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Three separate studies since 1996 have found that 30 percent of America's foster children could be safely in their own homes right now, if their birth parents had safe, affordable housing.

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by Jim Hightower

The time has come to choose between a GM based, or a non GM-based, world food supply. Genetically modified (GM) foods are often promoted as a way to feed the world. But this is little short of a confidence trick.

Far from needing more GM foods, there are urgent reasons why we need to ban them altogether. Biofuels are crops grown for fuel rather than food. GM giant Monsanto has been at the heart of the lobbying for biofuels - while profiting enormously from the resulting food crisis and using it as a PR opportunity to promote GM foods! "The climate crisis was used to boost biofuels, helping to create the food crisis; and now the food crisis is being used to revive the fortunes of the GM industry." - Daniel Howden, Africa correspondent, The Independent (UK)

March 20, 2013

by Thomas Dishaw

As basic parental rights continue to be destroyed in this country, the for profit kidnapping ring, better known as CPS, has mad it their mission to wage war on American families.

Often mismanaged by pedophiles and criminals, CPS has authority to take your child away for any reason. Whether it's smoking a small amount of pot, getting a second medical opinion or eating a poppy seed bagel, your children are never safe with these criminals lurking in the background. With the backing of the ever corrupt family court where basic rights are null and void, CPS has a free pass to raise your child, prescribe psychotropic drugs, limit visitation rights, and expose them to sexual predators and abusers.

August 9, 2013

by Elaine Murphy

Last week, the governors of 10 states declared an official recognition of National Bulk Foods Week. Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont all encouraged their state's shoppers to...

The Bulk Is Green Council, a food organization based in Portland, Oregon, also issued a letter encouraging more than 500 grocery retailers to display signs advertising the campaign and inviting customers to shop in bulk during National Bulk Foods Week. If you missed National Bulk Foods Week, you can still join the movement by shopping at a local store that sells food in bulk! Buying food in bulk refers to dry, unpackaged, often organic goods like flour, spices, nuts, coffee, cereal and dried fruit that are stored in large bins in grocery stores.

November 4, 2011

I was raised in a family of girls, so the world of boys is an ongoing mystery to me. I always thought I would have all girls since my mom also cam from a family of girls.

I have found there is something so special about boys, however, and the strings of my heart somehow attach to my boys in a different way than they do to my girls. Although boys can seem so stoic, unconcerned, and unaffected by things, their hearts are just as vulnerable as their girl counterparts who make their feelings, worries, and struggles known much more easily for the most part. Girls show you their hand while boys make great poker players by hiding their cards a bit more, which means they are also hiding what's on their hearts, too.

June 4, 2015

Child welfare agencies were created to promote the safety and well-being of children. They investigate cases of family violence, child abuse, and neglect, and when necessary, they take protective action.

The goal of social workers is to keep children with their families when it is deemed safe and to provide them with a safe environment when they are determined to be at risk. Unfortunately, many cases are ignored or mishandled in such a way that the abused child continues to suffer. When social workers fail to act, the consequences can be deadly. Their negligence in these cases makes them almost as culpable as the perpetrators.

March 24, 2017

The League of United Latin American Citizens filed a federal lawsuit on Feb. 6 against Child Protective Services, alleging the department abused its power.

LULAC said that CPS took a 10-day-old baby away from its mother because of alleged drug use. The woman and baby did not test positive for drugs, but CPS still took the baby away.

March 7, 2015

In the Garrisson family, it's a tradition. "He got his initials out there on the right leg at the very bottom," said Jerry Garrisson.

All of the family members have their initials in ink. So when Jerry's 10-year-old grandson wanted his initials tattooed on his leg... "I didn't see why a tattoo was such a big issue to begin with, and I didn't see where none of this was right," he explained. Garrisson says the Department of Children and Families came to his house with another concern, and when they saw his grandson's tattoo, they told him it was a problem.

June 21, 2012

A 10-year-old Florida boy is in the custody of the state after his parents rewarded him for making good grades by allowing him to get a tattoo.

All of the Garrison family members have their initials in ink, they say it's a family tradition. So when the boy said he wanted his initials tattooed, he didn't see a problem with it.

July 3, 2012

by Cindy Horswell

Investigators are looking into possible criminal charges after Child Protective Services took custody of 11 children found neglected and physically abused inside a home in Liberty County.

CPS spokeswoman Gwen Carter declined to comment on an investigator's sworn affidavit that reported three of the children, including a 5-year-old blind girl, had been found tied to their beds. It also reported eight of the 11 children were being kept in one bedroom in unsanitary conditions.

February 21, 2012

by Jill Ettinger

There's a myth that eating healthy is not economical. But eating smart and healthy can be one and the same. Being a bit frugal can help us to make more conscious choices, not just for our health, but for the health of our planet, too.

Plus, droughts throughout the Midwest and California could cause food prices to rise as much as 4 percent over the next year, according to the USDA. The agency just added 76 counties in six states to its list of "drought emergencies," bringing the total to 1,369 counties in 31 states. If ever there were a time to reduce our food costs, now would seem to be that time.

August 4, 2012


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