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As many as 47% of all sexual abuse allegations are false. Some estimates are much higher.

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Mondale Act: Secrecy in the Juvenile Dependency Courts

By Diane Booth

The Mondale Act of 1974 was the communist manifesto for American children and families. The road of good intentions to protect children from "abuse" was paved with quicksand. Children, ripped from falsely-accused parents, fall into the quagmire of institutionalization and subsequent abuse by the State. The question is, was this pre-meditated trafficking in children by agents of the State? Or was it just an ill-conceived experiment gone tragically wrong? Facts point to the former.

Prosecutors in criminal cases don't believe in circumstantial "coincidences." Why should we? Hindsight and investigation uncovers too many simultaneous events and sinister ramifications of Child Protective Services (CPS) modus operandi and its connects to liberals with an agenda who created this monster.

The most obvious clue pointing to the 'acting together by design' is the secrecy in the juvenile dependency courts and the collaboration with the so-called helping professions, i.e., teachers, psychiatrists, social workers and the pharmaceutical companies.

Hollywood Agenda

Zoe Lofgren, (D) San Jose, helped to write these laws while working as an Aide to former FBI and Congressman Don Edwards (D), whose son, Leonard, was the supervising Juvenile Dependency Court judge in California. Rob Reiner held conferences with Judge Edwards, who solicited money from Hollywood for his agenda. (He recently resigned simultaneously with Rob Reiner who is being investigated for misuse of public funds). Coincidence? I don't think so.

In 1998, a conference was held by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to determine what constitutes the newly-manufactured "disorder" of ADHD in children. Although no brain abnormalities have ever been proven, symptoms and causes were discussed, and the remedy for noncompliant children and their parents was planned.

This phenomenon started in the United States but is quickly spreading to other nations. All of a sudden, what used to be considered normal childhood behavior is now defined as a "mental disorder." Psychiatry, whose bread and butter is fed by the pharmaceutical industry, determined that children with "ADHD" may be "victims" of parental abuse.*

Peddling Drugs

What is the cure according to them? Drugs are peddled to children apprehended by CPS at billions in profit to the beneficiaries: the psychiatry industry and all involved in the apprehension of these children by CPS.

Who benefits? The teacher, having a union job, (the union dues funding liberal political campaigns) can discard any child she finds irritating by reporting "abuse" to CPS which gets billions of dollars in federal funding your tax dollars.

Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action creates jobs called "social workers" for minorities who claim to be shut out of the private sector due to "discrimination" but who, in fact, simply lack education and skills. Twenty-year-olds with no children of their own, no college education, some of whom can barely even speak English, are now given authority with impunity as social workers to remove your child from your home at their whim. Scary? You bet!

Psychiatry gets a steady flow of lifetime paying Medicaid clients. Juvenile Dependency judges, and a very select few lawyers, get an easy regular paycheck. The adoption and foster care industry also feed at the public trough, making this a multi-billion dollar industry paid for by you.

Who loses? An entire generation of intelligent children are exploited, institutionalized and indoctrinated by the State with the gay and anti-Christian agenda. The family unit is destroyed to make way for gay marriage and pedophiles who want to adopt your beautiful child. Some children languish in institutions to be exploited and severely abused and neglected, and they are not allowed contact with the outside world. All this is done in strict secrecy.

How does this happen? Parents can be deemed "abusers" for any reason. Actual abuse by parents is never proven in a criminal court. Not submitting to the State, by giving your child a dangerous drug that has already killed at least 51 children, according to the FDA, can be labeled "abuse." Teaching your child about Jesus can be determined "abuse."

Enter the Juvenile Dependency Courts. These thugs discovered a gold mine. They operate entirely in secrecy. They are not held accountable for any violation of our Constitution. They destroy evidence, cover up evidence and use hearsay alone as evidence. Gag orders are put on parents and the media. All court documents are held top secret. Why?

So they can get away with trafficking, drugging and even murder of children. If the liberals have no conscience about abortion, why would they feel any remorse about exploiting or killing your children? They don't. Juvenile Dependency Court judges hold conferences and solicit money from Hollywood. Why would Hollywood be involved? There is a huge market for trafficking in children for pedophiles.

Under the guise of "charity" for "troubled children," foundations are set up as money laundering activities to operate trafficking in children from children's shelters and "mental health" institutions. This is what was behind Rob Reiner's push for pre-schools. The sooner the thugs get access to your children, the better, according to them. I thank the California voters for defeating Reiner's plot.

Demand Change

How can we stop this? By writing to your state legislator and demanding the immediate repeal of the Mondale Act and requesting an FBI investigation into this pedophile ring of criminal authorities. Prosecute these gangsters under RICO. Support President Bush's move to impeach activist judges who support this trafficking in children. Tell Congress to write a fair and sensible child abuse law whereby the accused parents have a fair and public trial by jury in the criminal courts where it belongs. End the cloak of secrecy by dismantling these Juvenile Dependency Courts as soon as possible.

If a California state legislator determines that child pornography is okay, and if a 9th Circuit Judge determines that parents have no right to object to what is being taught to their children in school, do you need any further evidence?

Be aware that your child can be removed from your home on hearsay at any time without a court order, without an investigation and without a warrant. Juvenile Dependency Courts have free reign to ignore our civil rights. Once your child is removed, you may never even be able to contact them again, let alone see them. This is all done in total secrecy. A simple Google search will verify all the aforementioned statements.

©2006 Diane Booth

Please visit Diane's website.

Diane Booth is an international advocate for children and families victimized by Child Protective Services. She is a member of American Family Rights Association. She was a Legislative Researcher and was instrumental in getting bills passed and signed by President Bush, including the Amendment Prohibiting Forced Drugging.

Diane appears in an award-winning film documentary, The Drugging of Our Children, featuring Neil Bush and Michael Moore. Diane hosts a forum/blog under 'Education' on the San Jose Mercury News. She has also been a guest on radio shows such as Annie Armen Live in Los Angeles, The Gary Null Show in New York and Mother Interrupted in Oregon.

The article was originally published by Abolish CPS on June 27, 2006

Posted: August 30, 2006