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Government is forced, legalized plunder. -- John Mcallister

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Child Abuse - Aids Experiment

New York City Community Protest Rally

Posted March 24, 2005
by: Vera Hassner Sharav

Frustrated by the shroud of secrecy which protects institutions that violate ethical standards in medical research, community action groups are holding an emergency protest on Saturday, March 26 in New York City in front of Incarnation House, the site at which high risk, painful, medical experiments were conducted on children of color--including babies--who were diagnosed HIV positive.

The children were living in foster care at Incarnation House under the guardianship of the City's Administration of Children Services.

Most of the experiments were sponsored by the National Institutes of Health in partnership with various pharmaceutical companies. These experiments were phase I and phase II clinical trials--which involve the highest level of risk and greatest uncertainty about their safety or efficacy.

The experiments were conducted on children who were wards of the state with no parents to protect them or to advocate for their best interest. These children were used as test subjects--guinea pigs--in multiple experiments testing combinations of drugs and vaccines--as many as 7 at a time. The experiments were conducted on thes children in violation of the Code of Federal Regulations which prohibits the use of children who are wards of the state from being used in experiments that involve greater than minimal risk.

No explanation has been given as to why these children were selected or what justification there was for putting their lives at risk? Neither ACS nor NIH--both government agencies have released information about what happened to the children? How many were helped? What was the nature and number of adverse events suffered by the children? How many were harmed? How many died?

Following a letter of complaint by AHRP last year (March 10, 2004) to the FDA and the Office of Human Research Protections, the agencies began separate investigations which are on-going. [See AHRP letter]

An investigative news report called, "Guinea Pig Kids" was produced by Jamie Doran. It aired on BBC in the UK, and elsewhere in Europe. European viewers who saw it expressed shock and dismay that such inhumane medical experiments were approved in America. Several organizations have contacted AHRP as they explore legal action to get at the facts.

Contact: Vera Hassner Sharav
(212) 595-8974

Dear Freedom Fighters:

Help Us Spread the News Far and Wide. If you live in the New York City Metropolitan area, please join us.

Rolando Bini - Executive Director
Parents in Action
For Leadership and Human Rights
(718) 392-7485

Forced Drug Experiments on Black & Latino Babies Kidnapped by Our local CPS

Recent news report have exposed the NYC Administration for Children's Services (ACS) in a conspiracy to force experimental and lethal drug treatments on Black & Latino Children who after testing HIV positive were kidnapped from their mothers at the Hospital and forcibly placed in Foster Care.

The BBC (British Broadcasting Co.) after a 9 month investigation, recently aired a documentary called "Guinea Pig Kids", which exposes how NYC government supports these racist and genocidal acts against Our Children at the Incarnation Children's Center in Washington Heights, Manhattan, run by Catholic Charities for big profits.

Stop this outrage Now!
Join Us in Defense of Our Children
It Must be Stopped by Us
Defend Our Children from their Tormentors
No More "Tuskegee Experiments"

Emergency Rally at 1:00 PM
Saturday, March 26, 2005
Incarnation Children's Center
142 Audubon Avenue, Washington Hts, Manhattan
(172 & 173 Street, Trains 1, 9, A, C to 168 St. Stop)

Sponsored by: Parents in Action, Millions for Reparations, Mothers of the Stolen Children, December 12th Movement, Parents Against Forced Adoption, Circulo Bolivariano, Concerned Citizens for Family Preservation. Harlem Tenants Council, Descendants of Freedom, etc. Contact: (718) 392-7485, or