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In 1998, 589 children died nationwide, while living in foster care. (Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS) FY 2006)

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by Vic Lee

Oakland police continue to ask for the public's help in finding a 5-year old disabled boy who was reported missing nearly two weeks ago.

It has been 11 days since Hasanni vanished. The balloons at an impromptu memorial are starting to deflate. "We want to focus on Hasanni," his foster father Louis Ross said.

ABC News 7

August 21, 2009

Hundreds of protestors filled the plaza of the Thompson Center. They represent the thousands of social service providers who face cuts if legislators don't approve funding to continue services.

"If they kill the daycare we are in trouble. We are really in trouble because that means we may have to look back and give them back to the people because I can't afford to take care of the household by myself," said Brian Krizer, foster parent. Another ripple effect of budget cuts is that social services would be affected and jobs would also be lost.

ABC News 7

June 19, 2009

by Vic Lee

OAKLAND -- High speeds, an arrest for drunk driving, and 3-year-old twins not strapped into car seats. Bad decisions by adults caused a terrible car crash in Oakland Monday morning.

One of the twin boys died from his injuries Monday evening. The other remains on full life support. The boys' mother also died. The driver, Tiffany Reynolds of Richmond, is under arrest after surviving with serious injuries. Reynolds has been charged with a DUI, vehicular manslaughter and driving with a suspended license.

ABC News 7

May 25, 2009

A state commission has released a final report and action plan on how to improve foster care for more than 75,000 California children.

Moreno said nearly half of California's children in foster care have been in care for more than two years and 17 percent more than three years. One recommendation is to have the same judge handle a case from start to end when possible. Other recommendations are for changes in law or better collaboration between courts and child welfare agencies.

ABC News 7

May 13, 2009

by Beth Loyd

More than a year ago, Liang Di went missing. He was 3 years old at the time and shopping at an outdoor food market in Dongguan, China, with his father and 6-year old brother.

The two boys were playing outside while their father was in a hardware store. A man approached the two brothers on the street and offered them sweets. And then the man took little Di away. The police never launched an investigation.

ABC News International

May 2, 2008

by Caroline Winter

A parent who has been grieving the loss of her foster child says foster parents should have more legal rights when a child dies.

Monica Perrett was fostering her three-month-old nephew Finn when he died last month and now has taken her case up with the South Australian Government, emerging hopeful after a meeting in Adelaide. The law in South Australia excludes foster parents from involvement in the funeral or being listed on the death certificate.

June 12, 2014

Dozens of Wollongong caseworkers stopped work for an hour on Thursday afternoon over concerns that inadequate staffing lead to the recent death of a child. Police say they were called to Wollongong Hospital last Friday afternoon.

They say the boy was taken there from his Berkeley home at about 4:30pm that day after losing consciousness. A post mortem examination determined that the child had suffered a number of injuries. Lake Illawarra Police and the Homicide Squad are investigating the matter. They have not said whether charges will be laid.

August 9, 2012

by Joanne Shoebridge

The removal of a government allowance for foster children aged over 17, has carers fearful for the future of their dependents

It takes a special kind of person to foster a child. Among that small group of big-hearted individuals are people who specialise in caring for teenagers from damaged homes. Once a child turns 16 family benefits stop for any parent of a child who qualifies for support. But, until now, foster parents have been paid an allowance of $214 per child per week.

February 3, 2012

by Clare Rawlinson

The Territory Opposition has called on the Government to explain why it pays carers $40 less than the New South Wales Government does.

The call comes after chief executive of the Northern Territory Department for Children and Families, Clare Gardiner-Barnes said the foster care system was facing a huge crisis in quality of care.

January 23, 2012

Welfare agencies are worried more children could be put at risk by a three-year delay in an investigation of a case of criminal neglect involving 21 children.

The South Australian Government says the delays were to avoid prejudicing a police investigation. In June 2008, 21 children were removed from houses at Elizabeth Grove and Parafield Gardens in northern Adelaide.

September 26, 2011


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