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On average, a child who enters care will remain in foster care for 32 months; only about half will return to their parents.

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O'Reilly Factor Remains Silent While Children Suffer

by: Bill Sullivan
Posted May 20, 2005

Here are a series of letters that I sent to Bill O'Reilly of Fox News. He as of yet has not responded.

The Day Before Court

First Letter dated May 11, 2005

Mr. O'Reilly. This will not be your typical email, I am sure. My Name is Bill Sullivan. I am a single parent of 3 children that live with me. One 10 year old girl and 2 boys, ages 15 and 13. I live in North Little Rock Arkansas.

Monday the second of May 2005. I took my little girl to the hospital, thinking that she had a urinary tract infection. Arkansas Children's Hospital finally saw her.

There came a point in the examination, when a number of doctors got involved. I knew something was not right. They told me it was normal in cases like this.

They finally told me that my little girl had herpes. I was stunned and told the doctor that there was only one way that I knew that she could get this. He nodded in agreement.

Next thing I knew, social services shows up and do a recording while I am still shocked and not thinking critically. I asked them wasn't there different "brands" (types) of herpes? The social worker didn't seem too sure.

I told them about everyone that I knew that could have had an opportunity to do something to my child, although I found it hard to believe any of those people would do anything. I told them everything that I knew. They said that there was other signs of trauma.

Next, I went to my child and told her what the doctor said. I said that he indicated that someone had to have done it. She said nothing like that ever happened. She said that she wouldn't lie to me. She also began to cry, saying that she didn't want anyone to have been fooling with her. She assured me that she would tell me if she knew.

I knew she was telling the truth. She would not be afraid to tell on anyone, because she is still at the age where she believes Daddy would break anyone's neck. She would not have to be afraid. Therefore I suggested, maybe it happened while she was asleep. She sleeps deep. She said that she knew nothing of it happening, but I could tell she believed me that it could be possible. I never thought that I could be making suggestions that may stick in her mind.

Later as I came to myself. I began to ask good questions to the doctor. What type of tests were made? Could medications, foods and a mixed sample cause false positives? One doctor called another. They didn't know the answers. Information was taken from me. I was told a pathologist would call me the next day to answer those questions. I was also told that the tests may not hold up in court. The social worker told me that it would hold up and that she had seen them hold up only on suspicion. No pathologist called. I called to speak to a pathologist. No one would speak to me.

Children and Family Services, took posession of my child that night. I helped them by telling her to treat it as a vacation till we found out everything. I had to do it with a smile. She was looking into my eyes. I knew if I wavered, she would start bawling. She was told that she (Shelby) would be allowed to call me every day. She was only allowed to call me a couple days.

I called the hospital, to obtain the test records. They would not give them to me. I was told that I have to go through Social services. I had social services to call them. Ms. Williams, of social services, said that they were told that the tests were positive.

The doctor had told me that one of the tests was a culture test. Later I also found out that those tests take 2 to seven days to get results. I began to wonder how I could be told exactly what or possibly what kind of herpes it was that same night.

I learned that of the 2 types of herpes, type 1 and type 2, type 2 is the usual genital kind.

I also learned that sometimes type one can be transferred to the genital region. All it takes is a momentary weaken immune system and transference of the virus from one area to the other. That could happen by kissing the genitalia or just simply kissing the infected person on the lips and that person touching her or himself. Even using the same towels, spoons etc. I was finally able to get the tests results, by signing documents after the social worker called.

Test Results

The test showed these three things.

  1. No type 2 herpes antigens (negative)
  2. Type 1 herpes antigens (positive)
  3. Her Hymen was intact.

After due diligence, I found that Children and Family Services can interpret almost any disturbance as trauma. Examples; scratching or rubbing the area. After reading horrendous cases of false allegations today, that was later reversed, sometime years later, I am very concerned. The social workers treated me with kid's gloves, saying at times, everything will be ok.

Today, I received a summons for court tomorrow evening 4 pm. I thought that after seeing it was type 1 and the fact that about 100 percent of people get it at some point in their lives, (as fever blisters on their lips) that they would be ready to give her back.

Here in Arkansas, DHS and family services get paid thousands of dollars for placing a child. I found out today that they are suing me for permanent custody.

What's even scarier is I wasn't thinking that I needed an attorney. I talked to one, but it seemed unnecessary. The attorney had told me not to trust them. Now I have to appear and my attorney will not be back in town till a day after court. She and I did not know of a court date when she left town.

Now here's the scariest thought of all. It is in the same court where a few years ago, the State tried to sue me for Child support, even though they had documented evidence that the children have always lived with me.

I take care of them without child support or any aid from the State. The documented evidence was (get this) from Child support's own chief investigator and from DHS.

The Process was not going to allow me to say those Facts. I spoke up anyway so it would be part of the record because I was told that I cound not make speeches, just answer questions. I was threatened with contempt of court, when I asked, "Why are we wasting the taxpayers money, and just who will I pay child support to, myself?"

Mr. O'Reilly, this will be the 3rd time that I have taken on the State. I won the others. This time I am doing it unemployed or rather doing everything I can to stay above board, without an employer.

All the pertinent things that I have told you are a matter of record. I am going in without an attorney. If I have it put off till my attorney gets back. They could have Shelby for months till a new hearing. It could happen anyway.

Bill Sullivan
(501) 612-5890

The Day After Court

Second Letter dated May 13, 2005

Mr. O'Reilly;

We went to court yesterday. I was right it was the same court, same Judge that I sat under 4 years ago, in a child support hearing. She brought up the fact that she did remember me in a disparaging fashion. She made it plain that I would not be allow to say anything but what a court appointed attorney would ask. I didn't ask for one. He was appointed at the hearing. It worked against me.

He approached me saying that the court had appointed him. I accepted it after he said that I would be allowed to tell the Judge how it came about that deceptions was used to get my child into DHS custody. I told the Judge.

She would not allow me to speak, except for about a minute and a half and answer the questions of an attorney that didn't know what to ask of me.

She asked me if I had any previous encounters with DHS. I said not like this one, and started to tell about the encounters. In the first sentence, she cut me off and would not allow me to speak. Later she tried to accuse me of lying. I reminded her that she stopped me from talking.

I have been before Judges before. I even argued my divorce from my first wife. No children were involved. I am a pleasant guy, everyone says I am too nice. For some reason, this judge cannot stand to allow me to talk. Somehow this one person seems to have an aversion to me.

My court appointed attorney met with me and told me that DHS would win so we were going to go along. I told him not so, that DHS did not have a case. I said that they may have had a reason to take the child at first but not after the test results have come out positive for hsv-1. Doctors had told me it was hsv-2 and that it only was caused by sexual contact. I explained that virtually everyone gets hsv-1 in their lives and that it can be transferred by hand from friends, relatives or ones self to the genitalia.

He then went and got a fax from the doctor at Arkansas children's hospital that let him know that the test used was an antigen test. That it was not certain that it was even hsv-1. One thing that is certain is that it is not hsv-2.

My child's hymen was still in place, doctors noted. She is still a virgin. (No telling what will happen in foster care.) You may also want to know, that the antigen test cannot tell when, where or how she first got hsv-1.

DHS was asking in court that the whole family be tested. I tried to explain that since all of us in the family have had "fever blisters" (hsv-1) and everybody gets it sooner or later, it would prove nothing. It would just be an extra cost to the family, with a Dad that is currently self employed while looking for permanent work.

I was not allowed to speak and the attorney was still just getting acquainted with what it was all about. My daughter told me that they told her that if she told them who did it, she would get home quickly. She finally told them that her cousin might have done something in her sleep. She thought she was coming home.

I told her that she had an attorney. She promptly asked me. "Where is she? Shouldn't she be here?" I didn't know how to answer.

When DHS got the new information from Children's hospital, my sister who was not allowed in courtroom and was sitting in a separate room, over heard them talking. They were wondering if they still had a case. They didn't need one.

My Daughter finally got to tell her attorney the promises DHS made to her, according to my sister. My sister even mentioned it to her attorney. When she came into court, she never brought it up in court proceedings.

All we asked, was for my child who said that she had been crying everyday, be allow to come home. DHS could keep the case going if they liked. There was simply no reason that the state should continue harming my child's mental and psychological well being.

Mr. O'Reilly, I have watched and listened to you a long time. I know your care for the children, but I need this story told. Governors cannot look into the records of Children and Family services. It is my understanding that they even have the right to burn their own records.

They have become as grand inquisitors in my Family's lives and there is no one to hold them accountable.

The Judge even brought up my past encounters with DHS to make a decision about DHS keeping Shelby. She held it as strikes against me. Since I won the cases, shouldn't she have held it as strikes against DHS?

My child whom I had given so much hope that the system would work, dropped to the floor when she learned what happened. I had to leave her in tears. I assured her that I will do whatever it takes to let the world know what it going on here, with her and my family, the harassment we have received over the years, all without reasons.

Please, tell the world. Don't stop telling everyone, until either me or DHS gets what it deserves. My child deserves better.

Bill Sullivan
(501) 612-5890

Investigation Dropped as Unfounded

Third Letter dated May 13, 2005

Mr. O'Reilly,

I just learned today from Detective Julie Rose and North Little Rock Police department, that they had dropped the investigation against me. Her number is (501) 771-7154. She said they not only dropped it as unfounded, but notified the lead attorney for Children and Family Services before court yesterday. His Name is Mr. Honorable. I believe she said that she also told someone else in a supervisory position at DHS.

Yet in court Children and Family Services argued that one of the reasons to keep her was that there is (they said) an ongoing investigation by North Little Rock Police Department.

Please check these things out. I know they are true. There is an ongoing injustice here. I need it to be public so no one else will ever have to go through this again.

Bill Sullivan
(501) 612-5890
North Little Rock, Arkansas

Letter to the editor

May 15, 2005

Thanks Annette;

I want the world to know because CFS has such power inour political system that no one wants to touch them. Public opinion will make a difference. When the politicians see the people making a move, they will move also.

Annette, I want you to know that first thing tomorrow morning, I am filing a motion to set aside the decision made by the court thursday, because it was based upon lies.

There is no ongoing investigation. It has been dropped as unfounded and they knew it. Also state law says that an attorney ad litum, in addition to expressing their opinions for the child, has to mention in court the childs spoken concerns.

My daughter told her, at my sister's hearing, that CFS was promising her that if she accused someone they would allow her to go home. My child's attorney never brough it up, even though she promised to.

My Daughter had also told the detective the same thing. The detective told me so. It was apparently one of the reasons the case was dropped as unfounded, by the department.

In Arkansas if a child is 10 years old or more, DHS is not allowed to do the investigation, by law. Since the investigation is over and unfounded. They have no case. Yet they continue to hold my child while they think up new stuff.

I don't say these things as a desire for pity. I say them because they are true and it is the very reason they must not be allowed to get away with it. I am going to sue them. I don't care how many years it takes. Someone has to do it here as it is being done else where.

I guess I need to shut up. Just hard to stop talking about it. I asked my sister tonight, if she thought that most social workers knew what an evil association DHS has become.

Thanks again,
Bill Sullivan
(501) 612-5890
North Little Rock, Arkansas