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Between 1972 - 1997, the number of abuse allegations have increased over 500% annually, while the population of the USA has increased only 27.5%.

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New supports for teens about to "age out" of foster care, how anxiety can affect a child's performance at school, and the devastating effects of abusive head trauma will be the focus of a free training next month.

The Woodland Community College Foster and Kinship Care Education Program will present its annual Spring Kinship Mini-Conference from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 5. The free training, which will feature three workshops, is open to relative caregivers, foster parents and the general public.

April 27, 2012

by Jackie Harrison-Martin

Woodhaven teacher under investigation for alleged inappropriate behavior with two boys - Police and school officials have launched investigations involving a 36-year-old teacher and her alleged inappropriate conduct with two 17-year-old boys at Woodhaven.

According to police, high school officials contacted the department Friday about the teacher allegedly sending inappropriate text messages to one student, and inappropriately texting and touching another student.

June 14, 2016

An Ohio woman has been sentenced to four years in prison after prosecutors say she failed to report a child's sexual abuse.

July 7, 2017

A grassroots organization run by and for poor people with regular scheduled events.

WIT is broadening their scope and strengthening their efforts in fighting the injustices mothers are facing in the Child Welfare System.


February 24, 2007

by Lorna Thackeray

In what may be the first proceeding of its kind in Montana, two women jointly adopted 4-year-old Morrgan -- both names were on the petition, not one or the other as is the usual procedure when gay couples want to adopt.

"We filled out the forms and the state wouldn't accept them. They're all set up for a mother and a father, not two mothers," Boettcher said. "When our case was transferred from Cascade to Yellowstone County, we were assigned a Family Resources officer. He was supportive and helped set us up to both be adoptive parents."

Billings Gazette

November 25, 2009

Women Cents will present educational information on Thursday about foster care in the community and the gap that exists between the increasing need and available homes.

The event will be 7 to 9 p.m. in Red Wing at the Indigo Room, 325 Main St. Admission is free but donations are encouraged. Attendees are also encouraged to bring donations of new socks or underwear for the immediate needs of foster children newborn to age 18.

The Republican Eagle

November 11, 2009

A young mother who may have been depressed apparently hanged three of her small daughters and herself in a closet using pieces of clothing and sashes, authorities said Tuesday.

The only survivor was an 8-month-old baby, saved by her aunt when she made a noise in her tiny noose, made out of a sweater. She called 911 and said through sobs that the baby was dying.


May 29, 2007

A woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma is suing the city's code enforcement teams after they illegally cut down her entire survival garden.

Denise Morrison, who started the garden after becoming unemployed, had over 100 medicinal and edible plants in her front and back yard. She told local Tulsa reporters that she started her garden, after becoming unemployed, as a way to feed herself and treat a variety of medical issues. Instead of relying on government handouts, this woman took matters into her own hands and decided to become self sufficient. She filled her yard with things like, fruit trees, berries, nut trees, and a wide variety of edible and medicinal herbs. She used these herbs to treat her diabetes, high-blood pressure and arthritis.

June 18, 2012

by Jenny Lancour

ESCANABA - Previous acts of violence by an Escanaba woman - accused of seriously abusing her baby - will be allowed to be presented as evidence of domestic violence during her trial in March, the court decided Friday.

Angel Dawn Micheau, 21, accused of first-degree child abuse, is scheduled to go to trial on the 15-year felony March 12-15. Micheau was arrested on Oct. 21, 2011, for child abuse stemming from an April 11, 2011 incident involving burns on her three-month-old daughter. Her daughter is now one year old. The charge accuses Micheau of knowingly or intentionally causing serious physical harm - partial thickness burns - to the victim. The burns were allegedly caused by exposure to scalding water or steam, according to court records.

January 16, 2012

by Dave Frank

She thought about it when she got car insurance. She thought about it when she looked for an apartment. She thought about it when she went to college, and she thought about it over summer.

Rachelle Grey, 21, said she's thought many times how it would be easier if she'd had a parent to help her. "The kids (at school) are so impressive, and sometimes I don't feel that I'm nearly as good," said Grey, a junior at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. "A lot these kids went to private schools or they're from the Northeast..."

Nevada Appeal

January 14, 2008


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