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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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In 2005, 534 children exited the foster care system by death; another 4,445 ran away. (ACF September 2006 report)

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Coshocton County Failure to Protect

City and State this occurred in: Coshocton, Ohio
Agencies involved: Coshocton County Jobs & Family Services

A precious little girl diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) was removed from her Mother's home; the family lives in the Coshocton, Ohio area.

The mother moved there to get away from the city & raise her children in the fresh country air, and be near her Granddaughter. The other daughter is very vindictive & a habitual liar who thrives on chaos. She will do anything to get any kind of attention; she went to far this time, she had her sister taken from her mothers care, the little girl is only 8-yrs old.

I could not allow her go into foster care so I took her.

When they took this little girl out of her loving home, without even completing an investigation, knowing that this little girl has disabilities such as Asperger, ADHD, and explosive behaviors. I was only told about her being mildly mentally retarded, they never even took into consideration the laws for the people with disabilities, such as; the American Disability Act. The mother was the one who told me that she will go into fits & how to deal with them.

The caseworkers in Coshocton told me she was just delayed, and that the mother is making all that up. When the little girl would go into a rage with me, I thought she was Linda Blair, the child from the exorcist, that's how bad it was.

I had to have her admitted into the Children's Hospital due to her outrage behaviors. The behaviors have gotten 3-times worse since the doctor's put her on a medication called Zoloft; she is now totally out of control, where now she tells me she is going to kill me and she tortures my pet. I am truly afraid she is going to hurt someone, or kill my pet. I have been in contact with the hospital and received little or no help from them; they increased her Zoloft 2 weeks ago from 12.5 mg to 25 mg; she's getting worse everyday.

I have had this little girl for 4 & ½ months. I have been under tremendous stress not knowing when her next behavior is going to come out at me. The only person who told me about her behaviors was her Mother; she was trained to deal with her behaviors. I have had no help from either counties, on how to deal with this child, her behaviors are so bad, the only thing I can say about her behaviors is it seem like she's the little girl from the (exorcist movie).


  • If this home was so bad, why did they leave the little 5-year-old boy in the home with the mother?
  • Why are they not providing help for special needs children, or helping me with some kind of child care?

I have all these questions & have not received any logical answers from these people; I truly believe they did not do their job properly.

The person who had removed the child from her mother has been involved in a fatal car accident, now this little girl may never be returned to her mother.

They don't pay me a dime to care for this child, all I get for her is an SSI check of $525.00 a month, by the time I buy her what she needs the rest of the money comes from my pocket.

Please Help Me! I am ready to lose my mind. She needs to be with her Mother!

All I hear from these people in Coshocton, Ohio is lies about the mother that I know that are not true. They claim that she physically abused the child, (which they had to drop, they had no proof) then they said she was molested, (which they had to drop, they had no proof) then they said she was emotionally abused (which they had to drop, again they had no proof) now it's down to dependency.

I have just found out that the home base specialist that had removed the child was having affairs with numerous young women, and one of the young women is now pregnant with his child.

He was involved in a fatal car accident, we do not know as of yet if there was alcohol involved, but the person he was with said he had just left the bar.

We are now in the process of filing a big law suit on Coshocton County, and we wanted to go public with this matter, so something like this will never happen to another handicapped person.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter,

Name omitted by request

Updated: September 30, 2005