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African American children make up 15% of the U.S. population, but represent 34% of the children in foster care.

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Arkansas Child Support Guidelines

Posted August 26, 2005

Child Support Amounts and Guidelines

Meet on: Thursday, September 8, 2005 at 1:00 pm
Until: Thursday, September, 8, 2005 2:00 pm

Location: The Justice Building,
625 Marshall Street, Room 101,
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

Arkansas Child Support is not determined by legislation, but by a private committee. The Committee on Child Support meets approximately every four years in order to discuss child support amounts. Historically the amount is raised every time without a wide spectrum of viewpoints.

Increasing the amount of child support is not a solution. The problem lies with the system involving child support funding. Most states generate more government contributions based on the amount of child support collected. This is an apparent conflict of interest.

In actuality, a custodial parent has the ability to give the child support amount directly to a boyfriend or waste it gambling. Most states profit from irresponsible child support policies. There must be some form of accountability. Accountability is the solution. Checks and balances are not being exercised... That's the problem. The determination based on neither scientific statistics nor common sense.

I encourage everyone to be on time. There are few opportunities like this to make a real difference. There was another detrimental meeting that occurred earlier in the year and nobody with our similar viewpoint in attendance. Upon contacting many whom I had e-mailed, each person stated that he or she believed that plenty of other people would attend. They all assumed that the next person would be there.

I ask that you make a strong effort to attend.

There will possibly be multiple representatives from "women's rights" organizations, including N.O.W., attending this meeting. Although women's rights are very different from children's or mother's rights, the conference center will have many representatives of women's rights organizations present. There is a strong probability that the term "Deadbeat Dads" will be bantered about throughout the room. The ideology of "Deadbeat Dads" should not be used in determining child support guidelines.

If you do not attend or encourage others to attend, then do not complain about the inevitable outcome. I also highly encourage representatives of out-of-state organizations also attend this meeting. This will set the stage for common-sense rules to be implemented in every state.

There are several considerations that the committee is ignoring:

  • Interstate child support
  • Surplus child support amounts received by the custodial parent
  • OCSE getting the amounts incorrect
  • Being double taxed on the child support
  • Does the custodial parent use the money appropriately?
  • Summer daycare and extra-curricular activities for the child

These issues should be considered in court, not by a committee behind closed doors. What most view as common sense differs from the opinion of the courts.

For confirmation of times, please contact Donna Gay at (501) 682-9400