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On average, a child who enters care will remain in foster care for 32 months, and only about half will return to their parents.

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Grand Jury Investigation Request

Dr. Sheila Mannix, Co-Founder of IFCAA, Releases Letter and Summary of Exhibits Submitted to Senate Judiciary Committee on January 18, 2007

Grand Jury Investigation Request

March 26, 2007 — Chicago, Illinois

On January 18, 2007, Dr. Sheila Mannix, as an individual, submitted the following to: The Honorable Patrick J. Leahy, Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee, 433 Russell Senate Office Building, United States Senate, Washington, DC 20510

Re: Request for Meeting to Address the Initiation of a Grand Jury Investigation into the Organized Crime Infiltration of the U.S. Judicial System and Other Branches of Government Pursuant to the Proposed War Profiteering Prevention Act of 2007 and the Effective Corruption Prosecutions Act of 2007

Dear Chairman Leahy,

Myself and our civilian team and informants have occurrence witnesses and hard material evidence, including pure trusts and bank accounts, evidencing the involvement of state and federal court agents in multiple states across the nation with an organized crime family based in Arizona. As a result of the efforts of courageous citizens and organizations nation-wide in the face of retaliation against ourselves and our families including our children, twenty-one (21) judges have quit the bench in three targeted states (apparently in an attempt to save their pensions). Further, seven directors of state child protective services agencies have stepped down.

For many months, we were fully cooperating with federal criminal authorities in Chicago until we hit a wall two weeks ago. This was after the release to them of an affidavit by one of our organized crime informants, which includes the involvement of members of the FBI as well as other officials in Arizona, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. We were informed that the matter was "no longer under investigation." We are now under information and belief that we are being targeted for further retaliation in the form of false criminal charges. Said informant's life is in immanent danger.

We have material evidence to support the allegation that organized crime has infiltrated courts and agencies that have access to private, corporate, and government funds, e.g., bankruptcy, probate and family courts and child protective service agencies, as well as the corresponding state and federal reviewing courts. The evidence uncovered in the federal bankruptcy court in Chicago led to the discovery of involvement of other branches of government and massive fraud against the government with regard to the initiation and perpetuation of the current military actions in Iraq. [Exhibit A: McCook Metals, LLC aluminum supply contracts including the Joint Strike Fighter (F-35)]

I have attached six (6) national press releases that we distributed through Business Wire in 2006. [Exhibit B] I have enclosed the Preliminary Summary of Family Court and Child Protected Services Corruption (without the extensive exhibits save two and an update) that we were asked to create and submit to federal criminal authorities. [Exhibit C] I have also attached the affidavit of Mr. Michael W. Lynch, former chairman of McCook Metals, LLC, that includes two affidavits by Ms. Sidney J. Perceful attesting to illicit acts in the court of Chief Bankruptcy Judge of the Northern District Eugene Wedoff and three illicit pure trusts. [Exhibit D] Our informants' affidavits detail the names and financial information which Mr. Lynch's affidavit did not and more. Mr. Lynch was falsely incarcerated on October 13, 2006 at the end of a forced hearing in gross violation of multiple constitutional rights. I have enclosed the transcript of said hearing. [Exhibit E] Mr. Lynch was released on October 26, 2006 with a stay issued by the First District Appellate Court in Chicago. [Exhibit F] The judge who falsely incarcerated Mr. Lynch quit the bench in December 2006. We have material evidence of her apparent involvement with organized crime. I have attached examples of illicit trust and other financial documents of judges who have quit the bench in the past six months and other involved judges in Chicago. [Exhibit G; not complete sets of documents]

In your January 4, 2007 address you stated, "Wiretaps, when appropriately requested and authorized, are an important method for agents and prosecutors to gain evidence of corrupt activities, which can otherwise be next to impossible to prove without an informant." Sir, our informants are family members of the organized crime family whose moral integrity and conscience were stronger than their fear for their personal safety as they became aware of the illicit acts being committed and then embraced the reality of the number of innocent children, parents, business owners, and other individuals, here and abroad, who are being devastated by the illegal activities of the Family in partnership with corrupt officials in the U.S. judicial system and beyond. Our team is available for immediate grand jury testimony regarding illicit acts including but not limited to bribery and extortion. We are in need of immediate government immunity and protection.

We are upstanding, law-abiding citizens who have lawfully organized to fight for our constitutionally-secured rights and to stop the harm being perpetrated against our children, ourselves, our fellow Americans, especially the nation's children, and our global community for the personal financial gain of corrupt court agents and others. My father, John F. Mannix, who was in Connecticut politics for over twenty years, his last position as the Chairman of the State Board of Education, taught me that participating in our democracy in an official position is not only a privilege - it is a blessing - for it affords one the sacred gift of living in service to others.

The actions of public officials in league with organized crime for personal financial gain who are public servants beholden to protect those they are harming defile the sacrifices of our sons and daughters in law enforcement and the military, here and abroad, who have given their lives in service of the belief that they are fighting for these very same rights. We need your help and your leadership.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sheila A. Mannix, PhD

CC: Eighteen Committee Members; Print and Broadcast Media Contacts



  • Exhibit A
    McCook Metals, LLC Aluminum Supply Contracts [that included the Joint Strike Fighter (F-35), Super Lightweight Tank, and the nation's Space Shuttle program]
  • Exhibit B
    Six National Press Releases of 2006
  • Exhibit C
    Preliminary Summary of Family Court and Child Protective Services Corruption [without extensive exhibits save two and an update]
  • Exhibit D
    Affidavit of Michael W. Lynch in Support of Criminal Investigation of State and Federal Trial, Bankruptcy, and Reviewing Courts in Chicago, Illinois
  • Exhibit E
    Copy of Certified Report of Proceedings of October 13, 2006 before Judge Paddy H. McNamara [early retirement December 2006]
  • Exhibit F
    Court Documents Regarding the Retaliatory Incarceration and Release of Michael W. Lynch: October 13-26, 2006
  • Exhibit G
    Partial Copies of Alleged Illicit Financial Documents of Some of the Apparently Involved Judges in Chicago
  • Judge Stuart Nudelman (Early Retirement July 2006) — Disclaimer Deed Maricopa County, Arizona; G1- G2
  • Judge Barbara Disko (Early Retirement December 1, 2006) — Chico Management Services (Caribbean Trust); G3
  • Judge Paddy McNamara (Early Retirement December 2006) — Crown Central Asset Fund, Crown Central Systems, Crown Ambassador Enterprises, Fidelity Investments; G4-G8
  • Judge Alexander White — Five Whites, LLC; G9
  • Judge James Donegan — Legato Real Estate Ventures, LLC, Legato Trust; G10-G12
  • Judge Karen Shields — Shield Asset Fund, Shield Pension Fund; G13-G16
  • Judge James Henry — James W. Henry Financial Services, Inc.; G17