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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Of the 510,000 child in foster care for 2006, 24% were in relative homes, and 46% were in nonrelative foster family homes. (Child Welfare Information Gateway 2009)

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Kyle's Stolen Christmas!

Kyle's Stolen Christmas!


Christmas to him is supposed to be magical, not cursed and that is a shame to anyone who had anything to do with it. Being born in a family that is poor does not cause damage, but, being treated like a animal and taken from that family like a stray dog by your own government I know causes damage because it's cruel, unjust, uncaring and barbaric!

We send our children to fight other countries for this sort of thing being done to the children; maybe the other countries should be here protecting us from this cruel treatment. What kind of government will offer a $6,000.00 dollar bonus to states for every child they rip from their families and are successfully put in adoptive homes? What kind of government would even allow such a thing?

I would have never dreamed it would be allowed in a country that I love so dearly. Entirely too much faith and power has been put into the hands of CPS workers in this country to offer cash money to destroy a family and ruin lives. My God, my God, how long will you allow this to happen? Not once did anyone from this so-called DHS offer to help us with our electric, or ask if we had food or anything for Christmas nor even anywhere to go!

Is this Still America?

Why? This is America! Not once did anyone offer to let us see our reason for living on Christmas. Why? This is America! Not once did anyone tell us why — after getting the information from my doctor that we were still being tormented; after assuring us that this nightmare would end if my medical physician would fax in my records and assure them that I was telling the truth about my medication! Why? This is America! Or is it?

We were told that if we could get the doctor to verify my medication and what it would show in a drug test and stay with friends or family members where there was electric that Kyle could return to us! We did as we were told on December 17th, 2008 at 4:15 p.m.

They didn't have time to do anything, so they said, because they close at 4:30 p.m. and everyone had gone home to their families, and our baby had already been taken to his foster home! What about our family?

To delay and cause this baby even more hurt and confusion they tell us they have to come see where we are staying! Fine, when can this be done?

CPS Workers Christmas Party

Finally on Monday, December 22nd, 2008 they finally made time after all their Christmas parties and shopping and celebrating to come to my daughters home. The worker brought baby Kyle and I did not think I would be able to pry him away from us.

Kyle's Stolen Christmas!

He looked so pale and had dark circles under his little eyes and this happy little angel was scared to death and did not even act like his self. It was 27° outside and he didn't even have his coat on.

He started to act like our baby about the time she made us put him in the car to leave, which broke his little heart, he came out of the seat-belt and was clawing and kicking at the door begging me to get him. If it were not so important to get this out to the public I couldn't stand to relive it. I know what it did to me and can only imagine what it did to him.

He finally gets back to the people he knows and loves and I have to be the one who didn't help him when he begged me to. Oh God, what he must think of me!! Will I ever be able to gain his trust back? How heartbreaking and gut wrenching this is.

After torturing and shattering all of our hearts again, the worker said this home was more than adequate for him to come to, so we expected him home before Christmas because this was the last requirement they had of us.

Kyle's Christmas Stolen

Today is December 28th, 2008 and his gifts are still under the tree unopened, we are still crying and heart sick and our baby, or dear God, our baby boy, who was cold and very hungry when he came to see us, there is no telling what he is going through.

All we can do is pray and imagine what he is going through and what he will go through for along time to come. All of this is for what? Because we are having financial problems due to my being almost fatally injured July 2, 2008, and are staying with family until we get on our feet? Is that a reason to take our life away?

Does that give the government the right to kidnap our children and do with them as they please? Is it right for our baby to be put in a three-bedroom house with 4 other children yet we have to have a place where he has a room of his own in his own home? Why does he have to share a room with strangers in foster care but not with his family?

This is all wrong wrong wrong! It's a disgrace and a cruelty that has to be stopped. It has too! I swear on every breath I have left in my body, I may be a nobody and what I say may not matter to anyone, but I will spend the rest of my life trying to stop this from happening to anyone else.

The Fight for Baby Kyle Continues

I will never stop fighting for this child we love so much. He is everything to us and I will never stop trying to make up to him for what I have been forced to allow to happen.

What kind of person would do nothing when their child is kidnapped? We do have rights no matter how poor we are and if we have to fight for them then so be it. There is nothing in this world worth fighting for more than our children and I will never stop, no matter what they do to me.

Has nobody in this government looked at the statistics of abused and dead children who are put in foster care? If not you need to! I believe as sure as i believe that there is a god in heaven, every government official or employee who has anything to do with this taking our children and putting them in foster care, every child murdered or abused in any form or fashion in foster care their blood will be on your hands when you stand before god, and you will most definitely stand before him.

God have mercy on your souls cause that's what it will take to save you from his wrath! What will it take? Will it take standing at the grave of one of your own children for you to realize what you are doing to other people? I certainly hope not, but something will happen are you going to wait until it does or are you going to dismiss your job having anything to do with your heartache?

If you are that blind and that heartless, I pray these words burn in your heart and brain to the point you have no choice but to see what you are doing to people. You can't get away with it. You are accountable for your actions just like the poor. And you are accountable for the children you remove from people who would die for them and give them to people that would destroy them and hurt them. You are the blame and you will reap what you sew! Is your bonus worth it?