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Federal foster care funding represents 65% of federal funds dedicated to child welfare purposes, and adoption assistance makes up another 22%.

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Alabama DHS Charged With Medical Neglect

Alabama DHR Charged With Medical Neglect

Alabama Department of Human Resources of Marshall County, in violation of court order, charged with Medical Neglect and Parental Interference.

I filed the following affidavit into court record, the judge ordered immediate visitation, but of course CPS is not in compliance with the court order! I am forced to drive five hours for visitation with our children, for one hour. We haven't moved from our home but CPS keeps moving our kids further and further away.

Sworn Affidavit Filed with the Marshall County Court in Alabama

Before me, the undersigned Notary Public, personally appeared Jeanne M. Wonders-Kritner & Jerry G. Kritner, who having been first sworn by me, deposes and says that:

I, Jeanne M. Wonders-Kritner & Jerry G. Kritner hereby state the following record of eleven pages to be an accurate account of events.

Updated as of: February 19, 2008

This represents a complete record of all visits, all telephone calls, all ISP (Individualized Service Plan) meetings, all attempted doctor office visits, all audio or video recordings

Current Abuse while in DHR custody within a 6-month time frame

  • "Parental Alienation" — causing emotional disruption of the "Children's Ability to Thrive", due to continual Lack of Cooperation from Marshall County DHR to adhere with Visitation Plans the DHR devises as appropriate.
  • "Children's Ability to Thrive" — jeopardized due to placing our children in foster homes least like their own Christian Home of their upbringing.
  • Ninalizia 13 yrs old female — Molested while in a foster home and she has gained about 30+ pounds while in Foster Placements.
  • Victor 9 yrs old male — Suffered extreme physical & emotional abuse by authority figures, DHR personnel and foster parents.

A Chronological Record

[View Exhibit A]     |     [View Exhibit B]

July 10th 2007:

Nina calls DHR and stated false allegations of abuse.

  • DHR arrived at 10:00 a.m. Leah Case tried to force her way into our home and I asked her to leave our home based on our 4th Amendment Rights. Nina refused to go to any family homes at this time, so our daughter went with DHR.
  • Leah Case of DHR called to say a court hearing would be held on July 13th, 2007 for Ninalizia.
  • We hired attorney Russ Crumbley with $1500.00 for such court date.

July 12th 2007:

Jeanne M. Wonders-Kritner
Jerry G. Kritner
State of Alabama,
County of Marshall

Case No. JU03-142.04
April (Ninalizia) Wonders
Case No. JU03-140.03
Victor Wonders

Unknown to us Court was held for our daughter.

  • Custody awarded to DHR

July 12th 2007:

Emotional & Physical Abuse by DHR. False statements by Leah Case of DHR caused the arrest of our 9-year-old son in handcuffs. He was taken to a detention home and left him in handcuffs and leg irons until the next morning (audio of worker Melissa Grimes stating this happened as well as social worker under oath Oct 1, 2007 on audio saying same). My mother was injured in the process, and there were many witnesses to this event throughout the apartment building.

July 13th 2007:

72-hour court hearing is held for Victor only. Marshall County DHR Workers tell our attorney they are seeking no visits due to allegations of an exorcism in September 2004. Incident in question On Video.

  • Custody awarded to DHR
  • ISP is held at the courthouse.
  • We are denied the ability to use our medical insurance for the children, causing a burden on the State.

July 28th 2007:

16-days later was our first visit, children were late to arrive for visitation, by one hour and a ½ (VIP center), so our three-hour visit was cut in half.

  • Ridiculous rules & guidelines were given after the visit and we had broken most all the so-called requirements. See Exhibit "A" & "B" attached.
  • Visitations were cancelled.
  • Many letters and phone calls later our visits were reinstated.

August 3rd 2007:

Finally a visit was scheduled for 1-hour, which was held behind the DHR office next to the dumpster where all employees smoke.

August 6th 2007:

We arrive at court with 13 witnesses on our behalf ready to testify

  • Victor was moved immediately due to abuse in the foster home. Court was postponed.
  • (As we convened for a court date, Guardian Ad-Litem Dalton Chandler drilled our son for stories of abuse from his parents; instead our son told abuse in the form of attempted drowning from the male foster person & being thrown about the house like a rag doll)
  • This was the same home that Victor was placed into in 2003 which was closed due to abuse on same child as well as other siblings of Victor. NO investigation has been completed about this abuse; NO medical attention was given to Victor.

August 7th 2007:

We arrived for our 1-hour visit and there we found out there was never a visit scheduled. Per conversation Marty Bearden (audio taped).

  • Marty Bearden stated the only concern DHR had about our children was that someone in the agency had stated concerns about our children having demon spirits.
  • And that was the only concerns they had about our children, no physical or emotional abuse was mentioned. On Audiotape.

August 13th 2007:

  • Three hour visit with children at their new location, "Alabama Baptist Children's Home". Children had to be moved out of the county due to abuse in previous foster homes.
  • August 13th 2007: Our attorney filed paperwork in regards to DHR's refusal to allow visits, ability to provide transportation and ordering us not to pray with our children.

August 14th 2007:

  • Our exchange student arrives from Germany
  • This new location was 120 miles for us to attend and we were never late nor missed a visit! Husband had to take off work early each visit day.

August 16th 2007:

Visit with children, Exchange student attends visit with us.

August 20th 2007:

Visit with children, Exchange student attends visit with us.

August 23rd 2007:

Visit with children, Exchange student attends visit with us.

August 27th 2007:

Visit with children, Exchange student attends visit with us.

August 28th 2007:

Exchange student is ripped from our home without any of her belongings

August 29th 2007:

  • Nina & Victor taken to doctors without our knowledge. Against all Verbal and written arrangements with Marshall County DHR. Nina administered harmful drugs, which Marty Bearden promised in paperwork, would NOT happen.
  • Alabama Baptist Children's Home claims NO responsibility for these actions, merely following DHR instructions. Although a representative from the Alabama Baptist Children's home was aware of such restrictions.

August 30th 2007:

Upon arrival at the Alabama Baptist Children's Home we were told the Visit had been cancelled by DHR just after lunchtime. Per conversation taped with Sue, secretary of ACH. We received NO call about the visit being canceled and drove 180 miles and took off work as well.

September 1st 2007:

Exchange student finally allowed ability to come to our home and collecting her belongings

September 3rd 2007:

No visit as scheduled

September 4st 2007:

This was the only visit available this week.

September 10th 2007:

Second Court Date

  • We arrived with same witnesses as on August 6, 2007 visit.
  • Court postponed again.
  • Our attorney requested a forensic evaluation be done on Nina to show past abuse of DHR to our children was to be completed by Oct 1st for next court date.
  • Visit with Children.
  • Now able to speak with children every afternoon.

September 13th 2007:

Visit with Children

September 17th 2007:

Visit with Children

September 20th 2007:

Visit with Children

September 21st 2007:

Paperwork from Victor's school is written upon to eliminate me from any access to activities, written by ABCH employee (have original).

  • I have discussions with the director of ABCH in regards to conditions at their home.
  • Children complain of being urinated upon by a child, Devion; not allowed to have any toys as this same child will urinate on them as well, assigned seating in the living area, lack of guidance, many fights. Children allowed to watch PG 13 movies with naked people and homosexual tones (we rented these movies the children spoke of and can verify the contents as such and NOT suitable for children of 13 & 9 yrs old)

September 22nd 2007:

Individualized Service Plan (ISP)

  • Marty Bearden does this ISP, Attorney Russell Crumbley attends ISP.
  • We are denied the ability to use our medical insurance for the children.
  • As always a heated argument took place regarding our religion.

September 24th 2007:

Visit with Children

September 27th 2007:

Visit with Children

October 1st 2007:

Court Date — we arrive with 6 witnesses and court proceeds...

  • Daughter testified to being beat about the face with a studded belt at least 100 times, when asked if that left marks she said YES. When asked to show those marks she looked on her forearm and found a wee kitty scratch. She is a Beautiful child with NO scars of such. DHR found NO evidence of abuse on our daughter...but a slight bump on our sons head...BUT NO pictures were taken. Seeing as our son was brutally arrested by two large officers and thrown about during his arrest and God only knows what else he may have endured during his incarceration. Which included being kept in leg irons and handcuffs over night as a criminal would NOT have been left!
  • Only my mother was called as a witness on our was told she lived in assisted living and was not competent, which is NOT true.
  • Our son was not allowed to testify and the witnesses for DHR stayed in the courtroom the whole time, which paperwork does not reflect...but audio of court does reflect this.
  • No Visitation allowed as per schedule.
  • Children where moved once again due to my complaints which I discussed with ABCH Director.
  • No more phone calls allowed with children.

October 4th 2007:

Requested an Emergency ISP due to the judges decision on October 1, 2007.

  • This action took 20-days to be arranged.
  • 3-hour visit with Children. Children had been told by Marty Bearden that the judge had made a ruling for the children to never come home again, which the judge had done nothing of the sort. Marty Bearden did in fact state to the judge that he was asking for that to occur. Victor was very upset.

October 13th 2007:

3-hour visit with Children (held in our home now).

  • Left for Virginia to pick up a Ceramic Business at 4:00 p.m. in two trucks with trailers attached after visit.
  • Arrived in Virginia at midnight.

October 14th 2007:

Load items for 12-hours

October 15th 2007:

Leave for Alabama; stop to sleep in Murphy, NC.

October 16th 2007:

  • Arrived in Arab, Al at Noon.
  • 3-hour visit with Children — shortened by one hour.

October 20th 2007:

3-hour visit with Children, Victor states that the souvenir I gave him from Virginia was taken by the other children and was not returned.

October 23rd 2007:

3-hour visit with Children

October 24th 2007:

Individualized Service Plan (ISP) Meeting

  • At this ISP Marty Bearden made several promises in regards to visitation as well as medical attention for the children. All these things said in person (and on audio tape, with permission from Marty Bearden) where NOT put into writing. I asked Marty Bearden many times on the phone as well as in emails to please listen to what he had promised and to make good on his word. He refused.
  • At this ISP Martha Audy and Justin Coppett, two separate foster placements tried to cover up for each other with lies and them finally told the truth in regards to where our children were on a certain day. Our children were dropped off at a skating rink un-supervised in a very bad section of town for 5 approx hours. We have never done such an unsafe, on audio. Justin Coppett states it is TOO difficult on his family for OUR family to visit every Saturday. Martha Audy agrees.
  • Martha Audy laughs when asked about Nina cutting 2 ½ feet off her hair, Martha Audy said she never noticed!

October 25th 2007:

No visit as scheduled.

October 27th 2007:

8-hour visit at Baker's Farm Civil War Reenactment with our 6th Alabama Calvary group. Wonderful time had by all; DHR transporter dressed up civil war style as well and truly enjoyed the day. When time to leave the dance that evening the children cried, as did Rachael the DHR transporter.

October 30th 2007:

3-hour visit with Children

November 1st 2007:

3-hour visit with Children

November 2nd 2007:

Sent complaint on Coppett home placement due to Victor have bite marks on him and telling of bad stories of things happening, and NOT being allowed to make phone calls.

November 6th 2007:

3-hour visit with Children

November 7th 2007:

Medical Neglect by DHR. — DHR refuses Children the ability to attend scheduled Dentist appointment on October 22nd 2007 ISP Marty Bearden stated we could take the children to the doctor's appointments

November 8th 2007:

3-hour visit with Children

November 10th 2007:

3-hour visit with Children

November 13th 2007:

3-hour visit with Children. Nina throws a fit as none of her clothes fit her anymore and DHR won't buy her any other clothes.

November 14th 2007:

No Visit with Victor as promised.

November 15th 2007:

3-hour visit with Children

November 20th 2007:

3-hour visit with Children

November 22nd 2007:

No visit as scheduled

November 24th 2007:

Only Nina arrived at 1:00 p.m., instead of at the scheduled 10:00 a.m. for our Thanksgiving Day meal. Victor was afraid of the transporter as she was African American and he has been so traumatized by such people when arrested on July 12th 2007. Last time an African American transporter came to our home a cross was burned in our front yard.

November 27th 2007:

3-hour visit with Children.

  • David Allen (transporter for DHR) started an argument with my Mother & Aunt in regards to something Nina said about Victor failing math in school. The children were outside and I had to tell the man several times to be seated and not speak in such a manner.
  • The accusations about Victor failing his math was NOT true as shown in his school records, which was confirmed by Marty Bearden on audio as well as in Victors school records which I obtained from the principal.

November 29th 2007:

3-hour visit with the Children. I am now asked to spend time doing homework with the children rather than making gifts for family & friends for Christmas gift giving.

December 4th 2007:

3-hour visit with Children

December 8th 2007:

3-hour visit with Children — Medical Neglect by DHR

  • David Allen followed us to a ranch where we rode a horse. Victor became ill at this visit and was quite hot. He was to see a doctor that evening when he arrived at his foster placement.
  • Attended Nina's Play at school "Music Man". I was early to fix Nina's hair and do her make-up. We were alone for quite some time but this also is on tape. No one from her foster placement came to support her. There was no one there to take her home until I called them to come get her.

December 11th 2007:

3-hour visit with Children

  • DHR refuses Children the ability to attend scheduled Dentist appointment rescheduled from 11/7/07.

December 13th 2007:

3-hour visit with Children

December 18th 2007:

3-hour visit with Children

December 19th 2007:

Threatened by Victor's school to be arrested if I show up for the child's Christmas Party, even though I explained I had clearance from DHR to do such.

December 20th 2007:

3-hour visit with Children

December 22nd 2007:

3-hour visit with Children — Medical Neglect by DHR

  • Children arrived at 10:05 a.m.
  • Victor was visibly sick...he stated that he has passed out in the bathroom at the foster home prior to leaving for the visit.
  • 10:10 a.m. upon taking his temperature it was 102.7° orally.
  • Gave him two Tylenol to drop the fever.
  • 10:30 a.m. temperature is now 100.7 orally.
  • 10:45 a.m. Victor is feeling worse temp is now 101.9°.
  • 11:00 a.m. after several phone calls DHR transporter gets permission for us to take Victor to the doctors. Foster folks tell transporter Victor had no fever when he left. This being a Saturday we had to go to Cullman, Al. about a 30-minute drive
  • 11:30 a.m. we arrived at the doctors where the transporter states DHR has instructed her to take the children back to their foster homes where Victor will be taken to the doctors.
  • I pray with the children before they leave.
  • Noon transporter leaves doctors office with the children.
  • I called the Coppett's residence to find out which doctor they would be taking Victor to as I have permission to be present at all appointment & meetings. I got the answering machine and left a message. I called Coppetts mother who is listed as an emergency number on Victor's school records. I got only the machine and left a message. I once again try the Coppetts home and leave another message.
  • Now very worried about my child I then call the police and explain the situation. I am told an "on call" DHR worker will call me. I had to call the police several times before anyone would call me back. Marty Bearden then proceeded to scream & yell at me as usual (on audio). Marty stated the Coppetts were going to press harassment charges as I called and left two messages on their phone in regards to this urgent situation. Melissa Grimes called and said she would have to find a babysitter for her children so as to meet me & the Coppett's at the doctor's office for Victor. This finally took place at 5:00 p.m. that evening. Where Victor was found to have Strep Throat which if left unattended long enough turns into Scarlett Fever.
  • Seeing as Victor was ill on 12/8/2007 we believe he was ill from then until now.

No Merry Christmas

December 25th 2007:

No visit as scheduled

December 27th 2007:

6-hour visit, two different transporters, great visit.

Happy New Year?

January 1st 2008:

3-hour visit with children, Nina states she has been trying to get DHR to listen to her in regards to how she lied about the Abuse she claimed happened. Nina told of sexual abuse by a man named Mr. Hoops (family to Foster parent Martha Audy) this same man molested Nikazalia Wonders in 2004 while she was in their foster home which was also closed. Victor was in Chattanooga with Foster placement

January 3rd 2008:

3-hour visit with children, Nina not present, she was moved from Martha Audy's home and the home was closed due to sexual abuse occurring.

January 7th 2008:

Forensic Evaluation (Our attorney requested such evaluation) scheduled for Nina and we were asked to leave or would be arrested at DHR's insistence, door was slammed in our face.

January 8th 2008:

3-hour visit with Children. No visit as scheduled, and a Sibling was in the hospital, we have a message from Marty Bearden stating they would be at visit

January 9th 2008:

Attorney tried to file Motion to Return Children Immediately, and he was denied. Once he returned to the office he was then told via phone that he could mail in this motion. This information I gathered form a phone call with his secretary.

January 10th 2008:

3-hour visit with Children

January 11th 2008:

Ninalizia moved to Hamilton.

January 12th 2008:

8-hour visit scheduled with children, Victor present Nina was not present for visit.

January 14th 2008:

3-hour visit scheduled with children, Victor present Nina was not present for visit.

January 16th 2008:

Melissa Grimes leaves me a message stating the judge has signed an order to stop all visitations. She states this matter will be heard further on January 28th 2007. She does not return any of my calls.

January 17th 2008:

Medical Neglect by DHR — Jerry Kritner attended what was to be a dentist appointment, For Victor & Nina according to DHR paperwork mailed to the home. Children never showed up. Dentist Office was quite cordial to Jerry and seemed upset with DHR for not calling to cancel.

January 23rd 2008:

Medical Neglect by DHR — Jeanne Wonders-Kritner attended what was to be an eye doctor appointment for Nina & Victor. She was asked to leave or would be arrested at DHR's insistence.

  • We have NOT seen our children or heard from DHR in regards to there whereabouts since.
  • Marshall County DHR is thwarting all efforts of the Kritner Family and their legal defense to show the truth of the events in Court, as Judge Burke refused to even hear the evidence at our last court date. And the case was rescheduled, and according to Melissa Grimes of Marshall County DHR this is to take place February 25th yet the court has NO record of this event.

This "Truth Affidavit" will be filed in all JU case files dealing with this family as well as other proper venue, as the parents deem appropriate.

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged by me this first day of March, 2008:

Jeanne M. Wonders-Kritner
Jerry G. Kritner
2640 Fry Gap Rd.
Arab, Alabama 35016-2101
Telephone: (256) 317-7579 or (256) 486-1920
Wonderland Learning Center

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