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A three-year study concluded in 2001 found that 36% of Vermont prison inmates had once been in foster care.

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Blue Mountain Wilderness Program Lawsuits

Blue Mountain Wilderness Program, Inc (BMWP). is a non-profit public benefit corporation, formed and organized pursuant to the NonProfit Public Benefit Corporation Law (47604, subv. (a). BMWP's specific purpose was to provide, Education, Care and Supervision to State foster youth as Children diagnosed as dependent Title 22 (84111)(2); "Child means a person under 18 years of age who is emotionally disturbed as defined in Section 5600.3 of the Welfare and Institutions Code." BMWP functioned as a state licensed group home under county, state and federal laws and funding from September 10, 2001 to July 28, 2005.

BMWP was a state licensed residential youth treatment facility; youth were placed through county probation, social services, adoption assistance, mental health departments and privately, but closed in July 2005 due to inability to operate a progressive youth program in Calaveras County. Blue Mt. is exploring reopening as a Foster Family Agency (FFA) or a Tranisitional Housing Program (THP)or THP-Plus. BMWP emphasis is on education, vocational education, therapy both individual and group weekly, creating community, outdoor activties, cultural activities, sports and recreation. BMWP has a large organic farm and will be launching a culinary arts program through a restaurant in Dorrington for its students body and youth in the community.

Blue Mountain Wilderness Program Lawsuit

The defendants interfered, subverted or concealed law enforcement investigation (s) that to date are uninvestigated. The defendants colluded with Calaveras officials that resulted in intentionally and excessively failing to uphold a County Host Letter in order for Blue Mountain Wilderness Program, Inc. (BMWP) to obtain and retain AFDC-FC funding as required under state law. Posted August 14, 2006