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Some parents have had their children removed for yelling at them, allowing them to miss or be late to school or having a dirty home. ~Social worker Anthony Cavuoti

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Father Protests with Hunger Strike

Posted October 14, 2004

Chul-Mo Sohn is a single father who was raising his two daughters until the Department of Children and Family services interfered and destroyed his life, as well as the lives of his daughters. Chul-Mo is now on a hunger strike to his death to protest the destruction of his family by this corrupted agency that strip searched and handcuffed his twelve year old daughter for protesting against the removal of her little sister, Yih.

When Chul-Mo intervened to protect his children from physical and sexual abuse, and took custody of the children to remove them to safety, he was arrested and jailed for many months on a charge of kidnapping. His appeal to present extraordinary circumstance was denied and he was not allowed to present the evidence that caused him to go to his children and protect them from the abuse they were suffering from.

December 1st, Rosa Parks Day, we will protest Nation wide for Chul-Mo and thousands of other American families against the tyranny and retaliation of the Department of Children and Family Services. Chul-Mo was a decent, hard working father and provider for his children. He has never abused them or harmed them in any way. He, like hundreds of others involved with DCFS, has lost all hope and is prepared to martyr himself for his children. The suicide rate among families dealing with this agency is appalling, and the obstructions the families face are often impossible for any human to overcome.

No agency in the United States should be unaccountable , or police itself. There should be no immunity for willful wrongdoing (malfeasance) and the Department of Children and Family Services is the only agency that has this unchecked power. Families have the Inherent right to remain united whenever it is safe for the children to do so, and in the case of Chul-Mo it is not only safe, it is loving and nurturing. These children and their father have been robbed of each others company and comfort, and it is time to re-unite this family before another tragedy occurs.

When the State removes a child it is like a death sentence for the entire family. It is a living death for those who remain, and a literal death for those who cannot bear the horror of never seeing a beloved child again for no reason other than the malicious discretion of an agency that is funded by removing children, not re-uniting them with their families as mandated by law.

The death of Chul-Mo will be a needless tragedy, and a tragedy his children will have to live with the rest of their lives. The true criminals hide behind their immunity and continue to destroy families as they are well paid to do. It is their job, and they relish in it. We must stop this abomination or our family trees will soon be stumps. In fact, they already are.

Please come to assistance of Chul-Mo and help re-unite his family. He can explain his circumstances to you in complete detail, and his story is horrifying. Please contact him and please consider telling his story to the public. His children need him alive, and he has lost the will to live without them. Something can be done if the public is aware of his situation.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kelly Vick, Vice President
Suzy Nickel, Director
American Family Rights Association
Washington Chapter
1063 S. Capitol Way, Suite 212 Olympia, Wa 98501
(360) 864-2709 Toledo
(509) 217-7710 Spokane