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Only 50% of the youths who had turned 18 and "aged out" of foster care were employed by their mid-20s.

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Judge's Retaliate Against Citizens

Chicago-Based IFCAA Announces Ongoing Alleged Retaliation Against Citizens Fighting Judicial Corruption — Court Watcher for IFCAA Co-Founder, Dr. Sheila Mannix, Falsely Incarcerated

CHICAGO — February 5, 2007

Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates (IFCAA) announces that on February 2, 2007, in an alleged act of retaliation against citizens lawfully fighting to uphold the US Constitution in the face of alleged judicial corruption, a court watcher was falsely incarcerated at Chicago's Richard J. Daley Center for exercising his constitutional right to be present at a court proceeding involving IFCAA co-founder, Dr. Sheila Mannix

During Dr. Mannix's court proceedings before Cook County Judge James G. Donegan, a judge allegedly involved in illicit acts, Mr. Jaime Hernandez was allegedly framed and jailed after false claims of the court watchers disrupting the courtroom were alleged by Cook County Sheriff's Deputy Eric Gross while the deputy was outside the courtroom.

November 21, 2006

Note that on November 21, 2006, the reputable attorney, Jonathan G. Anderson, was allegedly provoked by a prejudicial ruling by Judge Donegan in gross violation of his client's constitutional rights and in opposition of Illinois law. The alleged provocation resulted in a battery charge against Mr. Anderson for his altercation with Deputy Gross.

On the 2nd, witnesses claim that Child Representative David Wessel spoke to Deputy Gross and physically pointed out the court watchers prior to the incident evidencing an alleged pre-mediated violation of Mr. Hernandez's civil rights by Mr. Wessel and other court agents. Three additional court watchers were told to leave the building and were threatened with false incarceration if they returned in alleged direct violation of their constitutional rights by state court agents as well.

December 31, 2006

After Mr. Hernandez was taken into custody, Judge Donegan entered an allegedly criminally perjurious order of protection against Dr. Mannix without due process of law in retaliation for her lawful but unsuccessful attempts since December 31, 2006 to obtain protection orders for her children and herself in Lake County, their county of legal residence.

January 31, 2006

Dr. Mannix's lawful petitions for protection orders for herself and her children were unlawfully transferred to Judge Donegan by Lake County Judge Joseph R. Waldeck on Wednesday, January 31st, 2007 after a phone call between the judges and after the presentation of Dr. Mannix's motion for substitution of judge for cause which suspended Judge Waldeck's authority to enter the transfer order and which motion Judge Waldeck ignored in alleged gross violation of due process and mandatory Illinois law.

Judge Waldeck is known for his alleged unconstitutional acts in the well-publicized Lake County case of Annette Zender. Said acts include violations of First and Fourteenth Amendment Freedom of Speech and Due Process of Law rights and violations of Ms. Zender's daughter's federally-protected rights to freedom from abuse.

October 31, 2005

In a prior act of alleged judicial retaliation, Dr. Mannix's children were allegedly judicially kidnapped on October 31, 2005 by Judge Donegan and Mr. Wessel and put in the "temporary" custody of Dr. Mannix's 4/23/02 court-determined abusive ex-spouse — over fifteen months ago. The children have a history of running away, self-mutilation, and significant deterioration in functioning due to extended periods with the abusive ex-spouse, which have been, allegedly criminally covered-up by Judge Donegan and David Wessel.

Facts of the case indicate that the alleged illegal acts against Dr. Mannix and her children have been due to the erroneous belief that Dr. Mannix is the heiress of the Rand McNally Map Company fortune. The children and Dr. Mannix have been irreparably harmed and their financial losses exceed one million dollars.

September 29, 2005

Pursuant to mandatory Illinois law, Judge Donegan's authority to lawfully enter orders in Dr. Mannix's case was suspended on September 29, 2005 with the filing of a reconsideration motion of the allegedly unlawful denial of her motion for substitution of judge for cause by Judge Karen G. Shields with no due process of law. Further, it is well-establish law that jurisdiction cannot be retroactively conferred. All responsible civil and criminal authorities have been fully informed of the facts of the case and of the alleged criminal acts against Dr. Mannix and her children which allegedly meet the elements of the Illinois Wrongs to Children Act for the exploitation of children for financial gain by state court agents.

November 11, 2006

On November 21, 2006, Judge Donegan allegedly criminally solicited another perjurious order of protection against IFCAA co-member, Ms. Angela Chambers, in retaliation for Ms. Chambers' lawful attempts to obtain protection for her child, who suffered severe, life-threatening effects from ADHD medication allegedly unlawfully ordered by Judge Donegan in December 2005. Shortly thereafter Judge Donegan allegedly judicially kidnapped Ms. Chambers' son.

December 1, 2006

Judge Donegan entered the alleged fraudulent protection order against Ms. Chambers on December 1, 2006 with the alleged criminal solicitation on court record, "It's the easiest thing in the world (to obtain)."

The entering of fraudulent protection orders against protective parents is a pattern of practice in the local racketeering enterprises in family courts and child protective services agencies across the nation.

August 30, 2006

On August 30, 2006, Dr. Mannix and Ms. Chambers of IFCAA received calls from Investigator Don Marrello of the Judicial Inquiry Board in Chicago. Mr. Marrello stated that the board had met that month and had finally turned their complaints of January 2006 and February 2006 against Judge Donegan over to him for investigation.

September 1, 2006

Dr. Mannix informed Mr. Marrello on Friday, September 1, 2006 via telephone that she had supplemental information regarding Judge Donegan's alleged misconduct, which includes alleged retaliatory judicial kidnapping of children and the entering of criminally perjurious protection orders against protective parents, and included the name of a witness with evidence of Judge Donegan's alleged involvement with organized crime.

September 11, 2006

Mr. Marrello instructed Dr. Mannix to submit this information. On September 5, 2006, Dr. Mannix submitted the further evidence of judicial misconduct and the name of Mr. Michael Lynch. On September 11, 2006, without interviewing Mr. Lynch, the Judicial Inquiry Board terminated the investigations of Judge Donegan requested by Dr. Mannix and Ms. Chambers.

August 18, 2006

IFCAA reported in their August 18, 2006 Business Wire Press Release, that IFCAA co-founder, Karyn Mehringer, who had noticed for presentation on the morning of August 17, 2006 a motion with attached evidence indicating the alleged involvement of Judge Karen Shields with organized crime, was the victim of alleged criminal judicial retaliation by Judge Shields on the evening of August 17, 2006 when two Cook County Sheriff's Police allegedly harassed Ms. Mehringer at her home.

Ms. Mehringer was assisted by a Private Investigator engaged by IFCAA who intervened. The Office of Internal Affairs of the Cook County Sheriff's Police terminated the investigation into the incident on December 18, 2006. Note that David Wessel was also the Child Representative in Ms. Mehringer's case before Judge Shields.

April 26, 2006

Further, on April 26, 2006, Judge Shields allegedly retaliated against Dr. Mannix for attempting to lawfully assist another IFCAA co-member and held Dr. Mannix in false custody for one hour in alleged gross violation of her civil rights and constitutional rights of association.

September 5, 2006

On September 5, 2006, Dr. Mannix claims that in the presence of a witness she was allegedly criminally intimidated by a partner in the law firm co-founded by Judge Shields for the Business Wire press release statement that Judge Karen G. Shields is the daughter of defamed ex-judge David Shields convicted in Operation Greylord. The same day, Dr. Mannix sent a letter to Judge Karen Shields stating she would immediately correct her statement in another national press release if Judge Karen Shields submitted evidence verifying that the statement was erroneous. Judge Karen Shields has not responded to date.

October 13, 2006

On October 13, 2006, Mr. Lynch, former chairman of McCook Metals, LLC, who accepted an invitation to join IFCAA's board, was prevented from presenting two out-of-state material witnesses with hard evidence to further prove his allegations of judicial corruption. He was then allegedly falsely incarcerated without bond for criminal contempt by Judge Paddy H. McNamara in alleged gross violation of his constitutional rights of Freedom of Speech and Due Process of Law.

In prior proceedings on the 13th, during the transfer of the matter to Judge McNamara through the Presiding Judge of the Law Division William D. Maddux, Judge Maddux asked all parties to come into his chambers; thus the proceedings were off court record. Upon Mr. Lynch entering the room, and in the presence of multiple witnesses including Dr. Mannix, Judge Maddux fearfully asked, "Is the FBI here?"

October 13, 2006

Further, during Mr. Lynch's court proceedings on October 13, 2006, Judge McNamara made the following statements on court record: "You cannot keep doing this over and over again. Anyone who touches your case, all of a sudden then is corrupt, Judge Disko was corrupt... Judge Nudelman was corrupt... Judge White was corrupt, Judge Wedoff was corrupt, everyone who's touched any of your cases."

Mr. Lynch replied, "And I have testified that there are other judges that have not -- that have touched my case that are not corrupt." Note that testimony included multiple statements by Mr. Lynch of honest judges.

December 1, 2006

Further note that Judge Nudelman retired in July 2006, which was well before his scheduled date and Judge Disko, shortly thereafter, announced her retirement effective December 1, 2006. Judge McNamara quit the bench by December 2006 as well.

Judge McNamara's acts from the bench have been the subject of controversy in another matter involving Mr. Michael L. Kathrein, author of, "Why You Don't Have Any Civil Rights and What You Can Do About It. [Visit Judges Above the Law.]

Mr. Lynch alleges that he has turned over to criminal authorities material evidence of massive fraud against the government in the alleged orchestrated increase in aluminum costs to the US government prior to the initiation of the Iraq war after the attack on 9-11. McCook Metals, LLC had the aluminum supply contracts for military equipment including the Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) and Super Lightweight Tank as well as supplied the nation's Space Shuttle Program.

Mr. Lynch alleges that after McCook's major competitor, Alcoa, for which Vice President Cheney was a board member, in partnership with financier, GECC, unlawfully forced his company into bankruptcy, aluminum costs to the American taxpayer increased an estimated 80% percent. Mr. Lynch alleges that he has turned over to federal criminal authorities the material evidence found by a federal fraud expert of a $40 million "bribery fund" under the alleged control of U.S. Chief Bankruptcy Judge Eugene R. Wedoff in Chicago as well as two affidavits of the fraud expert who witnessed bribery negotiations in the cafeteria of the Dirksen Federal Building in downtown Chicago.

October 13, 2006

Mr. Lynch further alleges that he has turned over the federal criminal authorities affidavits from one of the organized crime informants who were prohibited from giving testimony at the proceedings on October 13, 2006 after which Mr. Lynch was falsely incarcerated. Judge James Donegan, Judge Karen Shields, and Child Representative David Wessel are three state court agents named by Mr. Lynch on October 13, 2006 and included in the organized crime informant's affidavits as allegedly involved in the alleged judicial corruption involving bankruptcy, family, and probate courts in Chicago.

Dr. Mannix comments, "The unlawful defaming of law-abiding citizens as disgruntled, unstable, or wrongdoers is the pattern of practice by the actors, e.g., judges, lawyers, court-appointed agents, law enforcement officials, and disciplinary agencies, in the apparent local and national racketeering enterprises that have infiltrated the U.S. judicial system across the nation.

We can only trust the common sense of the American public to understand that if the deprivation of basic civil rights under the color of law can be perpetrated against thousands of innocent children, their protective parents, business professionals, and other litigants in bankruptcy, family, and probate courts, there is nothing that will protect them from the same fate unless we continue to join together to lawfully fight for our constitutional rights and freedoms and fight the immoral concept of judicial immunity despite judicial retaliation.

Further, we must trust that honest judges and other civil and criminal authorities will have the courage to step forward to uphold the U.S. Constitution despite alleged organized crime involvement."

Dr. Mannix alleges that as a result of the courageous efforts of the nation-wide civilian team fighting judicial corruption, 21 judges and 7 state directors of child protective services agencies have stepped down in targeted states including Utah, Arizona, and Illinois.

While praying for the officially-noticed, responsible civil and criminal authorities to obey their oaths of office and fiduciary obligations, the ever-increasing, nation-wide civilian team lawfully fighting for the preservation of constitutional rights in the face of public corruption vow to uphold their civil and moral duties despite alleged ongoing judicial retaliation including false incarceration, removal of children from their protective parents, and impoverishment.

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Posted: February 14, 2007