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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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30 children died in Minnesota foster care during 1993-1996. Another 72 children sustained life threatening injuries.

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Prisoners-of-War Update

Prisoners-of-War Update


We found out in visitation from four of our children that they have alot more to say than they can tell us but what we did get is appalling.

My 16-year-old son was placed initially with Commonwealth Catholic Charities AKA "Connections." After his accusations against the foster parents which were in part validated by CPS workers he was removed and "Connections" dropped the contract with the local Dept. of Social Services.

After he recanted his testimony against us 2-days later he was then placed with "Braley and Thompson" another foster care contractor with DSS. He was moved a total of 4-times in 2-months to various homes, each one worse than the other.

Multiple Moves Dashes Hopes of Sports Program

He did talk of joining the cross country track team and doing high school wrestling at the previous home but had to abruptly leave that behind. Now he is in a home 2-½ hours away in Bedford, VA. He described what sounded like a concentration camp. He is in a home that has security cameras, barbed wire fences, and several German Shepards that are trained to attack. He attempted to pet one and it tried to bite him. He says he cannot sleep due to the fact the dogs are in his room at night and will bite if they detect movement at night after bedtime.

My 14-year-old came in 30-45 minutes late. He is with the original foster mom described in the paragraph above, he and the 16-year-old were originally together. When asked why he didn't want to change homes when his brother did he stated, "I wanted to leave but I couldn't leave the little 11-year-old foster brother behind in that home by himself." A little boy who was being mistreated and told every day that he'd better get used to being in foster care because nobody wants him, picked on by the foster mothers 4 natural children, neglected by being only being given rice and frozen $1.00 dinners.

Medication Withheld

My 6' 1" 14-year-old son looks extremely thin and appeared to weigh about 135 lbs. His face was covered with acne — he said the foster mother would not buy him any acne medications. He appeared depressed smiling little throughout the visit.

My 12-year-old daughter looked well but stressed out and stated she had alot to tell me but could not tell me while workers were present. She has been told to eat as much as she wants and it will not make her obese. She stated her younger brother is now refusing to eat the meals served by the foster mother and is acting out — she says it is because he wants to go home.

My 10-year-old son did talk alot more this time and ate in our presence. He said he wants to come home and is tired of being apart from us. He looked healthy but displayed a depressed demeanor throughout the visit when talking about his foster home.

Extended Family Separation

This is the first time the two older boys have seen the youngest two children since April. The oldest two have only seen each other 1-time in two months. The oldest children have seen there 17-year-old sister one-time since April. The youngest have not seen the 17-year-old sister for a month.

My 17-year-old daughter was supposed to be at visitation but we were told she was sick. When we asked if it was due to the stress of all this the foster care worker said "yes". My daughter broke down into tears upon seeing us in court last week and said she just wants to come home. She hugged me and told her father she loved him. She stated she just wants to get out of this place and move away together as a family.

My husband is facing trial in September for allegedly raping our daughter and could get life if convicted. We found out through her brother that she said it never happened and she was being told to say these things by the workers. We have it on tape. From the beginning there have been so many gaps, lack of evidence, and lies coming from the Virginia DSS that it was obvious something like this was going on.

Although the felony abandonment and abuse charges were all dropped due to my sons testimony we still do not have our children back and are to have to wait until Oct. 9th, 2008.

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