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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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"We have the laws, but I see them being ignored," said Rep. Bill Otto, R-LeRoy. "Totally ignored."

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Prisoners-of-War Update

Prisoners-of-War Update


An update on our case.

My children were returned to me November 13th, 2008 on my son's 17th birthday.

I received "physical custody;" DSS still has legal custody. They also placed a "no contact order" on my husband in regards to my children because of the sexual allegations from my oldest daughter.

On December 8th my husband was found Not Guilty on all of the sexual allegations. Now my husband still can't see my children because of the no contact order even though it was solely based on the sexual allegations.

We've spoken to my attorney and he's called DSS and their attorney asking them to drop the no contact order and allow my husband to return home. We're still not a complete family until my husband returns home. We're hoping he will be home for Christmas.

After my children returned I learned about some physical abuse done to my youngest 10-year-old son as well as emotional and mental abuse of my other children while in foster care. We go back to court January 15th in hopes that we will receive full custody and can move back to Tennessee to be with our family.

In the meantime. our family is still not complete until my husband and the father of my children can return home. All we want for Christmas is for him to come home.

We do plan on suing DSS, the police departmet, the state of Virginia and the list goes on... We just don't want to have to wait until January for my husband to return home!

Any advice?

Michelle Dinwiddie and Family
334 Piney Mountain Rd.
Narrows, VA 24124

Update December 11, 2008

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