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The system is at least as likely to harass innocent parents and unnecessarily place children in a damaging foster-care system as it is to protect abused children. (Dr. Farber)

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Reunification Not an Option

Submitted by: Ted
Posted May 20, 2004
Edited for clarity.

When my daughter was arrested at my home where she and her children have lived for the past twelve years. CPS came with the police because they knew she would be going to jail. They refused to leave the children at home with me (their grandmother), they state it was because of my record. My mother lives at the house too. They still refused to leave the children in our care because she had a failure to appear warrant, on a weed abatement ticket.

So they let my granddaughters go with their fathers and placed the baby in a foster home.

3-months later my son got custody of him. A month after that a worker showed up and upon entering the house saw a two-year-old push the one-year-old down. The CPS employee said that this was abuse to the one-year-old and that the abuse could not be allowed to continue.

Since my son Levi, did not report it to the proper authorities he (the CPS worker) was removing the baby from the home. The CPS worker then threaten my son by saying that they were going to take his baby away for letting this happen. They came and took the baby the very next morning at 9:00 a.m. A CPS employee showed up at Levis house to take the baby to his other grandmothers house who lived in Minnesota.

They had never even spoken to the grandmother. When I called her that same day, she had no idea what I was talking about.

My son is putting his house up for sale because he is scared that they will come back and take his baby. They had no right to interfere with the children and remove them from their home. No abuse had happened and the children were in no danger.

I don't know where they have taken my grandson and they tell me that I am not allowed to visit him.

They are in the process of adopting him out because my daughter will be in jail for a year, which is over the allotted time they allow for reunification.