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In 2000, more than 2.4 million grandparents were the primary adults responsible for their grandchildren.

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by Mitchell Kline

Franklin - A decision allowing a father convicted of child molestation in 1992 to have unsupervised visitation with his 7-year-old son has become an issue in an election for Circuit Court judge.

The decision was made in January by Robbie Beal, a Williamson County Juvenile Court referee and Republican candidate in the Aug. 3 election. He's been a referee, handing matters such as visitation and custody of children, for almost eight years.

Hendersonville Star News

June 24, 2006

by Carole Keeton Strayhorn

"In November 2004, I launched an investigation into possible Medicaid prescription drug fraud and abuse in our state's foster care system."

"I am here today to release disturbing information found during my investigation about the deaths, poisonings, rapes and pregnancies of children in our state's foster care system."

June 23, 2006

by Bob Hurt

Pinellas County Florida - ...An hour later I was sitting in the home of a fit, muscular man of 50 in his 4 bedroom home in Largo (Pinellas County) Florida. Greg Pound has a wife, Melissa, and 5 precious children under the age of seven.

I knew before arriving that I wouldn't hear the laughter of children playing or smell dinner on the stove. Greg had told me that Florida's Department of Children and Family (DCF) had stolen all of his children 2 years ago. Subsequently, his wife had a baby, but had escaped so the DCF could not take that one too. Greg spent a month in jail for contempt...

June 19, 2006

by Charlie Brennan

DENVER -- A common-law marriage in Colorado between a 14-year-old boy and 12-year-old girl is possible after an appellate court ruling this week.

That's the potential fallout from a Colorado Court of Appeals decision that overturned a lower court finding that 15 is too young for a girl to enter into common-law union. "Previously, Colorado law did not set [a minimum] age" for common-law unions, Harhai said. "That's why this is a new precedent."

Chicago Sun-Times (CO)

June 17, 2006

New York education officials issued a scathing report on a Massachusetts school that punishes troubled and disabled students with electric shocks, some are forced to wear shock devices in the bathtub or shower, posing an electrocution hazard.

The report, based in part on an inspection last month of the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Canton, portrayed a school in which most staff lack training to handle the students and seem more focused on punishing bad behavior than encouraging good acts.

Information Liberation

June 15, 2006

by Jill Cohen Walker, J.D.

What's happening to our young people down to the smallest member of a nursery school class is part of the most diabolical plan ever created by the ruling elites.

Here's how it works. In the UK, a nine-year-old boy went on a four-day school trip to an "outdoor activity center." The first activity was a visit to what was called a witch's tree. In his diary he wrote: "We formed a circle around it to keep away evil spirits, then we went up to it and felt it. It felt rough in some places and smooth in others. Then we tasted it, it tasted like dirt. We could also hear it breathing." Apparently, no one told those children they were actually inviting demons in by forming that circle.

News With Views

June 14, 2006

by Linda Summerhayes

SCOTLAND'S first dedicated family protection centre is to be established in the Capital by police, health workers and social workers. The special operations police unit which investigates incidents of child sex abuse and neglect has already moved to...

The move follows high-profile inquiries such as the one into the death of baby Caleb Ness, who was in the care of his brain-damaged father and recovering drug addict mother. Authorities were heavily criticised by the inquiry because vital information about the infant's situation was not shared between police, health and social workers.

Scotsman (UK)

June 12, 2006

by Joe Shaulis

A family court judge in Reno, Nevada, was shot while standing near a courthouse window Monday, and police are searching for a sniper.

Judge Chuck Weller, of the Second Judicial District Court in Washoe County, was shot four times in the chest about 11:15 AM local time Monday and taken to a local hospital. The judge was reportedly breathing and in stable condition. Weller, 53, gave legal advice in a newspaper column and on a radio show before he was elected judge in 2004.


June 12, 2006

by Penny Cockerell

BROKEN BOW - A McCurtain County judge granted custody of a child to the 45-year-old father, even though the child was conceived as a result of second-degree rape.

In his ruling, McCurtain County Associate District Judge Michael DeBerry found that Melonie Hamm Knutson had indeed been the victim of second-degree rape by John Keith Tucker, who was about 40 years old when Knutson conceived their first child at age 14. Knutson allowed her name to be published.

The Oklahoman (OK)

June 11, 2006

ONE OF THE dark secrets of California's troubled foster-care system is the way some young people are being drugged at the slightest sign of stress or misbehavior.

State regulations provide a financial incentive for group-home "parents" to request and administer psychotropic drugs -- an option that the testimony of foster youth suggests is being exercised far too readily.

San Francisco Chronicle (CA)

June 11, 2006


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