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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Statements not witnessed by a person usually are not admissible in court. But "Kid's Place" nurses can testify about what children tell them during the medical examination.

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Family Support Connections

Do you know of a group that holds support group meets or holds parental rights rally's and protests? Please submit your event for inclusion on Family Support Connections.

Stark County Ohio Support Group

Dates TBA in Canton, Ohio

Parents can find help and support in Stark County. Please contact Landa Waiters for meeting details.

Contact Landa Waiters or call (330) 249-1541. You can find her on Facebook too.

Texas Child Protective Services Investigation

The Health and Human Services Commission's Ombudsman Office, in conjunction with the Office of the Inspector General, has established a toll-free line for people to report complaints in response to Gov. Perry's ordered statewide investigation into the practices and procedures of Child Protective Services.

If you have information or concerns about casework management or inaction when children have been exposed to abusive situations, please call: (877) 787-8999, fax your information to: (512) 491-1967, or e-mail your complaint.

Oregon Family Rights
Weekly Support Group Meeting

Each Wednesday
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Event Location: Denny's Restaurants - Woodburn,
2919 Newberg Hwy, Woodburn, OR 97071
Phone: (503) 981-9738

Your Help is Needed!

Everyone needs a little help
from time to time!

Volunteers Needed

Media Spokesperson -- Must be an ardent spokesperson and a true believer. Represent Kidjacked by writing official press releases, sitting for media interviews, public appearances and radio broadcasts. Must be witty, sharp, personable and tough as nails. E-mail inquires to: Kidjacked.

Co-editor -- A successful candidate would assist the editor in preparing documents for publication. Must have excellent English skills, including but not limited to: spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. The ideal person would be available late in the evenings and have no life (like me). E-mail inquires to: Kidjacked.

Articles Wanted -- Tell your story, or gather facts, and compile them. Collect links to submit (be sure to tell me where you think it should go). Submit your child's letter home. Make up a name, or submit it using initials or boldly tell it like it is. Please use sentence case and paragraphs, have a friend read it or someone on the Kidjacked list help proof it. The less work it needs, the faster it goes up. E-mail inquires to: Kidjacked.

Other Volunteer -- Do you have a skill that you are willing to lend to the cause of ending foster care? Are you a budding graphic artist with some ideas? We have the technology. We can pull together and change the world as we know it and finally protect our children from these vultures. E-mail inquires to: Kidjacked.

Together we can win!

If you are aware of a parental support group in your area that is not listed here, please submit the details for posting on this page to Kidjacked.

Updated May 15, 2009