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It is difficult to ascertain the exact scale of sexual abuse in foster care, it cannot be disputed that it occurs and with a frequency which makes surprising the lack of detailed study.

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A Santa Clarita attorney convicted of using the Internet to solicit sex from teenage girls has been ordered to serve nearly eight years of incarceration.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Melvin Sandvig Tuesday sentenced Arthur Crabtree, 45, a certified family law specialist and former Glendale police officer, to the maximum sentence of five years and eight months in state prison, followed by two years in county jail.

Metropolitan News-Enterprise

July 20, 2006

by Patty Pensa

"Foster-care panic" appears to be sweeping much of South Florida, according to a report released Tuesday by a child-welfare organization that tracked the increasing number of children pulled from their homes in Palm Beach and Broward counties.

The National Coalition for Child Protection Reform, based near Washington, D.C., faulted the Department of Children & Families in both counties for removing children in cases that don't amount to abuse or neglect. The so-called "panic" -- when caseworkers are overzealous in separating children from their families -- occurs after highly publicized deaths of children under state care, the report said.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

July 19, 2006

NORFOLK -- A judge ruled today that a 16-year-old boy fighting to use alternative treatment for his cancer must report to a hospital by Tuesday for testing, evaluation and treatment as doctors deem necessary.

The family's attorney, John Stepanovich, says the judge also found Starchild Abraham Cherrix's parents neglectful for allowing him to pursue alternative treatment of a sugar-free, organic diet and herbal supplements supervised by a clinic in Mexico.


July 19, 2006

by Paul O'Brien

THE Department of Social and Family Affairs yesterday confirmed it had mistakenly paid out 6.5 million Euros in child benefit to people not entitled to the money.

But the department's director-general, Bernadette Lacey, indicated it was a small sum compared to the overall amount paid out. She rejected recent suggestions in a newspaper that the 6.5m had gone solely to immigrant families.

Irish Examiner (Ireland)

July 19, 2006

by Jarrod Booker

Amanda Crozier was dressing her 16-month-old daughter at the side of a public swimming pool when an attendant approached and told her there was a ban on child nudity.

She said the two family changing-rooms at the centre were busy when she opted to change Ophelia at the poolside, and it also allowed her to keep an eye on her other young children who were swimming. The aquatic centre management is standing by its policy, which is also in use at other facilities nationwide.

The New Zealand Herald (NZ)

July 18, 2006

by Nancy Vogel

SACRAMENTO -- Assemblywoman Karen Bass, a Los Angeles Democrat, stood on a Capitol balcony several months ago talking about the plight of foster children, most of whom have been abused or neglected.

The realization that this sentiment existed on both sides of the political aisle led to a big boost in what the state will spend on foster children this year. The rare agreement of Sacramento Democrats and Republicans to increase social services spending makes foster youths one of the few groups to get more money this year than last, an increase of more than $83 million.

Los Angeles Times

July 18, 2006

Dr.William Ayres, a child psychiatrist in San Mateo, California is currently the subject of a criminal investigation because of allegations the he molested his young male patients.

A group of Ayres' survivors in California would like to hear from and connect with others who had similar experiences. We are particularly interested in anyone who was a patient from 1988 to 2005, which is within statute for a criminal prosecution. We do want to hear from any victim from any time period.

Jewish Survivors

July 17, 2006

Tina did what any mother would do if she had concerns about the safety of her baby. She shared her frustrations that she was unable to find advocacy organizations to support her rights to seek alternative care for her child.

She was distraught that she was being cornered to make a decision she could not agree with. She knew she had done the best that could be done by making conscious choices to breastfeed exclusively, to take only organic foods in her diet to make the best breast milk and even during hospitalizations she used glass bottles to feed her baby knowing that the nutrients of the expressed milk would not cling to the bottle. She used cloth diapers to prevent diaper rash and the possibility of infection. She made all of the appointments that were assigned to Riley to check his blood work for the possibility of a failing kidney. She had been reassured by the medical community that these measures would be adequate to prevent something life threatening from going undetected. Riley had not had even a runny nose, cold, fever or an episode of diarrhea while in her care.

Help Baby Riley

July 14, 2006

by Lea Thompson

COVINGTON, Ky. - Almost 10 years ago, Congress passed a law that gives states bonuses if they can get children languishing in foster care adopted quickly.

It sounds like a great idea, but now some child welfare experts say those bonuses have turned into nothing more than bounties that are putting some children at risk. When Kentucky Child Welfare Supervisor Pat Moore learned two children were about to be adopted into a home with a convicted felon, she went to her bosses.


July 13, 2006

by Elizabeth Simpson

ACCOMAC - A 16-year-old boy with Hodgkin's disease who is fighting for his life and his right to an alternative treatment wrapped up a two-day hearing Tuesday but will have to wait to find out whether he can continue his current medical regimen.

Judge Jesse E. Demps of Accomack County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court spent two hours Monday and nine hours Tuesday hearing testimony in the case of Abraham Cherrix and said he would deliver a written decision next week. The Chincoteague boy and his parents have been fighting in court to continue his treatment, despite a request from the Accomack County Department of Social Services that Abraham be forced to return to more conventional therapies.

The Virginian-Pilot

July 13, 2006


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