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"We have the laws, but I see them being ignored," said Rep. Bill Otto, R-LeRoy. "Totally ignored."

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Kidnapped by the State

by: Dillon Malone

Twelve-year-old Dillon writes in his own words about the ordeal that he and his four-year-old sister endured at the hands of CPS and fostercare workers. There is much more to this story but it's very difficult for young Dillion to express his fear and pain without reliving the terror he experienced in those few days.

A happy Dillion before he was kidnapped

Dillions' story is not unique.

On March 7th 2004, I was kidnapped and hurt in more ways then anyone can imagine. My pain is so deep that I will live with it for the rest of my life. Thankfully I am reunited with my mom as she is the only protector I have ever known.

I remember that day starting out as a happy one. My mom and I went shopping for new shoes and stopped at Jim Boy's to get something to eat. On our way home the sheriff pulled us over. They pulled me out of the car and put me in the back of the police car and took me to a building (the children's receiving home).

I was surprised to find that my sister Olivia was there I felt better knowing that she would be with me. Olivia told me that she wanted to be with mommy and wanted to go home. CPS took me into a room and asked me a bunch of questions and told me if I were to agree with them, me and my sister would go home. I knew that they were lying to me.

CPS questioned me for 3 hours. I asked to call my mom they said no. I was tired and hungry I never got to eat my taco's that my mom got me.

After that a lady come to pick us up she was really mean, she took us to her home in Orangevale it was late and I was so tired she put us in a room with no beds we slept on the floor Olivia kept coming over to my side to sleep with me. She was crying and scared. I told her that everything would be ok.

The mean lady come in to the room and took Olivia to go sleep with her. The next day the mean lady took us to the doctor. The doctor told us to take off all of our clothes and we were naked with nothing to cover us. The doctor touched my private parts I told her to stop she said no I have to touch you and asked her why and she said it was her job.

My sister was crying I was trying to make her feel better. I was scared that the doctor was going to give us a shot but I'm happy that she didn't.

Then we went back to the house and at that time I asked the mean lady for food she said in a little bit and that was her response all of the time "in a little bit". Me and Olivia were never bathed or feed the only thing that the mean woman did was wash out clothes. Then after three days of confinement the mean lady said that I would be going home but not Olivia.

My mom showed up to get me and I was happy to go home but I was really hungry so my mom stopped by taco bell to get the taco's that I missed out on.

My mom fights everyday to put our family back together. And I hope that she can.

Dillon Malone

Posted May 17, 2005