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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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During a recent two year period, one Arizona foster child died every seven and a half weeks. Four were reported as being "viciously beaten to death" by foster parents.

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The He Family

Chinese Couple Appeal After Losing Child Custody Battle in Tennessee

The He Family story is a tragic one... After trusting a good "Christian" couple who offered to temporarily assist them in caring for their new born daughter, the He family found themselves in a bitter custody battle that rages on, despite a judges order terminating their parental rights.

The He Family

Shaoqiang 'Jack' He and his wife Qin 'Casey' Luo
holding their bewildered child, Anna Mae He

2023/09/09 - A shaky legal case keeps family apart
If there is reason to prevent Shaoqiang 'Jack' He and his wife Qin 'Casey' Luo from returning to China with their 4-year-old daughter Anna Mae, it has not emerged publicly.

2023/09/08 - In Re Adoption of A. M. H.
Shelby County, TN: This case concerns the termination of parental rights.

2023/09/08 - Complaint Against Judge Childers
Mr. and Mrs. He file an updated version of their 15-charge complaint against Judge Childers. In Memphis, Tennessee, a wealthy family named Jerry and Louise Baker stole a child from a poor Chinese family four years ago. Judge Childers is under investigation for his judicial conduct in handling this case.

2023/09/08 - Chinese Immigrants Appeal to Get Daughter Back
Lawyers for a Chinese immigrant couple on Wednesday appealed a judge's ruling that last year stripped them of parental rights to their daughter, Anna Mae.

2023/09/08 - Dr. Yue Submits Amicus Curiae Brief in He Case
Dr. Yue presents a view of the amicus curiae brief recently submitted to the court on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. He.

2012/06/24 - Court denies Baker request
The legal tug of war continues in the case of little Anna Mae He, who is caught in the middle of legal battles, which have gone on for over 7 years now.

2012/06/24 - Lawyers offer aid to Hes
Three university law clinics --- including Loyola in Chicago and Vanderbilt in Nashville -- have asked to submit briefs as a friend of the court in the Anna Mae He case.

2012/06/24 - Accused of bias, judge quits adoption fight over Chinese girl
A judge accused of bias said late last week that he is stepping down from presiding over an American couple's attempt to adopt a Chinese girl against her parents' wishes.

2012/06/24 - Anna Mae Case: A Test for the U.S. Judicial System
In Memphis, Tennessee, a wealthy family named Jerry and Louise Baker stole a child from a poor Chinese family four years ago. Ironically, the trial judge Alissandratos in Chancery Court shifts the burden of proof onto the He family (defendants). Before Judge Alissandratos, Mr. and Mrs. He have to carry the burden of proving by clear and convincing evidence that they are fit parents in order to defend their parental rights.