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Of the 510,000 children in foster care in 2006: 40% were identified as being White of Non-Hispanic origin, 32% were Black, 19% were Hispanic and 9% were other or multiracial.

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Links to Hurting Children and Grieving Parents

Illinois - The fight for Ariela & Eifrat

Are Illinois "Teen Screen" Victims setup to die? -- with Medication, Overdoses, Beatings, Emotional & Sexual Assaults, & Neglect in Illinois State Care! It appears the Court has set up these now 11 & 14 yr old sisters to die in Illinois State care! This site is about a loving Israeli mother's fight, to save her own flesh and blood! Posted December 1, 2006

California - Death of Innocence

Imagine what it would be like, if your innocent seven-year-old child was blamed for causing his own death, when his death was caused by two criminal felony acts? I cannot tell you what it is like to be on the receiving end of injustice. Posted March 5, 2005

California - Sarah's Story

11-year-old Sarah tells her story of molestation and seperation from her parents. Her abuse was discovered by a CPS worker, who investigated the case. The end result was to remove the child from both parents, place the child in a foster home. The mother was eventually able to regain custody after two years. The father was convicted of the molestation, but is now seeking custody. [Transcribed in 1995.] Posted February 5, 2005

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Georgia - DFCS Corruption

As a citizen and taxpayer of this state, I am a little appalled by the training and ignorance you send your employees out into this world to protect families and children from possible abuse or neglect from parents! My story is one of the pain, horror, trauma, and stress inflicted upon my family by DSS/CPS workers in the state of Georgia. Visit my personal webpage. Posted February 5, 2005

Louisiana - Save My Children

This is a crusade to save my children. I have 3 children, ages 5 years, 7 years and 9 years old. And they are being horribly abused. I am powerless to save them. In early July, 1998, my 7 year old daughter told me that she was being molested. I did what I thought was the right thing and reported it to Child Protection in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Posted February 5, 2005

Georgia - Injustice

The authorities of Muscogee County, Georgia have demonstrated their contempt for family rights--and common sense--by indicting Harold Eric Newfield for spanking his 6-year-old son for repeated misbehavior at school. The spanking consisted of 5 licks with the soft part of a belt, in the time-honored American fashion. Posted June 21, 2003

Tennessee - Sumner County Department of Children Services

On March 10, 2004 DCS staffers snatched her child and ushered an unsuspecting Sandi into a conference with more than a dozen other people, including the girl's father, Mitchell Lanphere. Just days earlier, Lanphere had been arrested for hitting a man with an iron stove pot. He had also been accused of abusing his little girl. And yet his allegations alone were apparently enough to cost Sandi Jackson custody of her only child. Posted June 13, 2004

Montana - Drug the Children

On June 24, 2000, the "child protection" agency of Montana stole her 9-year-old daughter, then attempted to terminated her parental rights, an appeal was filed to the Montana Supreme court on April 17, 2003, which was won on appeal. The child remains in custody. Posted December 22, 2003

Wisconsin's War on Kids

If you grew up in America, chances are good that, at some time, you engaged in some sort of sex play with other kids. Until very recently this part of a child's learning process was, regarded as normal and inevitable. As hard as it is to believe, children in this country have been prosecuted for sexual assault for "playing doctor" even when it was consensual and even when it never involved any sort of penetrative sex act. Posted November 7, 2003