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Infants and young children with medical complications and physical and mental limitations constitute the fastest growing group of children in need of foster care.

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Members of law enforcement, Child Protective Services and the Sacramento County Probation Department conducted a truancy sweep Thursday. The goal was to get children back in school.

Officials visited the homes of parents whose children haven't been showing up for school. They called it a "knock and talk." Officers warned parents that if their child continued to be truant, arrest warrants could be issued. Authorities said they are trying to make a difference.

The KCRA Channel 3 (CA)

May 5, 2005

by My Tien Huynh

Dustin Strout has no family. He has resided in a mental institution, two group homes, five foster homes, several friends' homes and numerous homeless shelters for nearly 20 years, but nowhere within those places did his family reside.

"I didn't want toys; I wanted family love." Strout remembers crying over not having a biological mother. "I wanted the person who gave birth to me to be there," he said. By the time Strout was 9, he had entered and left four more foster homes. "They just didn't know how to deal with me because I had so much confusion and so much anger."

Sun Journal

July 6, 2009

Mamma Chia, the organic food and beverage company that originated the chia beverage category, announces the Mamma Chia Entrepreneur of the Year Award to be presented at the fourth annual Slow Money National Gathering in Boulder, Colorado on April 30.

The $50,000 award, funded by a $25,000 donation from Mamma Chia as part of the company's 1% For the Planet contribution, will be matched by Slow Money's Soil Trust, a non-profit online funding platform launched in 2012. The award will be given to a small food enterprise at the gathering's Entrepreneur Showcase that demonstrates outstanding leadership in the local food movement and exemplifies the spirit of the Slow Money Principles.

April 10, 2013

EDMONTON - A judge says an Edmonton foster mother did nothing that contributed to the death of a baby in her care four years ago.

Four-month-old Delonna Sullivan was found unresponsive in a bassinet on April 11, 2011, six days after social workers placed her in the foster home. An autopsy found the infant was healthy and the cause of her death was listed as unexplained.

August 10, 2015

by John Richardson

No place in Maine has been harder hit by painkiller abuse than Washington County.

Maine was hit earlier and harder by prescription painkiller abuse than much of the nation. And Washington County, at its eastern tip, has been considered ground zero for painkiller abuse in Maine for the past decade, since an explosion of addiction in Down East Maine and in West Virginia earned OxyContin the nickname "hillbilly heroin."

October 15, 2011

by Jaya Narain

A young girl had an incredible escape after she leapt out of a moving car seconds before it plunged over a cliff.

Paige Dean, 11, was hurtling towards the precipice screaming for help as her grandfather watched on helplessly. She tried to steer the vehicle and put the brake on but as it picked up speed over 200 yards and careered towards the cliff edge she threw herself out.

Mail Online (UK)

August 16, 2009

by Jamie Doward

Charities attack the Home Secretary as local councils are given new powers over families of badly behaved children

The government will face fresh accusations this week that it is expanding the 'nanny state' when it unveils radical new plans to greatly increase the use of compulsory parenting classes.

Guardian Unlimited (UK)

November 19, 2006

Mayor Bloomberg's plan to open preschools for children as young as six weeks old.

From both educational and developmental perspectives, putting children as young as six weeks into preschool is a ghastly idea. Young children belong at home, preferably with their parents or other familial guardians.

October 9, 2012

by Craig Bannister

The Occupy DC mom who used her two toddlers to block a convention center door amid mayhem says she's not going to stop using her kids as human blockades.

On Nov. 4, when Occupy DC was protesting in front of an Americans For Prosperity (AFP) event at the Washington Convention Center, this Occu-Mom set up her blockade with her two little kids in front of one of the doors. MRCTV captured on video the two distressed toddlers sitting in a toy wagon amidst the police intervention and ensuing pushing and shoving.

CNS News

November 11, 2011

Orange County prosecutors today declined to file criminal charges stemming from a child-neglect probe of Nadya Suleman, who became known in the media as ''Octomom'' after she gave birth to octuplets in 2009.

"We received the case this morning and, based on the investigation by La Habra police, we found insufficient evidence that anyone committed a crime in that home," said Susan Kang Schroeder, chief of staff for Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.

October 13, 2012


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