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Anonymous child abuse reports accounted for 10 percent of all reports in 2002.

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2007 Pending Legislation

H.R. 2188

Kinship Caregiver Support Act

The stated purposes of this title are--

  1. to establish kinship navigator programs in States, large metropolitan areas, and tribal areas to assist kinship caregivers in navigating their way through programs and services, to help the caregivers learn about and obtain assistance to meet the needs of the children they are raising and their own needs; and
  2. to promote effective partnerships among public and private not-for-profit agencies, including community-based and faith-based agencies, to help the agencies described in this paragraph more effectively and efficiently serve kinship care families and address the fragmentation that creates barriers to meeting the needs of those families.

The Senate has it's own version of the bill S. 661

Submit your comments on HR 2188/S. 661 to be posted here.

H.R. 1104

Foster Children Self-Support Act

The stated purpose of this title is--

To ensure that foster children are able to use their social security and supplemental security income benefits to address their needs and improve their lives.

Kinship Caregiver Support Act

Submit your comments on H.R. 1104 to be posted here.