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Australia: Nationally, the number of children in out-of-home care rose each year from 1996 to 2004; for a total increase of 56% from 1996 to 2004.

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Playdate Gone Seriously Wrong

Hospital staff and CPS workers persecute family seeking assistance for their child.

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Playdate Gone Seriously Wrong

On 6/2/08 E.J.'s mother and myself had taken my daughter, E.J. (2-years-old) over to visit her 3-year-old best friend.

Before I get into the story let me explain that I had looked around the house as I always do when I bring my 2-year-old anywhere, and found nothing that could possibly hurt her, just as any good parent would do. We were there for about 3-4 hours and I looked after E.J. extremely well while we were there, aside from one or two bathroom breaks.

When we were leaving the three year olds father (not sure if I can say his name at the present so I won't) asked K.J. if we had taken anything from his house. We told him no and asked what he meant. At that time he informed us that he had had Vicodin in his house and it was missing. I immediately rushed E.J. to the ER to be checked out, in case that was where his missing Vicodin went.

Visit to the Emergency Room

At the hospital, they took blood and urine screens on her, which came back positive for Vicodin and Marijuana. E.J.'s mother and I were shocked to say the least, since the only place she could have gotten a hold of either were at this residence.

The police came with CPS and asked us what had happened. We told the truth and the police officer called the residence where we had been and they confirmed that he had in fact lost some Vicodin. We explained we were not aware of his having Vicodin in the home; Kristen even offered to take a drug screen. They denied her the drug screen. At which time, CPS informed us they were removing Lexi from our home and if I did not have a family member to send Lexi to, she would be put into a foster home.

Police File Charges

I was horrified as was K.J. How could they steal our child knowing that we were not aware of any harmful drugs in the house? The following morning the police called us and informed us that we were being charged with "endangering the welfare of a child."

We have yet to hear whether or not the parents of the three-year-old will be charged with a crime. Today, it has been a week since the incident. I have since contacted an attorney that I have no way to pay for, so we will most likely have to represent ourselves against the false allegations, that we knew we were putting her in harms way.

Related Family Case History

On top of this my mother had just went through a CPS fight to get my sister, Paige returned because she had a few falling grades due to her cyber school teachers not getting her class work assignments to her in time. She won the case and had my sister returned from foster care. While in care, instead doing of her current school work they had her doing things like coloring My Little Pony pictures and playing a Chinese math game called Sudoku. (My sister is 17 and we have the coloring books and documents to prove this.)

They threatened my mother that they would only return P.J. if she agreed to a Gag Order, of course she wanted Paige back, so she signed it (in violation of freedom of speech, among other civil rights violations that we also have evidence for).

At the hearing, where they returned my sister P.J. to my mother, my cousin Angel was a witness to some of the CPS workers violations. Not even 20-minutes after the meeting was over, the school district, which has large ties to CPS called and was harassing her because my niece was late to school a few times within the school year (mind you this is right at the end of the school year). They forced her to change schools and her grade dropped.

Now they are coming after me for being a good father and trying to make sure my child had not ingested anything that could hurt her.

Personal Vendetta & Retaliation Tactics

I am in the process of filing a complaint with the Department of Justice because honestly I feel as if the whole state is against me. Also, the CPS rep. in charge of my mother's case is the same person in charge of my case (not a coincidence since my mothers name is on my daughters ER emergency contact). It seems as if this guy has a personal vendetta against my family because my mother made him look so bad and came close to costing a lot of people their jobs.

When I first found the AFRA website all I did was type in "CPS stole my child" and AFRA is what popped up. I have been researching all the different civil rights violations they have committed against my mother and myself, the list is enough to make you want to vomit.

I signed up with AFRA members Pennsylvania yesterday, and I plan to never stop fighting CPS even when my daughter comes home (thank heavens she is at my mothers). I have stayed up researching all the different cases across the US and as you all know it's extremely large. For this reason I would like to become an advocate if possible and I want to help other families as well as mine to be safe from this terrible organization that has basically no law they have to go by aside from hey I want your child.

If there is anyway I can help feel free to contact me 24/7 at (814) 406-4257 if I am not home, leave a message I will call you back, I promise. Thank you for listening and good luck to all the parents out there. Everything has an end. Let's make sure the current CPS system ends and form a new one, to actually save our kids -- not rip us apart.

Daniel J.,
Warren, Pennsylvania

Initials have been used to protect litigants from possible retaliation efforts by the state.

Update -- June 10, 2008


I have some new information about the happenings here involving my case.

I made a lot of phone calls today; CPS still has not returned my calls. However, they told my mother that I still have custody of Lexi and that she only has physical custody until the investigation is complete. I still have not received any charges from the police nor have they contacted me.

However, the Forest-Warren Human Services sent my fiance Kristen a letter saying that she has been named as the perpetrator in the report. My name is nowhere on the form. I am starting to think they are afraid because they have violated so many rights. They know my mother still has 11-months to sue the county human services and school board, along with the placement home.

We are starting to think they are going to find these allegations unfounded. The CPS intake director told my mom, "Isn't it nice when the courts are not involved," and informed her that she still had to ask my permission to take my daughter anywhere.

I don't know if they feel I will not continue to pursue legal action against them but no matter what, I will not stop helping other people because this will stop happening to children before my lifetime is over and I will fight to protect families anyway I can.

Do they really believe that just because they stop screwing with you that you will just say ok rape somebody else's family as long as mine is ok? Nope, sorry DHS, CPS, etc. I have a purpose now and they better look out because educated and informed people like myself that know these things are happening are beginning to come forward to help others in need. How could I sleep knowing CPS will never stop unless they are stopped for the people, by the people!

Well, I will let you know of any new news and keep you up-to-date on whether or not they return Lexi. Oh, by-the-way I E-mailed 60 minutes today and I will everyday until they get sick of me and decide to come to my town and investigate these corrupt baby snatchers. Once again, thank you for listening and have a great day.

Daniel J.,
Warren, Pennsylvania

Update -- June 12, 2008


My fiance and I have just returned to from our attorney's office he has agreed to take the case IF it goes anywhere. He said at the present time no criminal charges have been filed against me, or my fiance in regards to the case. That's good news.

He said the chance of a D.A. taking the case to court is about slim to none since hearsay would not hold up in a court of law. My attorney also told me this is basically right now a wait and see what happens, before we go anywhere with it and as of yet it is looking good like maybe we may never even hear from them again or like you said we may.

So, if you could take the names aside from mine off the story until things get rolling or don't that would be great. At least in the end of all this others can at least look at my story and see how things can turn out. This does not necessarily mean we are out of the woods though and I will keep you updated on any new info for my story.

Thank you for all of your time and my heart goes out to all the other innocent parents out there that are having times as tough as mine. I am going to take a well-needed nap right now since I am just physically exhausted from all of this.

C ya

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Reader Comments

June 12, 2008

Gosh, you would think that none of the hospital staff or CPS workers had ever heard of and accident before. What in the world is wrong with these people?

I'll never forget when my niece was 4, she had climbed up on the bathroom sink and got into the medicine cabinet. She has eaten a bunch of something, I think it may have been vitamins with iron. It's been 20 some years ago, so my memory is fuzzy.

We immediately took her to the hospital, they mixed charcoal with chocolate milk and I was the lucky one to have to maker her drink it. They were worried about her having too much iron, I think. At any rate, thank God back then people understood that shit happens, kids get into things. It could have been so much worse. We didn't have a problem with anyone at the hospital, they didn't call the police or CPS. They just helped up make my niece feel better. Isn't that what hospitals are for?

Our prayers are with you!
Sally, in Idaho