulted her on two occasions last month. All of the allegations have been made in civil court, and Suggs has not been charged with a crime.

The baltimore Sun

December 11, 2009


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