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Of the 510,000 children in foster care on September 30, 2006, 52% were male and 48% were female.

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Abuse: A Plea For Assistance

by: Michael Smith
Posted: January 8, 2003

Everything I tell you here can be verified. This is the truth.

A terrible thing was done to my little 3 year old girl by a government agency. They stole my child from me on the false allegations of the mother who was trying to frame me to get a free green card (now being deported, verification of removal available).

9-Month-Old Stolen by the State

My child was stolen from me by child protective workers and kept from me for seven months in a foster home, and then for 18 months in the sole custody of the Philippine mother who is now appearing in immigration court for "removal" (deportation-verification supplied on request) because she duped me to gain entrance to the United States purely to gain a green card and not for a lawful love-based marriage.

The day after the child was taken out of my home, the C.P.S. doctor wrote in his report: "I find no evidence of abuse, either physical or retinal". Later, the mother admitted in the court papers that I had engaged in no domestic violence against her and also stated that what she originally claimed I did to the child, was not child abuse after all, yet even with that, C.P.S. continued to prosecute the case.

It was outrageous. It ruined my life. It abused my daughter. I lost my job because of what was done to me and it has been almost impossible to work consistently since that time.

Eventually I got my child back, but what was done to me and my beautiful 3-year-old daughter for almost three years was incredibly abusive.

Federal Case Filed

I am suing the county and all the people involved in the federal court even including the judge in the case, who was publicly censured and fired by the California Judicial Performance Commission for bad conduct during the time of my case.

Please visit my website and send me an E-mail and tell me what you think, especially if you are willing to help me cover the legal expenses with an 18% interest loan, or even just tell your friends.

I am seeking loans at 18% from investors to my lawsuit. I have a winable seven figure lawsuit. I will pay 18% (6% upfront, 12% at funding) on $1,000 loans from investors at the time of the loan.

The money is paid directly to the attorney and a "lien" is issued on the lawsuit proceeds for repayment of the loan. During the time of the loan I will pay 6% monthly to an investor to my lawsuit. At the time of settlement or verdict (funding) an additional 12% will be paid with the return of the princial, computed for the entire time the money is loaned. That totals 18% interest. I expect the lawsuit to take from 9 to 16 months for completion.

I hope to hear from you. Without your help, I cannot bring these people to bear for what they did. My website explains the entire story with references and more fully explains my proposal for loans and how they will be paid back.

Investment Needed

I am offering a $1,000 referral fee to anyone who can arrange a $20,000 loan investment in the lawsuit to my attorney and upon settlement or a verdict, I will pay an additional $5,000 referral fee ($6,000 total to the referring person).

Michael Smith
Phone Number: (760) 861-8372
64-625 Pierson Blvd., E21b
Desert Hot Springs CA 92240