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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Courts in New York City and Illinois have found that families are repeatedly kept apart solely because they lack decent housing.

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Hard Won Justice

At what cost?

Every parent entering the family court system seeks justice. These are the stories of a few who have succeeded in some approximation. In family court there are not winners and losers, any small victory is a reason to rejoice.

Are you Listening???

While Lancaster County CYA has no problem taking a child on an 'emergency basis', returning the child is an entirely different matter! [Details]

2023/09/09 - Tough Lives; Tough Choices
In case after case social workers have intimidated, harassed, and even taunted parents with the power they have over their children. Their favorite trick is to threaten the parents that they will never see their children again - and sometimes they even manage to pull it off. Yet, they seem surprised when a loving mother or father - under normal circumstance - simply snaps and becomes hostile and aggressive.

2023/09/09 - Picking Up The Shattered Pieces
A mother shares her grueling fight with CPS workers for the sake of her son, who may never get back the childhood that was stolen from him. Where is justice? Who will defend the innocent?

2023/09/09 - Single Mother Gets Raw Deal
Sarah requested child care assistance to help her keep her job, which allows her to provide for her children alone, the State of California uses her request against her in court to remove her children.

2023/09/08 - Accused sex offender Nathan Fort, Exonerated
Accused sex offender Nathan Fort, Exonerated - wins lawsuit against state...

2012/06/24 - Abuse: A Plea For Assistance
A terrible thing was done to my little 3 year old girl by a government agency. They stole my child from me on the false allegations of the mother who was trying to frame me to get a free green card (now being deported, verification of removal available).

2012/06/24 - Hardwork and Heartbreak
I am a mother of 4 and became involved with CPS when my children were ages 10, 8, 3, and 5 months. I was a single mother and was addicted to methamphetamine.