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In California, homeless children were given emergency shelter only on condition that they be separated from their parents, until a successful lawsuit put an end to the practice.

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Kyle's Stolen Christmas!

Kyle's Stolen Christmas!

Kyle and the Department of Human Services (DHS)

This morning (December 17, 2008) at approximately 9:30 a.m., a jeep came sliding into my drive and the driver ran off. A few seconds latter several Garland County Sheriffs cars and an Arkansas State Trooper pulled into my drive and I opened the door to see what was going on.

My daughter, who was next door charging my telephone, because our electric had been shut off, was talking to the officers and telling them what the person driving the jeep looked like and where they ran.

Deputy West came to where I was and asked if anyone had come in the house and I told him no.

He said since that was the case I should have no problem with him looking for himself and I told him I didn't mind because I knew no one was there for him to find. I told him that he and only he could come in, as my house was a disaster because the electric was off. We were getting things together to go to my best friends or my older daughters until we could get things back in order with our electric.

Permission Given for Search

He said he wasn't worried about the house he just wanted to know if anyone other than my grandson and myself were inside the house. So I let him look. After seeing that no one had come into my home instead of saying thank you for allowing him to look, and apologizing for saying he didn't believe me, when in fact I was telling the truth; the next thing I knew, several officers were running in and out of my house, going through my phone, through cabinets and talking to us like we were less than animals.

They were calling my daughter a drug addict and asking who every person in the phone history was, and West said either I tell him who was in the jeep and where they went or he was going to call DHS and that they would take my grand baby because the electric was turn off.

I was numb and my ears were ringing because this had turned into a horrible nightmare just because I tried to cooperate with the officers when I did not have to let anyone into my house.

A short time later a young lady came walking into my house, didn't even bother to knock and the first words out of her mouth was, "At least its nice and warm in here." The officer didn't bother to mention that we had a fireplace so it didn't get cold and we also had a heavy extension cord from our neighbors house for a small space heater and my grand baby's TV, trying to make this as easy on him as possible until we could get our belongings and leave.

We were having a hard time financially but we still had a nice Christmas planned for our grandson. After looking through the house and seeing my son, who had lost custody of his daughter last year because he would not leave drugs and the wrong people alone, she stated that, "Now I know what is going on here, I saw Wilcox's picture on the wall."

What my son, who was adopted by my parent's 32-years-ago, had done had nothing to do with us. My granddaughter is right where she should be with my niece who takes very good care of her and loves her very much.

She told the officers whose picture was on the wall and all of us ended up being called drug addicts, drug dealers and cursed every other breath. We were told to shut up every time we ask a question or even tried to speak. It was an awful, disgraceful, ordeal that we did not deserve nor did they have any right doing.

Rights Violations

We are citizens of the United States of America and even though we were told to shut up and my daughter was mauled and thrown into the back of a squad car by the second worst officer there, Chapmond. We do have rights and they were all violated.

She was not read her rights; they refused to tell me — or her — what she was being arrested for. All they could do was tell us to shut up when we asked a question.

How do you think my heart felt seeing this happen to my daughter by several big officers while I am holding my scared to death 4-year-old grandson who had been woke up by this nightmare.

The officers at the jail were even rather unhappy because they had no idea why she was being arrested. After my husband was called home from work and called the Sheriff's Department to find out why she was there and was told they did not know and he told him our attorney would be the next call they receive about this mess, about 3 minutes later my daughter called and told us to come get her because they had released her with a citation for disorderly conduct!


Thank God some of our neighbors saw this and heard how the officers talked to her and treated her and we are going to do something about this. It's wrong, it's cruel, and after 1262 emails from attorneys, former CPS supervisors, DHS supervisors and the governors office along with the ACLU, NCCPR, and ASFA and hundreds of American citizens who have fought and won against cruelty like this, we don't feel so all alone in our own country something I never dreamed would ever happen other than on TV.

But when they took our baby boy who is loved so very much, they shattered our lives, our hearts, and his little mind is so confused he doesn't know what to think. But he made it very clear he wanted to be back home. Only God knows what this has done to him and what he must be thinking.

My God, how do these people sleep at night after doing this to an innocent little boy? They will all answer to God for it. I have no doubt about that. Getting him back where he is loved and cared for and has never been abused or mistreated is the number one thing for us right now.

Drug Testing

Back to the 17th, this so-called investigator for CPS services told me I had to take a drug test and I said no problem. I knew there was nothing in my system that did not come from my physician so I gladly took the test.

A couple seconds later she said I tested positive for methamphetamine and amphetamines like she "knew I would", I knew better, I told her the medications I was on and she said the only thing that would test positive for meth is meth!

I have since found out that is an incredibly huge lie. I called my doctors office and after checking out my medications chemical breakdown, my doctor said the medicine I have been taking for 21-years for narcolepsy would most definitely show a false/positive result for these drugs, I also had the head pharmacist from Walgreen send the chemical breakdown for the medication I was on because they agreed with my doctor.

I was told by CPS if I could get this information to them then Kyle would probably be released the following day. That afternoon I went to DHS to make sure they got the fax and my worker had left but Ms. Pearl Harper said she would get it to her supervisor first thing the next morning.

I was there the next morning and was told their attorney had been told of this and they recommended Kyle be returned home. The investigator told the attorney, "Anyone could have stolen the doctors prescription pad and forged his name!" Right! And I suppose this "thief" broke into the doctors office and used his fax machine to send it, Right? Because that is where the fax came from.

So they put off another day our baby being returned home, he was put in a foster home the day he was picked up and I was told 72-hours. I was told they were going to recommend to the judge that he be returned but they would like for her to be the one that says so.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

I was told that had I not contacted the governors office and complained and had they not received such a nasty email from them that the baby would probably already be home.

That's wrong also. Everything about this is wrong, we were considered guilty before proven innocent a violation of my Constitutional Rights; We were never given or had read to us one of our rights, another violation of our Constitutional Rights, We were not given protection under the law nor were we protected by the law in this awful mess.

Kyle being taken from us was another one of our rights violated (14th Amendment), being arrested for refusing a drug test without an attorney present (5th Amendment), search and seizure without an attorney present (6th Amendment), our rights to due process was grossly violated, the baby was taken on December 17th, 2008 and our day in court was set for December 30th, 2008, that's two-weeks and that is wrong. Two-weeks that has done no-telling-what kind of damage to this wonderful little angel who was such a happy child and loved and gave love so very much.