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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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36% of all women in prison were abused as children.

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Tennessee Parents Sue Judge, et al

Hi, I am Donna Mickles and so glad to see my story still on here after two years. I do have an update for you.

We have filed a case in Federal Court against the Judge, GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) and others for their negligent and criminal actions against us.

My husband Paul was jailed for 120 days. I also had to spend more jail time; it was a bargain to get my husband out of jail.

Afterwards we were ordered to send our child back to visit again and this time he got seriously injured. Our son was hit on the head, with a golf club, during court ordered visitation, by an older child, while not under supervision. The older child ran and hid while my child lay on the ground bleeding profusely from his head. He was discovered by a visitor sometime later and rushed to the ER (emergency room).

We were not notified until three hours later. The visitor clamed to have custody and gave his name as the name he had before the adoption.

A Juvenile Judge in the county I reside in (Hawkins County) rescinded visitation privileges in spite of the Knoxville Judges' ruling ordering it.

My son had a depressed skull fracture and under went surgery to repair the damage. All we ever tried to do is to protect our child.

(The GAL was sent from Hell.) We have tried to start over again and rebuild our lives. But that's hard to do.

Again, we reported this to CPS and nothing was done. They came to the hospital and talked to our child and said it was an accident. Yes, it was an accident but he was not being supervised - the "accident" could have been prevented.

The State of Tennessee is now claiming the Judge is immune from a lawsuit and they do not want to pay for their actions. The State has until October 2006 to either settle the case or go to Federal Court and it makes no difference to me.

I am ready for Court!

Donna Mickles