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In Louisiana, a study conducted in conjunction with a civil suit found that 21 percent of abuse or neglect cases involved foster homes.

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Deaf, Dumb and Blind

Posted (January 24, 2005)

My three children were taken from me on August 25th, 2004 at 7:00 pm. My first visit with them was September 7th, 2004 it was awful to be there. My oldest daughter Jessie, is 6. She came and told me, "Mama those people are mean to me. They make us stay in bed all day, they want let us come out of our room." (Notice she said "room" as in, just one for five children.) "They make me mop the floors while the other children play outside."

My three year old son, (baby boy is what we call him) was crying and screaming from being in pain, (not from the pain of wanting to come home, even though he was doing that too). He was in pain because I'll just say an injury to his private parts and these stupid people they have him with had no medicine for him. He was saying mama it hurts, it hurts mama.

When I went to change his diaper he was screaming, "No don't hit me, let me up, no no no no you let go of me don't touch, don't touch, it's wet, it's wet."

That's when I noticed the hand print on the side of his leg and the severe diaper rash. When I asked the cps worker, "How did this happen? Where did this rash come from?" Her answer was that it was from urine.

That was a mistake because when it comes to my kids you don't give me an answer like that. I responded sarcastically, "Really how long did it take you to figure that one out?"

What I was asking the cps worker, is doesn't his supposed "care-giver" have time to change his diaper? Just tell me where she lives and I will ride back and fourth to change it, if she doesn't know how or I could tell her this is how you do it, first you lay him down and you see these little straps, you will want to pull those back.

I told her this is uncalled for. You took my kids from me because I filed an order of protection. Tell me how much money are you all getting for my children?

That's is when I said, "Do you see the hand print on the side of his leg? And did you listen to what he is saying and what Jessie just said? Well by the laws of this state I'm reporting to you that you must report and investigate where the children are staying." She said no. I said do you see the marks or am I just seeing things. She said yes.

She did not know what I had under my shirt, hooked to something and the rest of it was in my pocket. I had recorded the entire conversation but no one cares. They won't look at anything you have or listen to anything you say.

Just mention the word cps and they all go running. It simply doesn't make any sense to me.

If this had happened to their kids I wonder if they would run or just walk away?

Angela Wooten