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U.N. peacekeepers and aid workers from 23 organizations have sexually abused refugee children as young as 6 in Sudan, Haiti and the Ivory Coast, according to the charity Save the Children U.K.

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The Fayette County Court - Kentucky

The Goodbye Meeting

Posted July 15, 2006

When Nothing You Do Seems to Matter

I am submitting my personal story because I want the world to know what is happening to my family and countless other innocent families in Kentucky.

I am the maternal grandmother of five siblings. However, as of July 6, 2006, three of my five grandchildren have been permanently taken from my daughter. The Inspector Generals Office led us to believe they were investigating our case; but after continuously trying to get them to at least acknowledge our inquiries, we ran out of time ... this, of course, we believe was the plan to begin with.

We were given false hope when a local news channel took an interest in our story until we saw photographs of the girls on our television screen -- which were pictures that I provided to the social workers. The pictures displayed were photographs of the twins at around 4.5 months of age. Viewers were led to believe they were looking at 13-month-old starving twins! It was also erroneously reported that the girls could not sit up or crawl at 13-months of age. Nevertheless, I have recorded video of the girls' happy, well adjusted, crawling, sitting up, and singing at 10-months-old; but no one would listen to us. No one wanted to hear the truth.

Children Forever Separated

I have the older two siblings but the younger three girls are in foster care and are about to be "adopted-out." I have no background issues to prevent me from welcoming all five children into my home. As a matter of fact, my home has been evaluated and passed inspection or I would not have been approved for placement of the two older boys, ages eleven and nine.

A foster family has the three girls and a foster grandmother is caring for them. I am not giving up the fight for my grandchildren! I have been fighting the state for three years now to obtain custody of the three girls and will continue to fight this injustice! I am their biological grandmother, the boys and girls need to be together -- additionally, I am capable of raising them all.

A social worker and therapist told me yesterday, that they would arrange a "goodbye meeting" between the girls, boys, mom, dad and myself. After this goodbye meeting, we will never be able to see the girls again. The girls are identical twins, age five in September, and their youngest sister will be four-years-old also in September. They are gorgeous girls and any and everyone would love to have these girls, they are cute, young and adoptable! The boys are cute also, but they are older children, ages eleven and nine and not as "adoptable" - Thank Goodness!

My daughter has been falsely accused of neglect. She has a slight learning disability but nothing that would be detrimental to the care of her children. She has a form of Dyslexia. She is threatening a nervous breakdown, as are her five children. The state has done everything to ensure that she will not succeed, but little to nothing in assisting and reuniting her with her children. The state would rather pay strangers $2,500.00 per month and receive state bonuses or incentives rather than do the right thing for this family.

My daughter is poor and therefore has become a prime candidate for the system. The social worker intentionally developed case plans that were practically impossible to follow. Sometimes, two and three meetings were scheduled per day although my daughter has five children to care for!

Abusive Foster Parents

The girls have already been in two abusive foster homes. My youngest grandbaby nearly died at the hands of the first foster "mother." She had to be rushed to the hospital from the doctors office and put on a respirator. Nevertheless, the social worker continued to allow this woman to keep these children in her home for another year! One of the twins had her arm pulled out of socket twice by the foster "mother." They have continuously had unexplained bruises and scrapes.

I was threatened and informed that if I ever attempt to visit the twins' school again I would be arrested. I simply visited the school to speak with the twins' teachers about issues that had been raised in court regarding statements made by them. I also wanted to let the school know that these children are not orphans and I do want them, if their mother cannot have them. They are important members of our family unit and deeply loved. The children love me as their grandmother and know that I am their family.

Three teachers at the school were under the impression that the children did not have any family members willing to come forward to take them. They were a bit set back and shocked by my appearance at the school and by my desire and willingness to take the children. The social worker became livid when she learned that I went to the children's school! She said I had no right to go there and that if I showed up again, the school would call the police and I would be arrested. Although there was never a court order nor was I informed that I could not go to my grandchildren's school.

Corruption Exposed

I need help! I have doctors reports, pictures and documentation, ready to present to anyone that will look at them. The state and judge refuse to look at this evidence and want me out of the picture! I have been threatened by the social worker on three occasions. I have written a letter to the Ombudsman to request an investigation - this although the social worker stated that I could not do that. I was strongly advised that if I continue with "this type of behavior," she would make sure that Chris, age eleven, would be removed from my home.

The second threat was the same. She accused me of telling my youngest granddaughter that she was coming home with me, something I would never do -- raise her hopes like that. These children are suffering immensely! They always tell me they want to go home with me not the other way around. The social worker even went as far as to say "I hope you did not say that to this child or I will take the two boys back!" It is impossible that I could have said these things because the girl's visits are supervised and never have I had anytime alone with them to say these things.

Mother Jailed for Protecting Children

My daughter has been incarcerated because her second son ran away on his bicycle and they charged her with endangering a minor. This child is now in a group home, per the states request. At the age of nine, the child was reeling from a drug that the state therapist and state psychiatrist had prescribed for him. He has never been truly diagnosed with bipolar disorder but he is being given medication for this at the group home. He is allowed to come to my home with his older brother on weekend passes but still remains in state custody.

Can you believe the state has prescribed lithium to this nine-year-old boy! Once prescribed, no one followed up on his lab work. They accused my daughter of not having the lab work done, but it later turned up after we went on a scavenger hunt to find the paperwork. This medication affected his entire body and mind. One of the side effects from this medication (lithium) is developing thyroid problems. He even began hallucinating and threatening to kill himself or his brother.

Thankfully he was finally admitted into a real hospital with real physicians. The on call psychiatrist was stunned to learn that his thyroid measured 11.5, which is extremely out of range! We were advised that at this range, the child could experience numerous reactions and problems, including attempts at suicide, hallucinations, organ damage, and even homicide! Yet the Cabinet for Family Services (CFS) never checked his blood work! My little grandson is being used as a little lab animal at this facility and by the state of Kentucky!

When he peddled off on his bicycle that day, my daughter had the other four children with her while taking care of the children's paternal grandmother, who was dying. She was walking down the driveway with all four children when the police approached and returned my grandson to his home. They issued her a citation to appear in court where she was charged with criminal abuse on a minor. They sent her to jail so that she would be unable to attend scheduled appointments and meetings. I often wonder if she had left the other four children at home to look for my grandson would the outcome have been different. I speculate that something worse could have very well happened to one of the other children, if she had left them to look for her son.

We plan to appeal the judge's decision but I feel that this too will be an uphill battle. There are reports already circulating that the appellate court attorney may not be able to obtain the court tape from our trial. I can tell we have our work cut out for us.

Kentucky Injustice Investigated

The state of Kentucky is currently being investigated for knowingly putting children in harms way by rushing them from foster care to adoption too quickly. According to published reports, social workers and child protective services agencies are receiving monetary bonuses when children are rushed from foster care to adoption.

Unfortunately, there is so much more to this story that would shock the world as it does me. So if you are reading this thinking this could not have really happened ... believe me, it can happen and it did! If you believe that Child Protective Services (CPS), DCFS, CFS, DSS, etc. are here to "protect" children ... THINK AGAIN! They are nothing more than a black market, baby selling ring!

Yes, there is child abuse in our world but the government or someone must hire individuals trained to know the difference. These trained and caring individuals must truly serve the well being of families ... and not their own greedy agenda! This is a money game for most of them and they do not care if your child or grandchildren are abused while in their care. Whoever has the most money to pay off the courts, wins the prize, which is our children!

We must reform the child "welfare" system!

Best regards,
E D in Kentucky

Questions To Consider:

Why is the biological grandmother being denied the opportunity to care for three of her five grandchildren? According to the social worker, caring for five children would be too much for her to handle. Nevertheless, child protective service agencies repeatedly and consistently place large groups of children in individual foster homes everyday! So I ask you, why are foster parents allowed to care for and subsequently adopt 10 or more children when this grandmother is not allowed to care for five? Not only are foster parents allowed to care for and adopt large groups, but biological parents are also caring for and raising their own large families. On a personal note, my mother is one of 10 children born to the union of my grandparents.

Why is the grandmother suitable to care for two rambunctious boys, and not their three younger sisters? Cui bono? (Who benefits?) Who benefits from these children being ripped apart? Certainly not the children.

Should Large Families be Outlawed?

Please visit the links below to view foster parents and/or biological parents who were given the opportunity to care for large groups of children at once (the links below are just a fraction of the hundreds of links that could have been listed):

If you believe that children in foster care should actually be orphaned, abandoned, abused and/or neglected; If you believe in the constitution, civil rights, and justice for all; If you believe that we must collectively put an end to the criminal activity taking place in our juvenile courts, please show your support by signing our petition. (Signatures may be added anonymously).

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