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By far the largest category of complaints against parents is "neglect". Often, these are cases in which the primary problem is a family's poverty.

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Peggy Mashke tends to 12 children for 12 hours a day at her home, so she was surprised to get a letter welcoming her to the United Auto Workers union.

Mashke has given up about $100 this year, and while she says it's not a huge amount of money, she's among a small group of home-based providers suing in federal court to break free from organized labor.

Michelle Malkin

September 15, 2010

by Dorian Block

Lillian Lucas-Dixon has her 7-year-old son Juan back in her arms again. But the reunion may be short-lived.

Juan - the youngest of her 10 children, most of whom are grown - was put into foster care because she left him home alone while she worked. Juan was taken away by the Administration for Children's Services Dec. 14, after he told a school guidance counselor that he was left home alone.

Daily News

February 6, 2009

Family and Education, Family and Professional Help and Marriage, Sex and the Rights of Families were the topics of discussion at the World Congress of Families V afternoon session on August 10, 2009 at the RAI Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The World Congress of Families is the premier gathering of individuals and organizations that promote the concept of the "Natural Family" from around the world. One of the highlights of the afternoon session was a presentation by Dr. Pat Fagan, a Senior Fellow at the Family Research Council, titled "The Effects of Child Care (Day Care) on the Social and Psychological Development of Children."

Christian News Wire

August 12, 2009

by Christie Dedman

The Georgia Aquarium is hosting an instructor-led education program for homeschoolers Dec. 6 (which is sold out) however In conjunction with that program, the World of Coca-Cola is offering homeschool discount rates all day (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

The World of Coca-Cola discounts are: - The $10 school group rate for youth ages 3-12 will be extended to all students up to 12th grade/age 18 (normally $15). - The World of Coca-Cola also is offering one free adult chaperone ticket for every two students (maximum of five free tickets per group). Additional adults will receive the $15 adult school group rate.

December 3, 2012

by Bec Crew

Bioengineers in the US are developing the world's first artificial cow's milk made from genetically engineered yeast in an effort to put a more environmentally sustainable option on the market.

Earlier this year, a synthetic dairy start-up called Muufri (pronounced "Moo-free") was founded by two bioengineers in California - Perumal Gandhi and Ryan Pandya. They're working on perfecting an artificial cow's milk made from a special variety of yeast that has been genetically engineered to produce milk proteins.

November 11, 2014

Nebraska has seen a lot of turmoil in its child welfare system, yet one thing lamentably has remained unchanged: The state continues to remove a high percentage of children out of troubled homes.

Nebraska has seen a lot of turmoil in its child welfare system, yet one thing lamentably has remained unchanged: The state continues to remove a high percentage of children out of troubled homes. Consider the numbers. In 59 percent of Nebraska child welfare cases, the state Foster Care Office reports, the reason for removal isn't physical abuse; it's a failure to provide for the child's needs, whether physical, educational, medical or emotional. (Physical abuse was the reason last year for removal in 19 percent of cases.)

March 24, 2013

Almost six dozen passers-by in downtown Greeley have been tapped on the shoulder and ordered to report for jury duty - immediately, in a fiasco that still hasn't been explained fully.

Court officials said of 200 summonses sent recently to residents of Weld County, only 39 reported for their civic duty, so an order was issued by District Judge Roger Klein for court administrators to simply hand out orders demanding immediate jury service to anyone they could find.

World Net Daily (CO)

January 18, 2008

by Robin Wallace

A Tennessee federal judge in November ordered the arrest of all the employees at the Franklin County Department of Children's Services for refusing to implement his ruling on a custody case involving a two-year-old child.

Tennessee's child protective services office has been embroiled in scandal. Among other problems, caseworkers have been accused of falsify records and the state legislature has threatened to dismantle thestate's foster care system unless the DCS reforms.

Fox News (TN)

February 5, 2002

by Gina Chen

OK, I'm kidding (sort of) with my headline. I'm not really planning to shave my 6-year-old daughter's head. So stop your calls to Child Protective Services.

But I am weary of the daily fight my daughter and I have over her hair. The problem: She wants to brush her own long hair and leave it down. I want to brush it myself and put it up, so it doesn't get into a snarled mess. Yes, I win out every day. I'm the mom. But I am tired of fighting. About. It. Every. Single. Day.

The Post-Standard

February 2, 2009

by Shelley Bridgeman

I'm a fair weather purchaser of organic produce. If it's on the shelf at my local New World or fruit and vegetable store I always choose organic over nonorganic but I won't trek across town.

But my haphazard attitude towards buying organic produce evaporated in light of the 2012 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce released by US-based Environmental Working Group (EWG). This guide features a so called Dirty Dozen - a list of fruit and vegetables "most commonly contaminated with pesticides". The findings are based on an analysis of over 60,000 samples, and "nearly all the studies ... tested produce after it had been washed or peeled."

July 16, 2012


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